It has a long and impressive history. High performance, full functionality is reliable and is easy to maintain this fourth generation toyota highest van first appeared in the market in 1989. It is recommended for people looking for a family van camping adventures, city and out of city driving. It can also be used for airport transfers and taxi businesses due to its good performance. This vehicle was, and still is very popular in many parts of asia, africa and oceania. The drivability and handling are pretty good. The outside is well rounded, with bends and curves. In all the right places, the roof height is pretty standard. The hiace is tailored to suit your business needs assuring your business efficiency and to be your most reliable choice. It has a towing capacity of up to 1400 kilograms. It could also be said that the toyota highest van is so popular because of its reliability, versatility, low repair costs and availability of spare parts. This is a four door van and the seats are reasonably spacious. It comes with many features like high ground clearance, comfortable leg room for passengers and more the highest van provides all the space you need to give your business a competitive edge. There is voluminous cargo space sliding doors and side steps with its large cargo room available in the highest van. A huge amount of payload can be loaded without sacrificing fuel costs, as you would, with a larger truck. The passenger seats can be folded away to provide a larger amount of luggage space.

The interior is incredibly spacious, both at the front and the back. It comes with a manually, adjustable drivers seat, the dashboard is plastic and the instruments are decent. It includes the following accessories and features: power steering power window spare tire am fm radio, cd player and more. This is a cup over van, where the driver and front passenger seats are positioned over the wheels. This is also a people mover van thats. Why? The heist is comfortable for passengers, thanks to good suspension, characteristics and huge interior space. It is equipped with a maximum engine torque of 300 newtons meter per 1000 to 3400 rpm and the maximum engine power of 111 kilowatts per 3600 rpm. The engine is 3l and has an engine size of 2770cc. It has a 6 super, ect transmission, a 4 wheel, drive drivetrain a diesel fuel and its fuel consumption is about 8.7 to 12 kilometers per liter. If you are interested in buying a highest van or if you are interested in buying other vans and a low price, please visit be forward jp. You can also send in your inquiries to top at