So today i have my fidget toys here with me. Uh and let me just go, get them okay, so i have my fidget spinner, okay, so first we have a um rainbow square pocket right here and we have a green circle here since thats fine well close up this one, so thats, fine um. I have a tie dye pineapple, really satisfying. I love these pineapple ones. We have a simple dimple fidget spinner, as you can see so cool this one. I guarantee you to get this one, this ones so fun. We have a rainbow hexagon pop it right here, um. Let me get you a close up, its really satisfying as well. The best thing about puppets is theyre really flexible and the best thing is, you can fold them so like if youre going on holiday or ev wherever and you want to take your pockets with you or any of your fidgets with the pockets. You can just fold them over like that and place them in where, like your rucksack, your luggage bag whatever and then you can take it out and its perfectly fine ready for playing with so yeah good top tip that um and we finally have another tie dye. Another tie down pineapple puffer, look at that. We also have this superman thing. You open it up and its got like this little lever with all these balls in it. You pull the lever down and you can bounce the balls and you have to try and get them in these holders here its really fun.

We also have um this. The space jam ball, its really bouncy really fun to play with just there awesome. Then we also have this maze. Now this star wars, death, death, star maze, is really cool because you can see the ball just there and you can make the ball go to the super laser, which is the green center or you can make it to the green dot there, which is the core. You can make it to the green dot here, which is the super laser which was like destroyed ships planets in the film. If you havent seen star wars, um go check it out on disney plus um ill leave a link in the top of the video description. So make sure to check that out from disney plus theres loads of categories as disney pixar marvel national geographic, now star the new star, um and star wars. Theres six categories that you can choose from its really cool disney plus is awesome. I do recognize it recommend it um, but yeah you can watch star wars. You know, theyve got a lot to see like theyve got mandalorian new bad batch series, its really cool, and you got the actual films so yeah and um. Oh one last thing: i also wanted to ask you guys: what do you think i should do for my future videos, because i need ideas. So if you guys could comment down below what you think, i should do in future videos that would be awesome.

Um. My brother and sister are also going to be featuring in the next video i do and yeah so youll meet them very soon, and let me i just need to do a quick another review with you guys just before we end this video, and it is something To do with cars now i have lots of cars if you dont know by the title of my channel awesome cars, trucks. Sorry about that, my channel is called awesome cars, trucks and vlogs. So you know i like cars, trucks. You know. I do a lot of videos on my channel and youre lucky here, because my sister is here so Music, everyone. This is my sister, you wan na say: hi Music. My name is jasmine. Shes, really nice arent, you um Music. First of all, we have, oh god, we have lamborghini merchalargo um. If you havent, checked out um unspeakables video one of unspeakable videos, um Music, he he features one of his a couple of his friends: um moosecraft, one of them um shark, the other and you know, come on and some others im doing a different video at the Minute, um lamborghini and if you havent, seen unspeakables video where his um friend craft it with his friend george aka moosecraft, he has um one of these lamborghinis theyre, really cool. They sound, really nice. Next up my sisters, giving it to me. Thank you very much. We have the bmw gts, we do a theres, a bmw, m4 gts right here, um yeah, its really cool you can see inside just there really not really really really nice, interior Music.

There. We have the bmw, m4 gts. Now these wheels right here right here, as you can see, these ones are silver, but what you can do you can take the wheels off and you can take the tires off and you can change the wheel. So this one came with silver wheels and the classic orange ones, so the orange ones are somewhere ill, find them for you hold on here they are. These are the classic orange ones, as you can see the classic orange ones you can chop and change whatever and the best part about the lamborghini metrologo and the bmw m4 is you can build these? They come in sets, so you come with the chat, the chassis and the body already built, but you have to, but you have to put the inside of the doors on like the wheels on the roof on on this one, the rear lights, the number plate, the Exhausts the front lights front: grilles um the steering wheel, the orange cage in the back the seats, everything um same with the merchandise, everything you had to build um. But next we have the fast and furious um lycan hypersport in bright red. As you can see, the bonnet opens just like that, and the doors open suicidely like on the rolls royce, on the back doors of the rolls royce. They open suicide, so they open backward unlike a normal door. These ones are suicide doors, but they like their butterfly and the spoiler goes up just like that and rear is really cool fronts, really cool everything.

Now this one you didnt have to build, it came in a set, it came as, like you know, a toy or wellies toys or jar. It came from jada toys inc. So next we have this one yeah. So next we have the mclaren 7120s. You know its got the classic from fast and furious fast and furious. I must say, im fast and furious, you know you got ta, be pacific guys, you know, and we also have the opening trunk. Just like that, really cool front lights. We have the best part. I love about this car. You have the butterfly doors. Just there look its awesome and on the top of the doors you can see theres these little windows. You can look up whilst youre driving its like a sunroof, its like a sunroof and then the spoiler. You can adjust so you can make it go like that. It can be down flight when youre normal driving. You want to go fast, you know, youve got this one for like really fast and then you can tilt it forward like when youre breaking like brick, fast breaking, you know, and you can just have it like that small spoiler, so thats all ive shown you the Cars preview, my fidget um preview, um. Is there anything else? Oh yes, theres cds, that i want to show you so jasmine yeah. Can you go under the bed over there and get the cds under that bed? Music? Yeah.

There are some other cds that just come in, but first we have um the take that wonderland album its a really good album. You can see all the songs on the back wonderland can i do some ive got the david getter album very good artist. He is weve got but now thats what i call music 101 album, so that was really cool come on. We have the kylie disco album. This is her new one of her new ones and we have now thats why i call summer hits just there. Has three cds one two three lots of different songs on there weve got and then finally we have in one answer: we have the greatest showman album. It has all the songs from the film on it just going down there and next we have to take that. The second take that album with that, and then we have the third take that album its called odyssey um. Then we have m people, gold um. Yes, we have three cds on this im guessing yeah three cds on this one, and we next have cold play gold play right there. We have olly murs hes, a really good one, so make sure you do check him out um and finally, we have kylie golden, which is another one of her new albums, so yeah, okay, guys thats gon na wrap it up for todays. Video really hope you enjoyed it, make sure to click that subscribe button and hit that like button as well lets see if we can get 5 000 likes, at least on this video okay, i need im looking for 5 000 likes on this video at least make Sure you subscribe to my channel as well, because i really need your help to get up to my subscribers, so i really need your help to get more subscribers, because at the minute i have no subscribers, which is really sad.

So i really need at least at the minute 10 subscribers, if i can, even if more, that would be great um make sure you smash that like button as well, 5 000 likes. If you can um and yeah make sure to comment what you want me to do in future, videos on this channel and yeah finally – and you just say hello to smokey, this is our dog, a french bulldog, puppy right here: Music, hello, yeah, hes, really cute um! Something like it so yeah, so thats gon na wrap it up for todays video, really hope you enjoy um yeah, as i said 5000 likes. If we can on this video um at least 10 subscribers, please or more, if more, that would be really appreciated. Huge shout out to unspeakable hes a really good youtuber. I love his videos, no copyright from his videos. I just watch them all the time and i absolutely love them. So if unspeakable, if youre watching this right now, please im a huge fan and yeah. I love your videos, you make great great content. Your videos are so funny. I love the comedy that you, james and gabe, do on your on the channel, um and yeah.