But i think a lot of people are going to be surprised because the ascent isnt always top of mind so lets get in. Have a look around well andrea were in the subaru ascent, i think its one of those vehicles. A lot of people dont know exists and were going to get into that, but first whats under the hood, a 2.4 liter turbocharged four cylinder engine matched with a cvt 260 horsepower and 277 pound feet of torque standard. All wheel drive as we go through this. I think youre going to see that theres a lot of value with this ascent and it comes with a lot of stuff, so lets get into the key standard features. Here are the base model features in canada, a 6.5 inch touchscreen 4.2 inch lcd display apple carplay and android, auto 8 passenger seating 8 way, power, driver seat, heated cloth, seats, 4, way, manual, passenger seat, led headlights, 18 inch wheels and an 18 inch spare tire and Eyesight driver assist technology, so subaru ascent comes with standard x mode. What else can we put it in? You got ta put it in s for subscribe and if you can hit the notification bell, youll be notified when all those videos drop and then you can watch them and five of them a week. We do this a couple car review every wednesday. We do another couple car review on saturday monday. Its the live show tuesday, is always a comparison and friday its some cool, old or collectible car, and the only way to find out is to subscribe and also follow.

Andreas instagram, motormouth underscore andrea for me, its motor mouth underscore auto and the links are below this. Video is brought to you by canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of two year door, delivery and the confidence of a seven day. Love it or return it guarantee visit canadadrives.ca to learn more all right, andrea. If you took 10 people off the street and you got them to drive the ascent, how many would figure out without knowing that this had a four cylinder turbo? I dont think that they would. It has plenty of power, its smooth it handles really well in the city. You certainly dont feel like youre driving such a large vehicle, and the turning radius is very good. I really believe this drives a lot smaller than it actually is. So if youre, somebody that needs a seven or eight passenger utility, but doesnt want to drive a monstrosity. This one drives smaller. All of the attributes you get with subaru huge windows, big doors, a low sort of what they call belt line. It feels more like a forester than anything else. You know even getting in and out of that second row. It is just so easy what a breeze now with carry on on a cooler with all three rows up. It fits but theres, not a ton of space, its actually not bad. When it compares to the competition it keeps up with them, as well as an overall cargo capacity too, with the atlas having the most.

So i think people are shopping. Looking for a turbo four cylinder, the obvious competitor is the cx 9, but it does actually have more power than some six cylinders. It does, and i think that when you drive this four cylinder youll see that there is adequate amount of power. It actually has more torque than the new pathfinder, which is a v6, so dont knock the turbo 4 until you try it, but it does have a continuously variable transmission. But this is an in house continuously. Variable transmission and dont think its like the old pathfinder cvt. They do a very good cvt at subaru, its a high torque cvt that they used to use also in the forrester turbo. This is actually really well done. Yeah, it is, i mean, i would say, subaru cvt and honda. Cvt are one of the best out there. What do you think of the look zach? Well, my issue with the ascent is, i think, a lot of people dont even know this exists because it doesnt look really different from the rest of the family, so it just looks like a slightly bigger forester. I wish it had its own character yeah, i kind of understand they have a family resemblance but, in my opinion, its too much of a family resemblance. This comes standard with a dark gray, grille and 18 inch wheels body colored door handles our top trim that were test driving is the premier and it has a dark high gloss black grille with chrome door handles and 20 inch wheels.

I like the chrome on here. I think its a nice contrast. It looks sharp, especially with a dark color like this, but i think thats, one of the biggest hurdles subaru has with this product is a lot of people arent, even aware it exists and inside its the same thing, but in this case it actually works in their Favor, this is a similar dash to what you get in other subaru products, but they do a good job like we mentioned, they know how to do functional vehicles and this works well. What im impressed with is the trims and the fact that you can get bench seat or captains chairs on the lower trims. You dont typically see that in seven to eight passenger vehicles you dont at all. You always have to get the top trim. Yeah, like the pathfinder, for example, is were using pathfinder because we just drove the brand new one yeah. You got to get the top trim to get the captains chairs. You want them in this. You dont have to go full jam. You can get cloth seats. Captains chairs, when do you ever hear that thats on the touring trim and theres really good value on it? That would probably be our best value trim. You get the panoramic sunroof and this eight inch screen youre moving up from the 6.5 inch standard screen, and i think that thats a big deal, so you might be wondering how does this stack up in size compared to other three row? Suvs were actually going to tackle that in just a moment in question, coffee and cars.

Now, if youre looking for a few extra features – and you can make the stretch an extra five thousand dollars from the touring trim and get the limited trim thats the one that i would get it has the heated steering wheel, it has power passenger front seats, heated Rear seats and then the harman kardon sound system, which i think sounds really good. So subaru has some nice features that you dont find in other vehicles, not on all trims, but on this one you have a forward facing camera. You hit the button and, on the smaller screen it pops up. This is really good. If youre going over gravel roads or things you cant see over a crest of a hill, you can use that. Also, i mentioned it earlier x. Mode is an additional low speed. Traction and stability program that really gets the all wheel, drive system working to get you out of sticky situations, and one thing that this ascent has is 8.7 inches of ground clearance, which is much better than some of its competition. Like the pilot and the highlander. All right time for coffee and questions time now for questions, coffee and cars, your questions from instagram nice, a very subaru standard, looking interior design, i like it. How is the feel and how is the noise level thanks? Well, i think the noise level is pretty good when youre just cruising in the city or on the highway. When you accelerate a little bit harder passing people on the highway, it does get louder in the cabin for sure, okay, so think about they used to have a forester turbo, which is basically what this is its just bigger.

There was a lot of complaints about that engine, so it has a pretty composed ride and handling and noise. Considering its a turbo four and the fit and finish in here is quite nice. We have the top premiere trim theres, some as it should be, as it should be. Uh its got a leather interior. You can get black or brown, and this has kind of a combo with some cream and some wood. I think its actually quite nice yeah. I, like the simplicity of it, i do like that the first year production was notorious for repairs. Has this improved? You are right. The 2019 model had some issues. There were recalls all under warranty. It has improved drastically. There are no issues with the model that we are reviewing, so subaru has definitely improved on that yeah. Well, the good thing is: if there were issues they they countered and now its recommended by consumer reports right yeah consumer report says that owners. Satisfaction with this product gives it a four out of five score and when it comes to road tests, its a 93 out of 100, so those are some pretty impressive numbers. How usable is the third row thats? Always a concern with vehicles like this. So, even though you look at it – and you think it looks small, the second row and the third row on all of these vehicles is always a sharing exercise. You need to slide the second row forward to make enough room to get somebody in the third row, which is really for kids thats, the exercise with these vehicles.

The third row is for kids and its just fine for kids. The atlas has the most third row room, but believe it or not, this is scent, keeps up with the palisade, the telluride and the explorer, and it has more third row space than the highlander. How reliable is the pre collision technology in this car or in the industry in general? Can i jump in before we get going sure its very effective to the point where i like to switch off some of the notifications because it beeps and squeaks at you all? The time so i think its maybe a little too proactive, i i like it, it makes me feel safe. I like being notified. It doesnt bother me that much this ascent is excellent. It received max ratings for all six iihs crash tests, headlight system and front crash prevention in vehicle to vehicle tests, as well as vehicle two pedestrian tests. So this is great news. The two cameras up here, its they call them stereo two looking down the road, are very good, yeah, really good and thats it. Thank you. So much for all your questions, keep them coming. Motormouth underscore andrea to get a question in and now because you hear the music its time for nightlife Music. We keep one question back from questions, coffee and cars and expand on it. Its our hot topic, whats, this one andrea. Can it compete with the competition? Why would i buy this seven to eight seater suv over something like the telluride or the new pathfinder? Well, one reason is: fuel economy were going to get to the vital stats.

In just a moment, this gets excellent highway fuel economy. Also, you know, variety is the spice of life. This is very different feeling than those big vehicles like to tell you right. As we mentioned at the beginning, it drives much smaller. So if youre somebody thats opposed to having a massive feeling vehicle, this one will deliver. The goods i like the value on this it starts at under thirty seven thousand dollars, canadian for all wheel, drive the highlander and the pathfinder are just under forty four thousand dollars and the telluride and palisade youre coming in at over forty six thousand dollars. It offers a lot and, if youre, on a tight budget and youre just trying to get your family around town, maybe do some carpooling to sporting activities. This is the one for you, its a bit of a hidden gem, actually yeah theres, a lot of people that are just not aware that ascent exists and, as i mentioned earlier, i think its because it looks like a forester from 10 paces. You dont notice the difference yeah, so people dont even know this exists and thats. Why were here to tell you if youre somebody that wants good fuel economy wants space wants to move around easily? This is pretty good and the value all right. What else can you buy with all of your money for your consideration? Four vehicles for you to consider up. First is the toyota highlander. It has a 3.

5 liter v6 engine with an 8 speed automatic transmission, 295 horsepower and a starting price of just under 44 000.. Next is the volkswagen atlas, the largest in the group with two engines: a base, two liter turbo, four cylinder engine with 235 horsepower and a starting price of just over 40 000.. The 3.6 liter v6 has 276 horsepower and a starting price of just under 47 thousand dollars. The honda pilot has a 3.5 liter v6 engine with a 9 speed automatic transmission, 280 horsepower and a starting price of just under 43 thousand dollars. Heres our used car alternative from canadadrives.ca, we chose the 2017 mazda cx 9 gsl l stands for leather with just over 54 000 kilometers is just twenty six thousand nine hundred and ninety dollars. Canadian click on the tab or the link in the description below to find more vehicles in this category from canada drives. So there are four 78 passenger suvs for you to consider. So right now were going to do our vital stats. What do people need to pay attention? Oh pay attention to the resale value on this. Its quite impressive all right lets get into it. Lets start with pricing. The base model ascent starts at just under seven thousand dollars. Our best value touring trim is forty two and a half thousand dollars, and the premiere top trim that were testing is just under fifty one and a half thousand dollars. Jd power gives the 2021 ascent an overall score of 80 out of 100 and a quality and reliability score of 79 out of a hundred car edge states.

The ascent will retain 60 percent of its value after five years. Heres the fuel economy, 11.6 liters per hundred kilometers in the city, nine liters on the highway 21 miles per gallon city 27 miles per gallon highway. The towing capacity is 5 000 pounds. The ascent has a three year: 60 thousand kilometer or 36 000 mile warranty lightning round two things. You like two things youd like to see improved. I like the size of this. It doesnt feel like im driving a huge vehicle in the city, and i like the way it handles. What id like to see an improvement on is make the 8 inch touchscreen standard and also the badging. How about if i buy this premiere trim that it says i have the premier trim, give me some props. I, like the price, great starting price for sure, and the engine is a surprise what i like to have. It has nothing to do with this. I just want this engine, this transmission in a forester subaru work that out and also they should make it look different than the rest of the family get some credit for the fact. You even sell this thing. If you want great value, youre gon na find it right here with the ascent in this seven to eight passenger vehicle, all right, thanks again to docs deader subaru here in vancouver, for letting us borrow this for a couple of days. We do appreciate it. This video is brought to you by canada, drives shop online for your next used vehicle and enjoy the convenience of to your door delivery and the confidence of a seven day, love it or return.

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