They further released this three door, hatchback famously known as the e81 and although bmw had created a hatchback with rear wheel drive which, at the time was unheard of and had excellent handling characteristics. It wasnt the most reliable car ever anyway heres my review Music. Well, first off i want to give a shout out to arnie for lending me his car, so i could do this review like usual, if you have any questions on bmw wants to use ownership, make sure to leave your questions in the comment section down below. This is also on his second car. His first car was a suzuki swift and it was featured on my channel a while back. So if you like to view that video, you can do by clicking on that pop up banner up there as for the model variant and reviewing today its the 2010 116i se with a 2 liter petrol engine, currently pushing 121 brake horsepower and 136 pounds for torque. If you live in germany and have an autobahn readily available, it will top out at 127 miles per hour and take roughly 9.8 seconds to get up to 60 miles per hour, which is about 1.3 seconds slower than the new bottle, so its not that bad. In terms of whats, underneath the bonnet well unlike newer models that bmw are releasing all first gen entry level, cars came with a four cylinder engine. This particular car has the n 43 block so against the older engine, or you know the pre facelift.

It was now direct injected, so it allowed fuel to flow better and it was a little bit more efficient, but the cars from this era suffered huge amounts of issues diesels, especially because you add timing, chain failures and dpf filters, clogging up and bristle boost leaks. Some of them issues are pretty scary and will cost you loads to repair so its important. You do your research before you buy one of these, but if you like to buy a similar car to this one, it will cost you anything between two and a half grand to six grand on the used car market where prices are literally through the roof. This particular car here costs five thousand pounds and has an annual taxable of 170 pound and insurance, no more than 500 pounds a year. Its also used compliant as it only emits 143 grams per kilometer of co2 from the outside. It looks very unconventional. Its a nice mix of sharp creases and smooth edges making itself a true successor of the legendary bmw e33 series. In 2007, it had some enhancements featuring all new bumper designs, largest set of kidney grilles to improve airflow and in back a new set of tail lights. The strong chassis also made it weigh in at 1.27 tonnes of 10 kilograms lighter than the fiber variant. So realistically, it should be better on the straights moving on to the rear seats and believe it or not the three door version or three door car that weve got here is the same length as the five door car.

So you would assume theres going to be loads of space in the back from the rear passengers, but let me try get in and see so. Give me one second guys: there we go feet in were in okay, so lets pull the passenger seat all the way back. Yeah theres, not much room in here at all. My legs are pretty much jammed up against the passenger seat. I dont have much headroom at all yeah, not much headroom at all. I could last in here for about two hours thats about it, but as an owner are you really gon na buy this car for racing passengers? No, so who really cares? Moving over to the main half of the interior, of the bmw one series and as expected from an early 2000s card, the layout is extremely simple and everything is where you want it to be, but ill. Tell you what isnt very 2. Thousands is all variants at the time, got a push to start ignition now, thats a great little feature and something very rare, moving over to the instrument cluster and, as you can see, theres a little screen in the middle now to control whats on this screen. You have to use this bc button and the toggle on the left store to move up and down enter, etc. Ive noticed within the brightness setting for the instrument cluster you get nine choices to make. The bit i dont understand is why bmw have not used a physical knob to choose your desired brightness.

Instead, you have to toggle through all these blocks, to choose what you want its very outdated and old fashioned. I must say, as for storage in this car, even though it feels quite compact, theres loads of places, you could put your items. For example, youve got this raised center console with this bizarre dual storage compartment, going on very lengthy door pockets and check this out storage in front of the gear lever, not behind it. Thats fantastic at the top of the dash in between the air vents youve got three buttons. One is for the central lock in the second. One is for the hazards, and the one were interested in the one right at the top. Is the button for the traction control now, if you press it once it will partially disable traction control and then, if you hold it down for a few seconds, it will fully disable it now. I can imagine thats going to be a lot of fun in the winter and finally, i thought this car had voice recognition, but unfortunately, every time i press the button. Nothing really activates console in the comment section down below help me out as to why that is, but anyway enough. Waffle lets go for a drive Music, so im very excited to drive this car as its the first generation of the bmw one series, and if bmw were going to do anything with care and attention, itll be this car, since the first generation got face lifted in 2007, it got one very big change, and that is the fact it got electric power steering instead of the hydraulic steering now i must admit the electric steering in this car makes it very neutral and slightly boring, but ive not tested the hydraulic steering in the previous.

While the pre lci car – so i cant really comment on that. This car is also on budget tires, so that could also be a contributing factor. But realistically i need to get behind the other car and see what its about. But without a doubt, this car does have a brilliant chassis, is somewhat good on fuel and is fast and quite gutsy. If you want for the six cylinder variants and yes, the interior isnt the best and theres not much boot space at all. But how often do people buy a small car to carry large amounts of luggage and carry around five people regularly? On a far the one series im driving today is quite a low mileage example. Its only done 47 miles on the clock and dont forget its also. The se variant so its got the smaller set of alloy wheels now ill be honest. It does benefit the ride of this car, but i personally think the largest set of wheels and that thin tyre wall just gives it that better stance so yeah. If you can go for a bigger set of alloy wheels makes the car transforms the car even but the problem with rear wheel, drive cars in general. Is you get the transmission section eaten into cabin space and the f20 bmw one series was a sucker for this. As when you sat in that car, your feet were so off center to the right. It was just weird now i had the same issue with this car, but its not as bad as the f 20.

If you want a nice sporty hatchback, though this is what you need, you sit nice and low quite far back. The gearbox is right to reach right there. The throws are fantastic. What more could you want? Im gutted that bmw have gone down the front wheel driver with the new bmw e1 series, though, was it not the main selling point for this car to be rear, wheel, drive and you know it was it was it stood out the crowd, i thought, and now Bmw have lost that kind of, so i dont know what what else different they could do with the new car. I guess wait and see until i could drive it and ill give my opinions, yeah dont, think its going to be as good as the these two. The first and the second jet now ill be honest, its not that quick of a car, as you know, by the stated figures that i mentioned earlier on. But i think we should do a little bit of a pull lets see if the engine makes that nice bit of four cylinder noise that you get Music. Oh it revs up until 6, 000 rpm its its funny, its, not quick, its quite revvy. It takes a while to get there, but you know sounds good anyway now its time for some points of view driving. So let me just pull over and ill mount the gopro to my head and well pick up from there so ill see you guys in a second right, so point of view.

What do you guys think of the interior? I know its a little bit creaky at the time when this came out. Of course, it was proper futuristic but look theres, some creaks there, its getting old its its aging lets just say visibility. I mean its all right, its not too bad. I think this car comes with parking sensors, so it should be fine in terms of mpg. What are we doing? Lets have a look 42 miles per gallon, thats, fine thats, not too bad. The main competitor to this car, though, is of course, the mark v golf and the mark v golf thats thats, a hatchback hatchback. This is a little bit different, theyre, totally different cars. The golf is going to be way more reliable without a doubt, but its going to be your choice at the end of the day, do you do? Can you put up with all the issues that a one series is gon na give you that may not be many, but it could also be a lot. It depends on the car. You get to be honest if its been serviced regularly. If things have been changed that need to be changed, of course we cant forget the 130i. That was a great car. I think thats really unspoken about. No one knows about that car, its a bit of dark horse, yeah ill admit the 130i is an absolute weapon. You get about 250 brake horsepower in that car as well and yeah its its all.

You need for british roads, its got a nice set of mirrors on it as well uh from the exterior. They do look quite small but theres a lot you can see out of them, which is great, always works out. Well, oh, i hate the indicators in this bmw look. So you indicate right and then you to turn it off yeah its a bit of a nightmare, but the 12 years 12, 11 years this cars been out its been kept immaculate by the owner. Look. These dials here have not worn down at all. Apart from the volume knob a little bit, but they still feel quite fresh, quite untouched ill, be honest so to work the cruise control in this car, you have to pull it upwards, the stalk and then yeah you push away to increase the speed you pull to Reduce the speed and whats down down is off, so no actually so you pull it towards you to initiate and then down. So if you pull it towards you again its to reduce the speed, pull it away or push it away to increase the speed right finally resolved it. Its taken me a while to work that out so thats scene, def, tour and review around the 2010 bmw 1 series overall, its a smashing little car. But if youre known for one of these a good one that is there isnt going to be many out there. Most of these cars are treated like pets, a piece of meat and tend to have very uncaring owners, certainly after they dropped a lot in price in its early years.

Therefore, if you want a fun car and its going to blow a hole in your wallet and get this, if not, then i suggest you get a golf anyway.