We strived for a super nsx that would stand out aiming at the summit of what is considered supercar performance. We significantly advanced, among other things, the so called supercar specifications being emotional and elegant. We redirected such strengths of nsx in a way that customers can fully experience them. Power definitely contributes to what we strive for, including the joy of driving, but that alone wouldnt be enough. Obviously, we want our customers to feel that performance deep inside and if we were to enhance performance, we wanted to express the vehicle with designs that represent such performance. Key word for development was performance design. We strived for a design that is full of content and visualizes performance. People will say it looks completely different. It looks fast. This car must be amazing. We created a design that lets people realize that intuitively, including the aura around the vehicle we wanted to pursue the uniqueness of a supercar. We wanted to take it in the direction of creating a form which visualizes super sports and visualizes performance to increase cooling performance. We must enlarge the front intakes, but if we make them too big, then too much air comes in it cools well, but driving stability up front goes down so, for example, by smartly using carbon parts, the lost downforce can be recovered by the spoiler. To achieve both peak cooling performance and stability, development, team members with racing experience performed the aerodynamic calculations, and although it is unusual, i asked designers to participate in the wind tunnel testing.

The form we decided on was tested while driving the actual vehicle and then finalized, including the position angle, height and length of the rear, diffuser fence. Music. Every single component has a purpose. It is not a simple drawing. It is a meaningful design that visualizes performance Music. We took on a renewed challenge of enabling people to hear strong engine sound inside the cabin it can best be described as the pure sound of the engine we strive to. Let people inside the vehicle enjoy the raw sound of the engine rotating beautifully Music, a deep sense of oneness between the driver and vehicle. If we could create a car that lets the driver feel that directly our goal was achieved. We believe that this vehicle will multiply the joy of driving as the driver can enjoy it even more while having a personal dialogue with the vehicle. We also know that customers will gain the joy of owning this special one of a kind type s. We never hesitated to incorporate the latest electrification technologies, we use them in our sports cars and we also use them for energy management in our society. I believe that retaining electrification all the way to this type s has paved the way for the upcoming era of electrification.