Is it a go Music good afternoon, everybody today were going to get into the long term review of the apple cool cf 55 ive had this now for two years, almost exactly to the date, and i also have some friends who have the apple cool, cf, 45. Lg version and were going to get their unbiased opinion on those as well, were going to do a side by side comparison of the applicable cf, 45 lg versus the cf 55. As you can tell here, i purchased this in august of 2019, which is almost two years exactly and ive been using this every single day. I think i may have turned it off a couple of times. I even use this in my apartment when i wasnt in the van yet so the only differences here, as i can tell, is this lcd screen in real life, its much richer than my version two years ago, so im glad they updated it and also mine. Doesnt have any bumpers on the corners here, so this is. This is great that they updated it. As far as the differences between the two, i couldnt really tell, because if you go down here to the specs, it is the same as the cf 45. It has. The same power consumption here it is seven pounds heavier and its going to be taller than the cf 45. Now, if you look at all these reviews here over like 900 reviews, this guy over here has um 27 ratings because its kind of new but the the main complaint that people are talking about is this latch here again, ive had mine for two years and ive Been pretty heavy handed with everything and mine is just fine quickly, some of the specs im not going to go through all of the specs just because i did that in my unboxing and first impressions video.

So if you want to know all the specs click on the link below or check out my video, i go through my unboxing video. I go through every single thing here, but just quickly here are some of the features i do notice. The newer versions, which is the one were looking at now, is a little bit quieter than the one i have, because my friend teddy has the same exact fridge and i can stick my ear right next to it, and i do not hear it at all, whereas Mine, you can hear an audible hum which isnt that big of a deal so as far as the price difference, the larger fridge is actually cheaper. When you apply this coupon 20 savings here, so the total will be 300 versus the smaller fridge is 30 more, but it does have the lg compressor. But again i cant tell the difference. It has the same power draw and ive listened to both fridges very closely for a while when they kick on. I want to know if its obtrusive, the sound, the humming and its not really even on my old cf 55. The sound doesnt really bother me. Yes, its audible, but its just like a hum all right so enough with the listing lets get back onto the review here. We are in teddys shuttle bus and he actually has the apple cool cf 55. Just like i do, but look at the new ones.

It has a black lcd so pros and cons of the fridge ted, its a game. Changer man uh, i cant even thats kind of what got my bowl rolling with this little van conversion is uh being able to have refrigerated ice cold drinks on tap like it. Doesnt take much. I really have nothing negative to say about it other than the lcd light. I wish you could dim it yeah. This thing is pretty bright right, so you could just kind of do this. Not a big deal, not not a deal breaker, but other than that man, its no headaches, no hiccups, no nothing with it is ample space inside for everything. I need two compartments um i mean it runs off 12 volts, it does become. You become more uh. What is it sophisticated and domesticated? I dont know what the word is. You stepped your game up. Definitely it it honestly made a living a little more comfortable, convenient nothing like waking up in the middle of night to ice cold water ive had it for two months. I think – and i got nothing but good things to say about the the fridge itself and the company im not being paid by alcohol or anything, but the level of service that they have demonstrated so far is above and beyond. Okay, so i got the fridge from amazon and then, when it arrived, i noticed that the screen it was kind of like the plastic face was detached um, so because im im ocd so that that was like bothering me so much come on over and we can Do an exchange – and if you guys are wondering and like you guys were like – oh my god, close the lid youre using energy.

He doesnt care because hes got the lithium over here. Hes got the chins, the 200 amp hourly, really nice. So hes got plenty of power, so he can be a boss and walk around with the fridge open, yeah, fridge, yay, nay, would you recommend it wouldnt? You recommend it things you like about it things you dont like about it. I like everything about it. I couldnt believe that i was living without a fridge in here. I used to have uh like the icebox, cooler and stuff, and you know buying ice every day and like having to dump it outside every every couple days. Um this thing just like and its its 12 volt thats whats cool about it. You dont need an inverter or anything like that, and it really sits on power yeah its 45 watts, an hour which is like a light, bulb yeah the bluetooth app. You can change all the settings and everything everything that you can do here. You can do in the out yeah, so how much of this fridge has stepped your van life game up? Oh man, im self sufficient. Now, oh um and i think, like my lifestyle, is now healthier because before i was eating out every single day, every single day you know its like 15 bucks per meal like thats freaking insane this one i always get salads from like walmart highly recommended 100. No complaints about anything the price is right. The company is highly responsive, good customer service, great customer service.

What about the noise is there? The noise would um. I havent compared it to a non lg one, but i never hear the compressor on this one like not even the vibration, like i cant, feel anything. The only thing i hear when it kicks in is the fan you know, usually with a fridge. You hear the compressor you dont hear the fan right, but the compressor on this is like so quiet that you only hear the fan right on thanks for the review. Thanks, dave appreciate, you bud appreciate you too man the review on the fridge. What do you think? I, like it, its uh, been pretty good. I accidentally plugged it into the front part, which is my not my house battery. The cigar lighter over here, connects to the starter battery, and i was camping for two. Almost three days then, finally realized that it was the wrong battery and it killed it. That was easy enough to jump start with my house battery. So not a big deal now i plug it into the appropriate socket, but its been good. I mean it holds more than i need, so i tend to buy too much stuff its. I kept it very cold, its a little bit of condensation, but you know its not like a home fridge that has a drain so youre going to have to service it. Once in a while, but its really not bad so far, nothing everythings been great price was good, its quiet.

The only thing i can say is at night you know the the lights are a little loud. It would be nice to be able to dim that that or turn it off, but thats, okay, its nothing. A towel, doesnt fix im eating better grocery shopping. Like a normal human im eating vegetables, i can get. I can make food and have leftovers all in all its its been nothing but positive, and and when i go camping, uh in the desert or somewhere, where im going to be camped for a while, i dont have to mess with ice. I dont have to let beer warm up, which is really sad. Theres theres been no downs, downsize at all. You really leveled up with this fridge, because before that you had coolers and before that sometimes didnt even use coolers right. You just eat like i would just get like. Freeze, dried cheese and things like that. Now i can buy. You know the real good cheese and its not gon na get ruined or soaked in water. What about uh when youre in the desert like when its really hot? How did the fridge perform perfectly? It uh no problem at all. If you want to know what a 12 cheese looks like this is it: this is 12 12 italian black truffles um, it tastes pretty damn good. I dont know if it tastes 12 good, but so this is whats in here heres. The led light right over here.

So keep in mind the coldest is going to be this area here and then the overflow goes over to the stuff kind of like your refrigerator door on this side, um so cold, this cold colder and that wouldnt really matter. If you want to crank this all the way down, because there is a temperature discrepancy here, i think and ive talked to a lot of other people who own the same fridge and even the dometic fridges and the ar arb fridges. This number is probably two degrees higher than its actually showing so on mine. I have it set to 33, or sometimes even 32, which is freezing point, but inside nothing ever freezes. Do you hear that the fridge is currently humming? The compressor will turn on and off. In order to try to maintain the temperature that you set inside the fridge and again i just put this reflectors on the outside to help insulate reflectix and a towel definitely keeps your refrigerator working a little bit more efficiently. Lets go through the uh. The display real quick, so if you hit this button, you can change it from eco mode or max so with max it doesnt try to conserve power at all. It just tries to get the temperature down to where you set. It asap hit that again back to eco on the right hand, side theres, also another function for the settings tab you hold this button down there you go see how its blinking l, you can put it on medium.

You can put it on high put it back down on l. What this means is these three low medium high is for the battery protection. It can sense if your batteries has low voltage and itll turn off. If you have it on high itll turn off at a higher voltage reading and then low, i would not pay attention to this volt meter. It is incredibly inaccurate and its not the fridges fault its just how far it is routed to my batteries all the way in the back here its going to encounter a lot of resistance coming through. So this this volt meter doesnt really mean much, but i would keep it on low in eco, so two years long term review of the applicable cf 55. Is it a go, its a go, its a major go for the price, its already been two years. Havent had a single issue with it, and the newer versions that you guys will be getting is even better than mine, and i couldnt be happier thanks again for watching the video for my long term subscribers notification squad.