These sporty updates come as optional extras, which well get to soon. The actual upgrades for 2021 are relatively small, and these include a new wave key design, a slightly reworked exhaust system and some new features for the bluetooth enabled tft display. The tft now gets a new daytrip meter, the ability to store your bikes documents and a new programmable speed warning theres. Also, a new dynamic rev limit indicator that adjusts the rev limiter displayed on the tft based on the operating temperature of the engine. Basically, the tft will show a lower rev limit if the engine temperature is too low or too high. Beyond this, the rr310 has the same mechanicals as last year, including the trellis frame and the liquid cooled 312cc motor that produces the same 34 horsepower for 2021. Tvs has reworked the exhaust system to produce a better sound Music, its similar, but the sound is cleaner and a little more sporty. With less of the rough metallic note from the old bike Music. However, the big news this year is that tvs has now introduced its build to order or bto platform where customers can order the rr310 as per their liking straight from the factory through bto customers can opt for this sensational. Looking new race livery select between black and red wheels and choose a race number that can be added to the windscreen. The customization options available so far definitely arent as detailed as what royal enfield provides, but there is a difference because tvs is now offering two performance enhancing kits that make the rr310 a whole lot more sporty.

The first of these is the race kit, and this changes the bikes riding position. What the race kit brings is more aggressively set, clip ons new metal foot pegs, and these foot packs are about 30 millimeters higher up in person. It doesnt sound as bad as race kit would make you think it is more sporty. It is more committed, but i think you could live with this on the street. If you chose to the only thing to consider is that when youre taking? U turns these new clip. Ons will bring your hand quite close to the fuel tank. Another benefit is that the lower clip ons from the race kit also look much better against the rr superbike style. Bodywork tvs has also tweaked the placement of the exhaust with a new bendpipe and, along with the new footpegs. This has helped to increase the maximum lean angle available by 4.5 degrees, thats a big deal, because the earlier rr used to regularly drag its footpegs on the racetrack, but thats no longer an issue now lets get to the second and even more exciting, optional kit, which Tvs calls the dynamic kit, in addition to a nice looking brass coated chain. This brings in full preload compression and rebound adjustability for the upside down fork, while the monoshock is now adjustable for preload and rebound. Damping tvs keeps taking the game forward with the rr310 and to have a fully adjustable front suspension setup at this price point is pretty awesome.

How does it feel against the old bike? Well, there is a small but clear difference and essentially the suspension feels more controlled when youre really pushing it hard. Now, the thing with adjustable suspension is the possibilities are infinite. It depends on rider weight, rider, skill, tire pressures and all of us found a different setting. That seemed to work for us tvs really needs to make sure that they can teach their customers how to properly use the suspension, because, while adjustable suspension lets you dial in the bike nicely, it can also really make you mess the bike up. If you dont know what youre doing its, not like the suspension, now simply has some adjustment screws on top and tvs, says theyve completely reworked the internal valving system as well. The idea is to offer a similar performance curve between comfort and handling, but the adjustability will give riders a wider range of damping control and the ability to fine tune where on that curve, they would like the suspension to be set. We had a couple of track sessions with the bike and by the second session, with the suspension setup to each riders liking, the rr felt faster, steering beautifully composed and more controlled. Overall, the bike continues to ride on those excellent michelin. Road 5 tires, which grip really well in the dry and perform superbly in the wet. The riding experience is otherwise very similar to the old bike, with a responsive and rev happy engine, but one that continues to produce a buzzy feeling in the handlebar fuel tank and footpegs.

If anything wed like to see some changes made to the brakes as well in the dynamic package, maybe in the form of a bigger disc or more aggressive pads as things stand, these brakes are good but theyre not outstanding Music. The only issue i have with the rr carries over from last years, bs6 upgrade. I find the throttle response in track and sport mode is a little too sharp, which makes it tricky to gently modulate the throttle in higher speed corners throttle response in road mode is much easier to get along with, but sadly this reduces the power output to 25 Hp, which is pointless on the track that aside, i thoroughly enjoyed the benefits from both the optional kits and, if youre, an existing rr310 customer, you can too another thing. Thats nice is that you dont need to buy the full kits. If you dont want to tvs, says they sell you individual components based on what you want, and the best part is that even the earlier generation rr 310 customers can have some of these parts if theyre compatible with their bike, tvs hasnt yet released. What the individual prices of these components will be, but the company has said how much it will cost if you buy the kits via the bto platform. The base bike now costs rupees 2.6 lakh ex showroom, which is about 5000 rupees more than before. Adding both the optional kits will increase the price by 17 000 rupees, which brings it right up there with the ktm rc ‘0 that currently costs rupees 2.

8 lakhs. However, there is a new rc just around the corner and its price is probably going to go up. Music tvs says that a bike ordered via bto will take between one and two months to reach the customer and that for now, bto bikes will be restricted to 100 units per month. Although the company is going to make that 150 units for the first two months, bto starts off with the rr310, but tvs says that more models will be added to this program in the future Music. As for now, we still need to see how these changes to the rr feel on the road, but theres, no doubt that these new kits have definitely increased the rrs appeal as an overall package. The r310 has always been a very sweet nature, yet capable motorcycle, but with these two optional kits in place, its track capability has gone up a big step. I have never enjoyed riding an rr310 on the racetrack as much as i have today, and this bike is now equipped to take the fight on to that upcoming ktm rc. ‘0.. Okay, let me just think one second, what i want to say its, not a tandoor, its a very slow cook by tomorrow ill be done.