Then, at the end of the video ill. Give you my honest thoughts on the car Music. In terms of customization options on the lamborghini, its a bit of a mixed bag, some item types are restricted to lamborghini items. Only and some item types are fully customizable lets go through them all, so you can fully customize the paint color boost, trail and goal explosion. You can partially customize the decal wheels and antenna all of these items. Allow you to choose from two or three lamborghini licensed items. The decal has these two options: the wheels have these two options and the antenna has these three one of the important things to note about the decals is that if you choose the default decal option, you can customize the paint color, but if you choose the other Lamborghini licensed decal you cant customize, the paint color at all. The remaining few items are most heavily restricted. The paint finish cant be changed from the default. Setting same goes for the engine audio and the topper cannot be equipped at all Music heres. What the lamborghini looks like in the garage heres a full demo of the engine, audio Applause, Music, heres, how it looks and sounds on the field – Music, okay, just quickly before we get into the hitbox. I just want to invite you to join the mogs discord on this discord server. You can hang out with me and the mogs community, as well as have a chance to participate in videos on this channel.

Also, i want to let you guys know that ive set up paid memberships on my channel. So if you want to help support the work that i do, please consider joining by clicking the join button on any of my videos or the channel page, or at least please consider using the mogs rl creator code when making purchases in the item shop or on The epic game store. I really appreciate anyone who uses it. The lamborghini has a dominus hitbox and, in my opinion, the hitbox on this car is pretty average, as usual. Lets take a look at it from a few different angles. The front of the hitbox is probably the most important part of any hitbox and on the lamborghini, its absolutely horrible. As you can see, this whole front section here sits outside of the hitbox meaning. The ball is gon na clip through your car when youre going for an air dribble in this area, its quite similar to the formula one car, which is probably the worst car in the game at the front. And if we compare it to some other cars, you can see the lambo is right up there as one of the worst Music. Conversely, the top of the hitbox is probably the best area for the lambo Music, its not perfect, but the gaps at the front and the back are pretty small compared to some other cars and the gap in the middle, whilst not tiny, isnt too big.

In fact, its pretty similar to the dominus itself, so this probably isnt an issue. Lastly, the sides are, unfortunately, not great Music. I think its similar to the dodge charger in this area which, as i said in my video about the batmobile, makes the car feel really small in game. I dont think this is a huge issue, but i personally dont like it and just to finish up this section, heres a quick demo of the hitbox on the field, so you can see it for yourself, Music, Music. So what do i think about the lamborghini? Well, for starters, my favorite part of this car has got to definitely be the engine audio its such a unique engine, sound that i think fits perfectly with this car. I think its quite different from most of the other engine audios in the game that crackling sound that it has is really unique, and i would honestly consider buying this car if you could use the lamborghini engine audio on all of your other cars. That would make it totally worth it for me, but unfortunately you cant, you can only use the engine audio on the lamborghini, so thats, a huge shame. I think the hitbox on this car is unfortunately a bit of a deal breaker. For me, the front of the hitbox is really terrible, and for me personally, i cant really put up with that other than that, because the customization options on this car are really limited.

I think this card doesnt really have anything going for it other than the fact that its a lamborghini, so its unique and really cool in that sense, but you cant customize it the hitbox, isnt great and you cant use the engine audio on any other cars. So i dont really think its worth the 2000 credit asking price. I think thats way too expensive, although i do understand the reason for it. I think its that expensive, because its a lamborghini, so the car company would have wanted to have a premium price tag attached to this car because its good marketing. But i personally wouldnt recommend using this car, particularly if youre going to look at using it for competitive play. I think theres much better options out there, but anyway, those are just my thoughts. What do you guys think? Let me know your thoughts down in the comments id be really keen to hear from anyone who does use this car regularly and what you think of it. Does the hitbox bother you at all, or do you just get used to it after a while? Let me know down in the comments, and let me know what car you guys want me to cover next in this series im considering doing the peregrine tt, because i really like that car and ive always wanted to cover it but ill choose whatever car. You guys really want to see and like the video, if you liked it dislike it, if not subscribe, for more videos like this, as well as a whole bunch of other rocket league content.