I mean it is a very competitive, mid sized suv segment so when they did so, they wanted to make sure that they got it right now. For the most part, they did, for instance, like the navara, its got a very, very smooth ride for a ppv im. Talking about the tara of course, and then theres the fact that there is a boat load – and i mean a boatload of tech, available, headed by nissans, intelligent mobility granted its no tesla but think of it as a distant relative, twice removed and then theres. The fact that you could back then pick one up for under under one million five hundred thousand philippine pesos. I know right nuts. This is the 2022 nissan terra which they hope will answer some of the issues that werent tackled before and catapulted to the front of the consumer queue Music. The terror belongs in a segment that is riddled with juggernauts. Youve got, for example, the fortuner, which is packed on a good amount of tech into a reliable package. Then theres, the montero, always waiting in the wings with better cargo management. The good looks and the light steering of the everest and then theres the mux, which is just around the corner, now mechanically its still the same as the previous generation, with only one engine option: a four cylinder: 2.5 liter turbo diesel that produces 187 horses and 450 Newton meters of torque mated to a seven speed automatic transmission.

So it stands to reason that it can still do 10 kilometers in the city and over 15 kilometers per liter on the highway. So its still a ladder frame suv with a multi link, rear suspension. The big change, though much to the delight of everybody out there, even though nissan told them that you dont really need it now, instead of drum brakes at the rear, you get discs, meaning discs all around the biggest change in its exterior would have to be the Incorporation of the v motion design found up front with new lines up front and at the rear too. I just got ta. Add this, though, when youre looking at the front clip, does it remind you of a japanese cartoon characters uniform just before it jumps into a big ass robot right, the most dramatic change has got to be the quad led headlamps, which look like theyre winning at every Aspect of life because they look great, whether youre looking at them head on or on your rear view, mirror the rest of the exterior upgrades include redesigned tail lamps. A new spoiler design with a sharks fit antenna up top new design on the 18 inch alloys, which help keep the suv at 225 millimeters of ground clearance. You know not only does the terra have eyes like a spider, but its also got sensors and cameras up the wazoo. Its got like four sensors up front four sensors in the back, a camera up front, theres, a camera on each side of the car and theres.

Two cameras at the back, not one but two, one for your reverse camera and one for your rear view, mirror im surprised that this thing doesnt see into the future, lasted the game and trying to get it right. Unfortunately, still no power tailgate. But when you do popper open, youll notice that its actually a pretty high lift now im 55 on a good day on a really good day. So imagine me trying to load like a case of beer onto this thing and have such a difficult time much like a two year old, trying to escape a crib thats, not gon na, be very pretty youve got enough space to definitely load a golf bag. So when you fold the third row that will actually double and then thanks to the buttons up front, the second row does tumble forward faster than that two year old, getting out of that crib and once you do the amount of space that you have is well Truth be told, probably enough for a swimming pool in there. The amenities for the second and third row remain mostly the same. In this 2022 model. You still have air vents found up front air vents up on top with your controls. Right here you got bottle holders and speakers on either door a center armrest with two cup holders. Youve also got a pair of cup holders in the back and then also because they can and im glad that they can nissan decided to retain the monitor that you can use to keep everybody in the second row and third row entertained, which i think is actually Pretty darn cool the new addition is that now there is, apart from a usb charging point, theres also a type c charging port, while the third row is always going to be better for short trips and smaller adults.

It does then maintain that the second row will obviously be spacious, because it means that you can adjust it. Yes, it is spacious. In fact, the elbow room in here is definitely enough for three adults: no problem the legroom is actually pretty darn good because well thats, because thats my driving position. The thing, though, is, is that the floor is actually pretty close to the seats in this particular suv. I mean im only five five, but look im already more than 90 degrees, so anybody taller than me is probably gon na start, seeing their knee come closer and closer to them. One of the biggest changes up front is definitely the dashboard for every year that we review the terra. The feeling is actually pretty much the same. It leans towards the more durable side really because it looks and resembles the navara. Now, oddly enough, when i look at it, forgive me, but it kind of reminds me of the fj cruiser, maybe because its much more squared like look at the top of the dashboard its flat – and this is more cubicle really than anything else. One things for certain that its definitely a heck of a lot more supple than ever before, thats for sure, but the hits dont just stop. There. Youve also got a flat bottom steering wheel with a quick steering gear ratio. A 7 inch drive assist display a shorter shift knob on a newly designed center console, which includes new air controls.

So all in all check this out, youve got a wireless charging pad for your devices. Then youve got a type c charging point not just up front, but at the rear, youve also got an hdmi port. At the back for the screen thats available on the roof, then youve got a nine inch, touchscreen infotainment system that doubles, as your 360 degree around view, monitor and has wireless apple carplay. To be honest with you that sounds great, but then some people will think well. Why cant we have a power tailgate at the very least, think of it. This way, if thats, the kind of compromise that you have to do to be able to retain all of this forget the power tailgate id stick with this man. Music did. I mention both speakers yep. Both speakers in no small measure wed like to thank our fans out there for helping us reach over 300 000 subscribers on our youtube channel. You guys are crazy, good man. Thank you very, very much. If you do enjoy our videos, do. Consider liking our videos, which helps us out in the long run, to produce even more videos. Just for you guys, Music, the driving characteristics are pretty much the same so long as youre not trying to create a hole using the accelerator and your right foot. Then the shift should be seamless and pretty smooth. Actually, if you are in a rush – and you do decide to get generous with the loud foot, i can tell you that it will tend to linger around the red line area.

Just before it shifts up. Whats changed is the gear steering ratio and thats good on two levels. Number one is that when youre driving on long drives and whatnot, you have less inputs into the steering wheel to make corrections which means youre not as fatigued. The second is that the steering wheel feels a little bit heavier and, to be honest with you, when you have such a large automobile and the steering is too light, it kind of feels like a toy this well, the response is just right. There are plenty ways to get you comfortable and in your proper driving position, thanks to power seats that even have a lumbar support. Unfortunately, the steering is only tilt. There is no telescopic and youd kind of expect, at least that from something that well has so much tech in it. While there are some things that i still would like to change like, for instance, theres, the holes on the steering column theyre still there that i noticed from a previous review. And when you look back to the second row, you can actually see the bones of the mechanisms for the chairs, as you turn around, and look its not a deal breaker per se, but it just that. It kind of detracts from the fact that this car is obviously trying to be a premium automobile. Now with that being said, i have to admit that the nvh is actually pretty darn good in here road noise, not a problem wind noise, not a problem as well.

Its not as peaceful as the belgian grand prix good garage that was a snooze fest, but its very comfortable in here. The air conditioning is good. Like i said, the nvh is good, whether youre a driver or being driven inside this automobile yeah. Its bound bound to make you smile from here to here. One of the best ways really to test a ppv suspension is to drive it at 60 kilometers per hour down edsa, that doesnt speak much of our national road, but still its a great way to test exactly how bouncy or jarring the ride can be. And i am going at 60 kilometers per hour in a ppv on edza and really im, not jiggling for like im, not im, not look at it, its, not bad Music, so heres, something completely different as we review this 2022 terra. I unfortunately have no idea whatsoever what the price of this particular automobile is. Have no clue im going to see its price for the very first time. At the exact same time, you guys see it, which is when we flash it on the screen and so there it is what id like to know from you guys leave a comment.