A little different from what we normally do, its the barris coach, now its better known to most of you as the monster mobile monster car designed this for them weve, actually done a george barris vehicle a while back like quite a while back, and it was the Batmobile, which was another george barris creation, so the box on this is actually pretty cool compared to most boxes that come on these uh auto world models got a little artwork on this, get some zombies Music. I dont think they can call this the monsters coach on the uh on the box, probably for some sort of you know, copyright reasons or something like that, but its by george barris customs um they just actually recently uh relocated in california. Theyve had a long time place there. I dont even know how long it was probably in this since, like the 50s or something like that, but a little history of the car. Oh, there were actually probably more about george barrisss brother, how they started up the Music, but this is uh should be a pretty interesting vehicle. Weve had this kicking around for almost a year at this point, so we are just getting a chance to do this. Music. Actually, this is a little definitely different than anything else. Weve done, yeah yeah. It looks a lot different, not like um. You know the classic mustangs or its an auto world model so, like i said these vary in yeah.

Definitely some are like really good. Some are decent yeah. One of my favorite ones is a auto world, but you just never know, and then probably one of my least favorite ones that weve done this well, so just dont know what youre gon na get with these. This one looks pretty cool, though yeah you can see that the seats are like fabric just by looking at it, yep all right after uh scrambling to find some tools. Yeah zip ties thats it. Oh, i guess its better than those screws that go into the bottom. Yeah definitely a vehicle that we run into many times, hows, the worst okay. Here we go its off there. It is a little plastic on there, protective thats, pretty sharp. It looks very nice. I i like, like those are headlights right yeah. I really like how they made them look like lanterns yeah. I think they probably uh. They probably custom fabricated, those yeah those look really cool. You know when they designed this thing lets see how this is theres a little bit of more of this tape on there. Theyve really got this thing wrapped in there. Let me get that off yeah and the cool thing about those lanterns. If you look at them closely down, there, youve got cobwebs on them. Thats. Why? I i really thats thats, really cool craig does not move, though so dont try to force it. Get your side pipes its a pretty long.

We get a spin here, a little bit. Pretty awesome, oh weve got a little detail on the back here. Thats kind of cool, too, is that metal, uh kind of plastic yeah its got to be plastic, but it still looks awesome supposed to be brass on the real one im sure all this nice. You know, detail work on it. They did on a like a back like the uh, what you call that jump seat or whatever it is in the back there. Oh and it looks like we still have some more tape on there great great, more tape. So often we find some more tape. We get that often because i believe the doors like theres a lot of opening doors on here, so yeah back here these open. Now, if you look actually theres some, you can see the padding the stitch work actually on there. I dont know if you can pick it out or not in there yep. You could see it just barely thats kind of neat and its actually on the back seat. So im going to rotate it ill rotate it a little bit here. So you can see a little better, yeah nice little detail a lot of cool detail on this car. So probably when youre popping these doors open too easy to do it from the inside out yeah, because you dont want to break off the handle to the door. Yep or you know, just break the door in general, so its just, i think its just the seats, not a lot of leg room in there, your herman munster, and this should open up there.

You are see the giant shifter in there get your wheel now, im, not sure if the so the wheel, doesnt turn with the front wheels, though, that i think its the first weve seen of that yeah, where it doesnt do that, but i dont know it probably, Would have been hard to do given the position of the wheel, the wheel, its got a lot extreme angle on it im going to rotate this towards you here, so you can see it a little better. Now, if you look at the front of the windshield, you guys got there yeah thats, pretty neat. The engine looks good. You see the belts, everything and some of the hoses neat little models. Now these wheels do turn off like i said they do turn its just. The um steering wheel doesnt turn in conjunction with them. What are the wheels made of like rubber? They are rubber, yeah, yeah theyre. Definitely rubber and theyre good rubber, too theyre a soft rubber, not like some kind of like hard like semi. Some of those you get did it hardly. They might be yeah like plastic, rubber, yeah so again wheels. This should open up again. So you can get a has a horn here on the side too. Lets see you know you squeeze. It sounds pretty funny. Dont know. If theres a there are some gauges but yeah, they dont have any right now, yeah just a lot of detail on there.

That should be able to pick it up because theres something in anyway. This this car is mainly for the outside, looks theres no theres like not much on the inside yeah, its just the fabric yeah, the seats yeah. Definitely a cool little model, though especially if youre a fan of the monster show or even george barris type. You know model cars now he judge bears, did quite a few. He did um the batmobile. I think he did kit from knight rider thats, pretty cool yeah hes did quite a few different things over the years. Did a lot of custom uh cars for a lot of movie stars too back in the day, so yeah definitely a cool little model. Everything opens up too, which is neat. You got nice detail as far as like the paint on the fenders and everything very unique piece, so im going to look underneath this lets see if theres any detail on the back like drive, shafts or anything else. Well, close these out Music. There lets turn this over, so not a whole lot Music. You get your! You have a drive shaft, which does not turn with the wheels yeah. Definitely not suspension. No, but yeah. Definitely cool model, though very unique nice little addition to a collection to kind of spice things up from the ordinary looks like bretts life, like green man, says here. Sometimes it just wheels when it boxes wheels its uh. You like something with a little bit of a unique flavor to it.

George barris, often referred to as the original king of customs was approached in the 1960s by the producers of the tv show the monsters to come up with their family vehicle for the half hours to come. The his designers and everything at his shop um, which included, was george himself uh tech, smith, tom daniel and dick and keith dean, all had a hand in this uh major build. So the car was built out of three ford model, t bodies and the car. Was you know, after stitching all those together had a total length of around 18 feet? The frame was hand built. The engine in this thing is a 289 ac cobra engine um it had the builders use, johns high compression pistons and had a head 10 chrome carter. Carburetors 10., that is, nuts um. It had bobby bar race, headers and a 4 speed manual transmission, which transmitted all his power to the rear, axle the fenders and the brass radiator were all built by hand.