BMW iX – Driving, Interior and Exterior Full Review of this Amazing Electric SUV

My name is derek reilly. Today were talking about the bmw ix, so lets get started. Music todays video is sponsored by our insurance partner, as well as excellent rates. They have specific cover for electric vehicles and are great for company cars too. You want more information or to get a quote. Click […]

I Bought The Cheapest Electric Car On Auto Trader! 4K

I am going to purchase this car im going to buy it right now. Hey guys! Welcome back to the channel now in case you havent noticed, cars are changing. The entire world is changing in less than 10 years, theyre gon na stop making new petrol and diesel cars and everything. Absolutely everything is […]

All-New Electric Cars Unveiled at the Latest Auto Shows (Preview of Future 2022 Lineup)

This results in an overwhelming inflow of all new autos, many of which are undoubtedly electric. This video will be the first episode of a short series on our channel that summarizes the latest tv news of the season so lets dive into a sea of electric concepts and freshly minted production. Ready newcomers subscribe […]

Genesis GV60 vs e-GV70 (GV70e)! The Ultimate Comparison! Better than Kia EV6 and Ioniq 5?

Both models appear to be similar in size and performance. So what would be the strategy behind releasing two products that may cannibalize each other? We have already featured both products separately in our channel, but in this episode we will compare two seemingly similar models with the latest information available. As of this moment, […]

Is the 2021 Tata Tigor EV a practical purchase? Review of India's most affordable electric car

Well, these were just a few of too many highlights of the tigor ev. Well, how good is the vehicle? Not only for those looking for local urban commute, but also for long distance highway journeys well, keep watching this video to find the answer out: Music Applause, Music Applause, Music. Well, on the design […]

Hyundai Ioniq 5 review with 0-60mph test!

Looking thats, actually not my personal opinion, im a middle aged dad. I have no opinion on that. Its the view of one of my members of the team is much younger new balls please, anyway, in this video im going to tell you all about this car talk you, through the exterior design, the […]

etrailer | Inno Hitch Bike Racks Review – 2019 Chevrolet Bolt EV

com, and today we are looking at our inno tire, hold 2 bike rack here on our 2019 chevrolet volt ev. This is a great bike rack because, while its super easy to mount and dismount your bikes, it also has an awesome weight capacity of 60 pounds per bite now, one of its features […]

New Porsche Taycan in-depth review: is this the best electric car to drive?

Some of those are just the very best two seater ish sports cars that you can buy. If you want something brilliant to drive something emotive, something quality, something just blooming good fun, the thing is: is those models in all their different? Various forms have been around for decades now, each of which offer […]

Electric Vehicle Review 2021 on Bullhead City Guide Make An Amateur Video and Make Money Online

We review the 2021 chevrolet bolt ev, and i have to tell you i love the bolt electric bolt. I discovered that living in the desert, the electric vehicle is the perfect vehicle for desert living. It really is a smart, simple way to drive and the money you are going to save is great […]

Mercedes Benz eVito – Full Review 100% Electric Van 4K

My name is derek reilly today were looking at the mercedes benz veto, but this is the electric version, so its the evito so lets get started Music starting at the front, and there is absolutely no difference on the front of this van versus the regular veto. Um. Obviously, theres a lot of brandon […]