Tell you exactly whats happening. Welcome back to another viking views, update video yo. What one teacher before you start! This do your job right! I got ta. Do my job get it properly now you know what that means. First, take thats what that means. Im exactly what it means now, youre, probably thinking hold on. No, what are they in now m4? Are we on the m4? No, and neither are we in m3 on the m3. They dont know what im saying adam see. You know what im saying um, but we are, if you look outside the window and were back in a room were not where we normally are. Are we no were in bridgend today? Why are we in bridgend today ill tell you? Why were in bridgendry because its saturday today it is saturday what are they doing? What are they doing? Well ill, tell you what were doing were having a morning. The disappointment is when we do it. Not only am i disappointed that ive got to spend the day with him, but first very rude, but furthermore we come down. We go the evil. One dont know exactly that. I got a lock up not too far from my music, so there we are. If you wanted to come to where at my flat is and rob the evil its not there anymore, youve got to go further afield, very, very stumble the break in my landlords gate you wouldnt be happy with that.

Anyway, he has said that he said i dont give a about the evil. Just in my gate today, thats the first thing he said: actually it actually was, but there we go the car see if the car is dry yeah, but unfortunately you havent seen the um. The video yet where he goes up on the left, but one of the things that was highlighted is the fuel lines were perished. Thats very true – and i can i can certify that this morning, because i pulled the car out and i was like oh theres – all moisture, underneath its not moisturizing, moisture its pissing packing pedals, not moisture its pissing petrol, so its even costing more to run than normal. No because its pissing petrol, yeah thats thats, why hes been fooling its been going straight out underneath thats one reason in it, so you know what oh no it was. It was a different time when i was gon na say you were probably that prick when i got stuck going through lanterns, i didnt know then yeah so for everybody and and im not being ungrateful. I want an evil im over the moon with that you saw my face this morning. Didnt know when i got sat inside. I was smiling here man he was happy and then i started smelling fuel and i was like thats happy, but for everybody that goes. Oh youre so lucky i wish i could have won that evil, that free for yours so far that free evil has cost me four grand and count then full video to come on the breakdown of all those costs.

Thats all im going to say about that. I mean still cheap though it is still, it is still cheap, but were getting up to the retail price quickly and we yeah yeah, but youre – probably thinking well. Why are they doing an update video on a saturday? The deal was we were going to do this update video we got filming to do today. Yeah, though this is going to be exciting, we are going out to film at least one car. Possibly some more well see how that goes stay tuned. For that, though, because now we havent done a proper review video for a while um, what was the last one we did. I dont know we did a fan, weve done, grunts, bmw, we done benjis uh was the last one. Obviously, because we started out doing them style of videos. I dont know theres a lot of stuff on the channel. Oh yeah, we got audis, we got, we got the dub edition yeah edition, but we saw like dip now that we dipped off on that literally time. Time is everything. Season came exactly uh show season and we had to spend a bit more time doing that, but things going a little bit quieter now and an opportunity come up to do a one to one car that why would you go underwater lets go and get it done? Oh its, the second one of one car show it is shut off with, but were just not going to have the videos alright were going to do like a day in the life video of us with evil.

So thats not going to happen today. The day in the life is its pissing me off. I cant use it nice volvo wagon, oh yeah. I like that, but yeah on the back of that as well. Obviously this week i touched peace with two big car manufacturers as well, which is pretty damn epic and theyre more than happy to love what we do, etc to get on board of us and provide us with the cars. So, im not going to tell you exactly what cars, but some of you will be shocked, thats, what im saying so you know, but we want to do the more modified, the wrist after special stuff, the classic stuff, the jdm stuff in it. But you know when stuff comes along like that for us to get in and do some other cars as well, then yeah, damn straight were gon na go im gon na have people do run in the middle stuff, like other people might be doing, but we literally Havent got the time were out, filming an head and then constantly, but i do nothing else. I literally sit there 24 hours a day, seven days a week, doing all right. There are these number plates ill. Tell you what it takes me days, sometimes jesus christ on that subject: im working on the slip and sleeping yeah. You know the um yeah dont forget now its three cars spinning around oh yeah, thats gon na change.

Oh yeah, yeah yeah well well shorten our video down shorten it down to the exciting stuff wont take as long in a minute. Oh but ill have a look in it, but yeah basically theres a slip and slide video coming up laurens on the camera. Shout out. Laura pretty girl in it its a lot of um, boobies and action in the video and then at the end of the video two scoobies crash into each other on the bottom of an mx5 on the thumbnail. That is the slip, and slightly already i tell you what the winner a lot of people, are commenting: yo wheres, the crew stuff, wheres, the crew stuff it is coming, it is coming. It takes time yeah. You know, because i know a lot of people just slam them out more numbers or whatever thing is right. Were you blowing number plates? Are you blowing number plates yeah because im trying to protect people because over the bridge bccm meet, they had a ladder that oh, they were driving, erratically youre accelerating excessively in an area, and they were worn with a section 59 on it all, because there was video Footage with number plates in it now, i know theres a lot of people in this neck of the woods, putting out videos and number plates in them. Obviously, if you put it up on the tick tock and such cant do much about that, but people who are doing it on youtube all youve got to do is get people in trouble.

All youve got to do is alienate your audience by getting them prosecuted. You dont need to do it blur your bloody number plates its not that hard. It takes time, but its not hard. Anyone can do it in it, but yeah g manager, we love ubc, were trying to protect him. You are an audience and we try to keep it with us, its true with it, but not its uh. You know its just remarkable at the minute. Obviously we dipped off some bits this week as well, because to be fair, it was about georgian lewis this week. Obviously, last week, thats why we didnt upload another video, because we thought you know what let them have the moment. Theres no need for anything else. So next week, theres stuff there ready waiting to drop and obviously mans working on stuff. But dont forget: what are we doing sunday, oh saturday, which is tomorrow and west now were going to d max 250., which is the second in the d max events three months ago was the last one in may and now were going to milton keynes. I mean kings yeah, some posh country club, but theyve been first setting. What car are we going to take? We had a few options in it. In the end, we got it on the two being the bug and the evil guess what it aint evil, but to be fair when we booked our ticket yeah, we booked it in the mind of lets.

Take the beetle there yeah thats, going to blow peoples minds. Then we drove that beetle, the caffeine, the machine and i openly said i will never take that car outside of bridgend ever again on a journey because that killed me. But here we go were going to do another at least 150 miles each week, hopefully yeah its going to get that thats going to be a journey on its own. Oh my stance, but um dmaccs instagram account has already shared our beatle pause. So i started. We do a journey of that on the way as well. We are going to be doing a journey of that on the way. Also, then therell be a video of the d max event which im going to try and get up quickly. So there was two things planned for next week. There was the rothing open day video and there was uh a cruise night im. Sorry, a race night video, but one or two of them will get pushed back for dmacc stuff. If i can get it done correctly, because we had trouble last year, then we got last year last night through you know: okay, because every inch of the place was covered in music and youtube people: oh no, no youre, stealing, music! No! No! No! No were not the winner fools but yeah when were there, though, were there were going to go and do that, obviously, its a lot of live music theres, a lot of artists coming through grandma as well, and all that stuff steal that angles? Yes, so we will go and do our filming of the car stuff and then cameras are going down were going to enjoy it boy right.

The barry bastard is all coming through with that right, shes, happy yeah, with the yeah theres a lot of people coming through a hell of a lot of people, thats, just the ones that come to mind audrey they already made the oda. Are they going yeah? I think they are man yeah. We are try not to spend too much time around with you, because last time you were made me very tired and sleepy and all the rest right now kicks you off to mars. Like kicked me off to mars, i life on mars thats what that was yeah man, so we got a busy time coming up in it and um thats whats, going on heres your update video. This is what were doing so. Videos from today of the car were going to film today well be going up in the not too distant future. The max video will be going up very soon and thats. What were currently working on in it see. The thing is, what you dont know is: whatever day this goes up next week might be wednesday might be, though it might be friday who knows hes on all days, yes from monday to friday, next week, mans on all day, i dont get all that you see. I just do all the work in it. He just does all the downtime stuff and youve got no complaints about it. Now youre, just agreeing with that yeah, oh man, i figured what a waste man to be fair yeah.

For my all honesty, but you know i i got ta im trying to be polite for you too, its a bmw x3. It is now i used to pray. The x2, which was the second of the x men films. I think that was what we wolverine really came into his own, this car, its 40 or whatever. The speed limit is currently 30 now and its 30. in the quickest way imaginable. Its remarkable, really ive never seen anything at 30 this quickly. I will be honest with you, but look were just cruising around port hall. Now we got. How long have we got? We got about another hour to kill, so were going to go and do some stuff, because after all that people just like how we were patched like yeah. What is that? I know they think you know its faster than anything else, thats it but um. So yeah. All this is on board. Now we were gon na do a day in the life video with the evo today, so thats not happening thats, not coming, but were going to do whatever we do for the next hour. Jesus christ. How are you? Okay, oh plastic? Bumper, no, not an actual, a kind of like oh, this is remarkable man. Yeah were gon na, have a little cruise around port call monday morning, all right now. This is for another video but theres a pew, a great six by one highline van there.

That pisses me off true story: why did that piss you off, because ive ordered one last november. Have i got it? No mans got it theres, one yeah. We probably ordered it. No, no! Volkswagen, not that youre watching but listen to this preacher. I ordered it. Last november there are people of all advanced, maybe february, of march of this year and ive had them, but because you were to order van in a certain spec, its like. No, no, no youve ordered the most expensive one, but you will wait. Wait, wait! Thats whats going on pissing me off thats what i was doing so hes, not at facebook with volkswagen commercial uk. So how long did you say no november last year november last year he ordered one. So its now august this year, yeah and theyve prior to the last nine months thats a baby pregnancy, is what it was ordered for march of last year, which obviously didnt happen. Uh like much of this year, sorry march did happen. To be famous, then was told. Youve got to build week for july wicked july comes along. Where is it its still? Not you does it dont wait to be seen, um, so volkswagen, then filming last week. I think it was the week before, whatever week were on um, oh yeah, by the way uh vance, denmark built its looking very unlikely that you will have it this year, so thats over a year, ive been waiting for a van its not on like its not Acceptable now i know things have happened in the world, there have been circumstances and things dont even mention our word bro, but that is having a laugh in it.

That is not looking after your customer base. That is because i remember when i ordered my gdi. Seven and a half eight years ago, no probably you know i had like a six seven month, wait for it, but that was my own doing, because there would only have been like a three or four month, wait on it, but i went to get it to The march to get the new clinton on it, so that is an excessive amount of time in it speaking of decisive amounts. Anyway, look we heading down now the recipe. What do you think it is thats too early for him? 10. 27. On a saturday i reckon man like grant will still be in bed yeah its too early for him bro. He would have been out six oclock this morning. Taking pictures grants photography and then he would have gone home and asked his mom for making some food. So thats random tickets. Oh i like what you did this morning. Youve left your marriage alone. You drove to your mother thats my mom made. He actually did this yeah, but not at least. I gave her a text in advance in it for warning. It was ready when i come through the door shout out, mom and dad, but um yeah, not back to that van thing yeah. This is whats annoying now, because people are ordering them and um now. People in australia might have a different understanding of a road train because its not that is it.

How do we get on there trying to ride it? Yeah theres little stops every so often ill. Show you well, you only need little stops only a little vehicle isnt. It but um yeah people are going up on the t611 page and be like oh ive, ordered a nice um new t611 say, for example, people great highlight, like ive, ordered im being told two to three months waiting list and im like oh, no, no, no! No! No, i ordered this last year, like youre, probably going to be still waiting yourself in it, so volkswagen are doing the dirty if im honest with you, but there we go. I dont live by a beach it. I dont know we come down here in the morning to be fair, but what a nice spot, though now man like grant is nowhere in sight. Is he unless he parked up in the carpark hes, probably marking on somewhere? This is probably the first time ive covered the respite and grant hasnt been here. It will be a real occasion, but no from my understanding grant is probably sliding into your misses as dms thats. What man like grant does man like grant is a friend hes an apex? Well, the thing is weve been filming in smaller cars for the last few weeks, so um, the orientation of the cameras were a little bit unflattering for this particular car. But so this was a slightly different update, video being that were in his car were in port hall at the minute and its a saturday but hes back from holiday.

Now so yeah im going yet but hell be back, but for almost back by the time he was yeah, yeah yeah so well, uh be back to other things next week. What car will we be in and what we would be doing? Who will be be talking about? Who knows and we find out at the time, but yes theyve liked it this far theyve, probably liked it yeah, damn yeah man, so you know get on board. Guess whats up give us a thumbs up, get us a like get us a share in it, get all the attention in the world because jesus christ, we need it, but were trying to grow this and theres something big in it. Come on come with us on this journey, damn straight hes, taking all of you with us youve, just you cant even talk and we go to social media go and have a look. What we have to once again. I can talk to them and then you just finish off in it. Oh, that is not what you got. No, no, that is a hyundai get i got ta say g e t z gets same thing as you got in no. What were you saying brother? Are we done? I think we dont know so at the point you able to do this now because youre not driving you care, you good.