Lexus of naperville has the lexus for you, whether it be new or used. Lexus of naperville is located at 2480 aurora avenue in naperville illinois, or you can visit their website at naperville, all right, whats up guys. My name is zach, and today i am driving a 2019 dodge challenger. Srt hellcat up front is a 6.2 liter, supercharged v8 and down below is a six speed manual transmission now, im super excited to be driving this here, srt hellcat, because guys its an srt hellcat, i drove one a long long time ago i was actually 19 years Old when i first drove a hellcat, and it was the first truly fast, truly scary car i had ever driven and so now that im turning 24 here in a couple days. Actually, by the time this video comes out ill, be 24. id like to think. I have a little bit of different perspective im out of college now, im making adult money now lets see if thats changed. My thoughts here on the hellcat lets get back to that 6.2 liter supercharged v8, putting out 707 horsepower, which is absolutely insane. It has a giant supercharger on it, and the supercharger noise is the whole reason you buy this car. This car is actually difficult to drive at slow speeds, pulling this off of lexuss lot. I put it in gear and i was already doing five miles an hour. Not even trying it feels amazing, its so much power, it punches you in the chest.

It makes you cry for your mother and i love that about the challenger. I love the fact that theyre still out there doing that all right, hellcat challenger here we go. We dont have a whole lot of space out here on the test track, unfortunately, but hopefully youll be able to hear that supercharger one yeah it its good, its very, very good. This is one of the few cars that i get into and im a little nervous. I am a little bit nervous and not because of the monetary value, but for my actual just well being it makes me a little bit nervous, like i said paired to its six speed manual transmission. The manual is very, very stiff, getting it in, and out of gear takes quite a bit of muscle, not only in the clutch feel, but in the shifting feel now. Of course i come from the world of driving miatas and mr2s and rx7s, where, if you breathe heavy enough, you can depress the clutch. But if you come from camaros and mustangs and things its not going to be much different than those vehicles, its definitely on the heavier side of clutches but not unmanageable. This is a tremec 6 speed, which tremec is a company that develops six speeds, so chrysler actually outsourced their transmissions, which means this will actually hold up a little bit. If you throw a bunch of power at it, not so much, but at least in its stock form, this wont blow out on you in the wendys drive through, like the good old caravans and old base model.

Rams used to do ask me how i know. Last but not least, of course, the hellcat is rear, wheel drive so lets talk about the interior in front of me. I have two physical gauges and a screen on the left is my tachometer and on the right. Is my speedometer that goes all the way up to 200. in the center? I do get a screen that is configurable. I can do a bunch of things and im going to show that here. However, when the speed is up on the screen, it shows you every single digit. So when you floor it do your 0 to 60 launch. If you filmed it and you slowed down the footage, you would see one two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight nine. It doesnt skip any digits, which is fantastic and i never realized was so important until i bought a car where it does skip the digits, and i feel, if im honest a little bit cheaped out. So i really love that attention to detail in the gauges really really great. On the steering wheel on the left, i have my controls for those center gauges that we just talked about my phone options, voice commands and on the right. I have my cruise control. What bothers me is that i do have dead switches to the bottom right of the steering wheel, this being the hellcat. This is an 80 000 car. I wish that i didnt have dead switches.

I i should get most, if not all the options, and i cant imagine that the hellcat red eye or demon gets anything particularly different to the left of me. I have my headlight switches, dimmer switches and trunk release, which looks straight out of a dodge grand caravan. One thing i strongly dislike is the parking brake, because it is the pedal style parking brake makes me feel like im driving a pickup truck, which im sure its borrowed from the ram and on the door. I have my power mirrors power windows and power locks moving into the center. We have a fantastic infotainment system, so lets talk, hellcat infotainment couple things first of all, srt mode, so this is where you can switch it between track sport, custom things like that. These are your performance pages, which is really really cool. Click here performance page is loading. I love that it makes you feel very, very special. However, it does take a little bit of time to load so well give it a little rev here there you go. So you can get those cool things. Engine g force gauges. You just have gauges up timers home things like that really really cool. However, this waiting time is pretty atrocious, um because i literally just left the pages now coming back im showing you this in real time. Thats how long it takes to load, which is pretty annoying, so you can do like a screenshot things like that which is really coming back here.

I do have drivers heated seats as well as ventilated seats, passenger seats, wi fi hotspot things like that. You can go to the performance pages here, which now is going to take forever again. This is just atrocious how much time this takes to load between pages. This is like grand theft, auto its terrible settings. Things like that. I really like this screen and ill show the backup camera now there it is, and it actually adjusts the lines when you adjust the steering wheel, which is very, very nice. Let me get that back out of gear all right, so the one thing that i really dislike about this screen is just how long it takes to get to the performance pages moving down below. We have a bunch of different buttons. We have volume, mute hazard, screen off, srt, launch parking, sensors, traction control off and our two knobs, so the two ones i want to mention there are the srt you hit this button and it automatically brings you to the srt pages we mentioned in the infotainment system. Love that and the launch control which i will not be utilizing, because i have borrowed this car from lexus of naperville and id like to return it in as good a condition as it was, if not better id like to keep this car sunny side up. And my head on my shoulders so launch control is a no from me. Then i have my climate control options.

Very, very basic fan speed. I do have dual zone, which is nice but thats. Really it then i have the shifter itself feels very manly. I have this steel shifter with a black ball on the top. It reminds me of walking into a pool hall and giving them the biz. I love that feeling of it very, very muscular and when i put it into gear it utilizes half of my arms strength. Just to move it so this is the stock shift. Knob the one in the car is actually not the stock one i just realized, so this is the stock one very very simple: i do like the look of it. Has this nice sort of aluminum down here so the one in the car is not factory just want to get that out there. This is the factory one then down below. We do have cup holders so lets. Do a big friggin bottle test here in the hellcat and it fails, but who cares its whatever i kind of expected it to fail? This is a hellcat. You dont need big water. You just need a big ego. Now the seats are very, very comfortable, mopar dodge whoever you want to credit this vehicle with they make fantastic seats. Very very comfy, some of the most comfy seats youll, find in any car in this segment which the segment i mean like gt350, whatever this is very, very comfortable almost too comfortable, but we do have back seats, so lets go.

Do a backseat review! All right so were in the back of the 2019 dodge challenger hellcat wide body and ill put the seat back up here i did have to scoot it up a little bit, not terribly back seat. Actually, the actual seats themselves very, very comfortable. I have okay, add room. My head is barely touching the ceiling im 511.. These arent really great back seats. However, you do have the back seats, which is nice, but i wouldnt count on them for pretty much anything. Theyre not great theyre way better than the mustang and better than the camaro. So in that segment these are the best, but theyre still not good. So it is what it is. Lets go pop around. Take a look at the trunk. It is hot back here. So, honestly, since this is like the most american car ever, it does have nice american car features, which is a big size, trunk and okay back seats. Now we got to talk about the looks, and the first thing youll notice is that this is a wide body. Challenger, this is wider than the normal challenger. It gets the fender flares and the different hood. The fender flares allow this car to actually have wider tires and a wider track than the normal hellcat, which means you could fit wider tires under it. This is a straight line, drag strip car and that is it well: okay, highway, poles, but straight lines. Nevertheless, i love the aggressive fender flares.

I love the hellcat badge on the side. I love everything about this car. This is a villains car. This car is something you dont want to see show up outside your house after stealing a magical compass from a shipwreck. I might be watching outer banks right now, just a little bit. This is what the baddie drives. It sounds mean. It looks mean the black on black with the red accents. This thing is pissed off its angry at me right now that im not doing 130 miles an hour its mad at me right now that im only on this little test track, it wants to kill me. It is clawing, it is biting to kill me and the looks really emphasize that but lets get on to my final thoughts, which are this thing wants to kill me and its the stupidest vehicle ever made thats it. This is super super stupid. I never ever will need this much power. Why does this car exist? It has way too much power. Its too comfortable. It looks like george barris made it for the next villain movie and its not even a real car. You can buy its not happy to be going slow if it had the ability to rip my head off. It would but itll settle for the next best thing of just putting me in a ditch. When i drive this car, i am at war im at war with traction im at war, with weight im at war, with the temperature im at war, with rubber im at war with metal and im at war with gasoline.

But you know what this car makes. You feel alive more alive than any other car, because when you come on the cusp of death thats, when you can finally appreciate the everyday nuances, im gon na go home and im gon na pet, my dog, my cute little portuguese water, dog and im gon na Say i love you because i made it home today i got out of my hellcat and i didnt crash it into a tree. This makes every single drive an occasion. It makes it special. This car is skydiving your way to work and when you finally land at your corporate office with your parachute, you think, oh, i guess today wasnt the day. That is the official term of stepping out of a hellcat. Well, i guess today wasnt my day, try again tomorrow. If the devil designed a car, it would be the wide body hellcat chiseled from obsidian and filled with the blood of his enemies. This is the devils car and its so stupid, stupid fun, Music. Well, i hope you guys enjoyed the video huge, thank you to lexus of naperville for letting me take out their wide body – challenger, hellcat, its always fun, to get behind the wheel of one of these things. They are absolutely awesome between the three dealerships of chevy, toyota and lexus. They have tons of vehicles. Obviously they have very fun vehicles like this im, very, very happy with it. This thing is absolutely awesome and lexus of naperville is awesome.

If youre, looking for a new lexus or just a used vehicle in general, lexus of naperville, has you covered? Their information is up on the screen as well as linked in the description below, but i hope you guys enjoyed the video dont forget to rate the video comment on the video and subscribe.