I think when you go through this vehicle, what you get, what they charge theres, actually some good value here: cadillac cadillac, dark, shiny and great, even that v6 is sweet. This is called wilder metallic, andrea, you kind of gave it away already whats under the hood, a 3.6 liter v6 engine with a 9 speed automatic transmission, 310 horsepower 271 pound feet of torque front wheel, drive and all wheel drive are available on all trims. The base engine is a 2 liter turbo 4. Also, with a 9 speed automatic is horsepower and 258 pound feet of torque. The fact that this cadillac xt5 has a v6 engine for not much more than the base four cylinder engine makes it an outlier. Well, theres, a story behind that and its a bit of a bargain more to come later on, but right now were going to get into the key standard features. What do you get with a cadillac xt5 here are the v6 base model features an 8 inch touchscreen wireless apple, carplay and android, auto wireless phone charger, heated steering, wheel, heated, front seats, leather, seating surfaces, a sunroof power driver and front passenger memory; seats, hands, free power; Liftgate eight speaker, bose sound system led headlights and 18 inch wheels, so cadillac has updated the interior a little bit. Theyve added this controller for the infotainment system, theres also a mode button here. What are we gon na? Put it in? You got ta put it in s for subscribing.

If you can hit the notification bell, youll be notified when all of our videos drop and then you can watch them. We do five videos a week. We do this a couple car review every wednesday every saturday its another couple car review monday, its the live, show tuesdays, always a comparison and friday, some cool, old or collectible car. How you find out subscribe, but also follow andreas instagram, motormouth underscore andrea. For me, its motormouth underscore auto and the links are below this. Video is brought to you by canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day, love it or return. It guarantee visit canadadrives.ca to learn more punch. It Music sounds pretty darn good for a v6 yeah. I like a v6 in this style utility. It really is kind of only now for the most premium yeah. The german imports like an sq5 which is pricey. Oh yeah not like this v6 were going to get into all of that in just a minute, but its bigger than most right. Well, interestingly enough, we just reviewed the glc, and i was in and out of both vehicles and the steering is later on the glc. To my surprise, i didnt notice that right away, this is heavier not as agile and nimble as the glc, but its still good. Its bigger yeah it takes corners with knees. I like the heavier steering, and also the turning radius, is very good.

Now. I think because it is a bigger vehicle, youre feeling that sort of extra weight and also this car has run flat tires, which you can hear a little bit on certain road surfaces. Overall, i would say its not that bad, but what do you think about? Like uh the comfort and the road, it doesnt feel mushy and soft, like a lincoln, no, not at all. It feels more like a european suv, which is my style of handling and drive for sure. Now. This thing is, at the end of its run, its been out for quite a while, but you know what i think the styling is held up and thats. One of the things i really like about cadillac is their vehicles. Dont, look like anything else. No, its got. This big, bold, distinctive grille, this sport trim that were reviewing has the black accents throughout and 20 inch wheel, standard or 18 inch wheels. I think the 20 inch wheels make a big difference and also uh. The rear lights are clear: if you go for the luxury trim, they have a different look to them. So theyve got these two lanes: theyve got sport and luxury. The sport doesnt really add any mechanical changes, its just aesthetic, its kind of like what rdx has with the a spec yeah so thats. What this is kind of the same idea and they all have the dual like headlights and tail lights. I think that thats a sharp feature on this cadillac yeah thats, the signature of cadillac, in my opinion, is their lighting package, looks really good.

Now, on the inside same thing, this has been around for a while uh. They have. I touched on it a moment ago. They have updated the screen yeah and they have updated the controller in the middle they used to have the cadillac user experience with the touch sensitive, um, radio controls and heat controls. Thank goodness. They got rid of that and theyve gone to a touch screen or this controller. How do you like the rest of it? Well, the screen works its functional, its an eight inch screen. I dont like head. I want the bigger curved oled screen, thats in the escalade, its 38 inches, or give me the 33 inch led screen thats in the lyric that were going to be seeing soon. This is just not good enough. Cadillac. I see the future thats whats going to be in this eventually theyll migrate, that instrument cluster through the cadillac range and it is fantastic, its fantastic. The tech is beautiful. It will be a showstopper in this xt5 take my word. People will love it. The other thing that needs to go is this wide steering wheel. Give me the one thats in the ct5v, please. I just want it to look sporty and more modern. This looks too old fashioned, in my opinion, now no digital instrument cluster either no but thats. What youre going to get in the oled screen with the escalade screen thats? What we need in here. This cadillac comes with a lot of standard features, but what it is missing is ventilated, front seats and heated rear seats that does come in a package.

I think cadillac you should throw it in in the premium luxury or the sport trim. We dont even have it in this model that were testing. So weve already mentioned that this is one of the biggest or the biggest in this class, and you certainly get that in the back seat. Yeah, the second row seat offers best in class legroom and even cargo space is best in class. Next up would be the acura rdx you can see with carry on on a cooler it actually slides right, underneath the cargo cover theres, so much room its impressive. I, like the space back there if youre a growing family with strollers youre gon na, have no problem fitting them in all right lets. Get to your questions time now for questions, coffee and cars, your questions from instagram. It does a nice job all around, but im not sure its at the top of my list in this segment im sure a refresh is coming soon. Pricing seems good and i, like the v6 option, how does the interior quality and style compare to others? Well, we think its really good in here this is all decked out in black leather. I think it looks a bit masculine. I wouldnt mind some alcantara mixed in here a bit. I think if you had an instrument beautiful more in keeping with your outfit andrea, a little brighter, maybe cream. I think that would go a long way. So cadillac has what they call hand, cut and sewn interiors.

They say that all of the leather is hand cut and sewn and uh the materials in here are good. The only complaint i have is that little hole the notch where you might put your cell phone. I did yeah its got this cheap, looking vinyl around it. Yes, this this interior needs to be updated. We talked about it already, but i think the materials in here are fine. Ive heard the xt5 will be discontinued at the end of the current generations. Life cycle and itll be replaced by the 2023 cadillac lyric. All electric mid size suv is that true, we dont know the lyric is coming and it is coming next year its actually they moved it up to get it into the market. Sooner yeah, i would suspect – probably not, but you have some stats right well, i would suspect no for sure, because in the second quarter of 2021 the xt5 is up almost 83 percent for cadillac. Those are some big numbers, so the xt5, in my bat, is here to stay whether this v6 stays time will tell not sure thats going to happen. Is it true. Cadillacs are expensive to repair and maintain well jd. Power says that the cadillac will cost about 783 dollars a year to maintain and compare to other models. 652.. So not a huge difference and cadillac will visit the repair shop 0.4 times a year, which is the same as other models, but where it shines is with you get free, scheduled maintenance for four years thats a big deal, the only other brand thats really doing.

This is genesis right now: yeah and bmw and bmw, thats right and uh. We have a friend who has this hi to paul. I reached out to him on facebook today and i said uh you have an xt5, he says: yeah weve had it for three years. Has never been back to the dealer for a repair. They like it so much theyre thinking of getting a new one when their lease is up next year, and he said the free scheduled maintenance was a big draw to the brand. I bet, and he also likes the fact that he can give the key to the valet and hes not embarrassed about his car anymore. He feels like hes rich driving, a cadillac, its a cadillac sure its a legend, an american legend. What is your opinion about? The shifter and the four cylinder engine i rented one a while ago – and i thought it was really nice. I like this shifter. It reminds me a lot of the bmw ill. Take this over a push button or a dial or a column, shifter yeah, so thats good and the four cylinder engine were i havent driven it. You havent driven it, but we get the xt4 next week. Yeah ive driven it with that product, but not in this, and if i was buying this i would get the v6 me too. Oh the power, i i feel like it needs it. So cadillac never get rid of this v6.

Please they will Laughter and thats it. Thank you so much for all your questions keep them coming all right. If you want to get a question in follow along on instagram its motormouth underscore andrea, and because you hear the music its time for nightlife Music, we keep one question back from questions. Coffee and cars and expand on it its our hot topic, whats, this one, andrea id, definitely say one asset to the xt5 – is the availability of a naturally aspirated v6 theyre, getting kind of rare these days in the world of turbocharged four cylinder engines. Do you think the v6 is a good engine or should cadillac maybe offer the base turbocharged 2 liter with more horsepower? I think its a shame, but if i was a batman, i would bet that this engine is going away in favor of turbo four cylinder engines and theres going to be a lot of people that comment that they like the reliability and the longevity of a naturally Aspirated engine over a turbo four and you get value with this too right. Well, i hope thats not the case, because youre right thats, where the value is with this cadillac, is with the v6 if it goes away, cadillac better, sharpen its pencils with the 2 liter turbo 4, because the pricing is way too close to the germans. And if you have to stretch, maybe 2 000, maybe 4 000 more – you may get a german brand instead and its the same with the japanese.

So you have some uh examples right, so you think about the competitors that have six cylinder engines. Theyre all turbocharged, like an sq5, for example. Well, an sq5 is going to start at over 66 000. People might not have the budget for that, but they really want a v6 engine. When you look at the germans with the 2 liter turbocharged engines, the audi is actually pretty good value. You get the progressive trim and its coming in around 48 thousand dollars, but for just a little bit extra. You can get this v6 for 52 000, with a ton of standard features and thats, where the story is with this cadillac xt5, but the thing is were going to do the vital stats now and i want you to really pay attention to the quality scores of This car, because the perception around general motors makes crappy cars isnt actually true, so lets get into the vital stats lets start with pricing. The xt5 2 liter front wheel drive starts at just over forty four thousand dollars. The three point: six liter premium – luxury – all wheel – drive is 52 and a half thousand dollars and the 3.6 liter v6 sport trim is 56 price, ‘8. tested just over 57 000. jd power gives the cadillac xt5 an overall score of 82 out of 100 and a Quality and reliability score of 83 out of 100. car edge states, the xt5 will retain 49 of its value after five years.

Heres, the fuel economy, the four cylinder gets 11.2 liters per hundred kilometers in the city 8.7 on the highway thats 21 miles per gallon city 27 miles per gallon highway. The v6 gets 12.9 liters per hundred kilometers in the city 9.2 on the highway thats 18 miles per gallon city 26 miles per gallon highway. The xt5 can tow 3 500 pounds and it comes with a four year: 80 000 kilometer, warranty, 50 000 miles plus four years free, scheduled maintenance. So lets talk a little bit about that quality and reliability score. We pull these numbers all the time, and rarely do we see numbers in the 80s that youre getting in this cadillac. So some people say: oh what about the quality and reliability of cadillac its excellent, and sometimes we forget that you know we focus a lot on the japanese brands for quality and reliability. Hey lexus has earned it. We can all agree on that, and sometimes the german brands have some issues with quality and reliability yeah, but look at this cadillac. So there is something there about these american brands and also theres something to be said about grabbing the last of an era. I said the exact same thing with the old rdx get it while you can, because when its gone its gone and thats going to be the case with this, so the fact theyve been making it for so long with the same engine, creates good reliability, yeah and Sometimes i get asked who are buying these cadillacs well theyre selling, and you know what the real surprise is zach.

The ct 4 is up almost 300 percent yeah, but when you go from selling one to three thats thats, a huge sales drill all right, so you have some money to spend. You want to buy a premium suv. What else can you buy for your consideration? Four vehicles for you to consider up first is the acura rdx. It has a 2 liter turbo 4 with a 10 speed, automatic transmission, 272 horsepower and a starting price of four and a half thousand dollars. One of the newest entries is the genesis gv70. It is a 2.5 liter, turbo four cylinder and an eight speed, automatic 300 horsepower and a starting price of just under 50 000.. The lincoln corsair has two four cylinder engines: a 250 horsepower 2 liter and a 280 horsepower 2.3 liter, both with an 8 speed automatic transmission. The 2 liter has a starting price of and a half thousand dollars and the 2.3 liter 59 000. heres our used car alternative from canadadrives.ca. We chose a 2018 audi q5 progressive trim with just over 50 000 kilometers for 35, 990, canadian click on the tab or on the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from canadadrives.ca. So there are four luxury crossovers for you to consider. Lightning round two things you like two things youd like to see improve. Well, i love this v6 engine and the way that this cadillac handles what id like to see in here are brand new screens and also throw in the ventilated front seats in the heated rear seats in the premium luxury or sport trim.

Please i like the size of this. I like the fact you can still get a v6 engine. What i like to see is an updated dashboard for sure and they could sharpen their pencil on the base model just a little bit. This xt5, with a little love from cadillac, could be a real gem. The problem is, i think, when they update the interior, they might get rid of the v6. Well, have to wait and see this video is brought to you by canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of two year door, delivery and the confidence of a seven day, love it or return. It guarantee visit canadadrives.