Basically, one stormtrooper trim and also you can get the opel logo in black for a more sinister look. The lamps more integrated led as standard optional and matrix led, which you can also see right here now or pixel light as opal calls it 84 single led per side each. This is the ultimate trim, so a high trim level, and also in this golden color, you can see a more elegant appearance. We will also soon show you the sportier gs line as a comparison as for the length and dimensions they havent changed that much, but design was definitely also here. For example, you can see you see this yeah kind of middle power, dome forming the so called opel compass, a new design scheme they use in the length 4 meter, 37 or 172 inches. These are the optional bigger 18 inch wheels for a sporty look cool styling. Definitely – and you can also now get not only here – the contrasting mirror caps, but also a contrasting roof in black, but if you like or prefer, you can also stay just with the unicorn. If you compare, for example, to the toyota contrasting roof here, this one here is way better painted. There is a very soft transition right here between the two colors, so you cannot even feel it. That is very well done. How two tone paints should be also your sporty design clues. Look at that. You know reminding us also of past opals or sports cars very interesting.

There will be an all electric version available and also plug in hybrid, the one you can see here now, but also normal combustion engines, soon more deals to that, first of all, in the rear, once again, very modern design. As for the tail lamps right here really horizontally drawn and once again, you can get the opel logo in black and the big asteroid lettering. We see a lot of these big letterings here recently in the automotive industry and is there any fake exhaust graphic? No, a very clean design here, also with some black contrast here. Overall, i have to say this is a very, very clean design for this compact hatch whats. Your first impression tell me in the comments heading towards the interior. There is no episode here on autofill with thomas without the famous door closing sound test that sounds very solid, nice, then ins of the doors here we have a high trim, so microfiber, really soft thats, also nice also soft edge on top and also a very interesting Structure here that is very well done here. However, the rest for your elbow is soft, but it should be a little bit softer, i think, for long journeys, then some piano lacquer here thats – maybe not that good, but we still have menu controls here, for example, for the side mirrors. Of course, then, rather harping and lower part to be a little bit more sturdy. This is the ultimate trim level, one of the high trim levels next to the gs line and completely new steering wheel, which also shows this opel compass.

You know like this straight graphic right there very interesting and modern style, definitely very thick here, very slim. In the lower part, the base version would start with pu. If you wanted animal free, if you want the more you know, elaborate assistant systems features like with capacitive steering wheel for the cruise control and so on. Then you have to go for the animal skin wrap sumo to the screens. This is the so called pure panel. An optional two times, ten inch, you always start with two times 10 inch, but then its like a you know not covered in this glass and so on. So it looks a little bit more bezel like so more details to that. As for the seats, you have a comfort seat or a sport seat, this is the sport seat and it also has the agr option for more adjustability, and this is also the optional animal skin pack. However, the base seats would start with fabric each, and then you can also get alcantara here on the inside and the other right on the outside. If you want it animal free, so there are at least enough choices available lets get inside and as for the base form of the seat, this is a compact hatch and the ergonomics of the seat first impression is actually quite good. Of course, when we drive the car very soon well, keep you updated as for the driving performance and also the comfort of the seat, but the first impression really good and also a lot of not to be adjusted.

Lumbar support is right. There two memory functions front up down all electric, then in this case the base would start manually. You can also put this lower area a little bit longer right there and they now use a lower seating position, and indeed it feels kind of sporty. Also with that steering wheel and here headroom with 1986 six foot, one plenty of that left – and you know they are inside the cylinders corporation now so not only psa, so peugeot citroen, opel and all the fiat brands. They are all now under one same roof and opal rather takes the more german sportier position in that one. Also, if you compare it to the to the french in house competitors, i already see an optional header display, so we take a deep look at. That would say lets join me for the cockpit now you can see this pure panel two times ten inch screens this year. You know the more elaborate function with the magnesium carrier behind and glass in the front. The base version would look a little bit less sophisticated. Actually, but you still would get 10 inch screens from left and right so then depends if you really want to pay that option for that, then you can also see the you know the adjustments here for the for the vents like here and here you first have To find them a little bit more integrated, so to speak, what is really cool? We have a lot of touch stuff here, yes, but we still have, for example, buttons here, seat, heating, seat, cooling, heated steering wheel.

This also gives a feedback, although its one field and then separate climate knobs here still warm and colder great to have them, and also here a sepia, separate volume knob this one stays still the top part is then the ring behind it. Um, you know interesting. I would rather prefer turning the whole thing actually, but good to have still the menu controls. This is where opel goes a little bit more in the conservative way, but in this case conservative is better because thats what we need – and you want to control it while driving the vents here, however, and then also the lower area here with this cover, this has Rather, a cheap impression also here for the cup holders and so on. So not sure this is of course, prototype stage, still a very early stage, so well keep you updated if that is being changed when we drive the car then and in the top here in the lower part, this looks usb a, but it is already usb c, But they took the you know the surrounding here from the usb a still but theres also inductive charging pad then in the lower part, apple, carplay and outro, not working yet in the prototype stage, but also wireless availability then shift by wire shifting lever. So very small. Shifting lever this reminds us also of the new vw golf 8 and driving mode selector right here. If you want to go sports mode or the pure electric mode in this hybrid engine, for example, and then some more carburetors here and also this split armrest.

The screen by the way, changes the color according to the driving mode when im in the sport mode, it switches to red what we dont see right now, because its not now its working okay, yeah, that was kind of a moderation, so im yeah a little bit Lagging behind you now um but, as i said, the software is not on the you know best centered here for the show vehicle here you can also tune into the climate control in the in the infotainment system, and then you say, oh im lost and use the Three finger skill here to always get back to the hidden main menu. Otherwise you you know you can also use this home button right there or like this, but i mean the three finger tip is always good to have this kind of overview. I would prefer that overall yeah, you see its not that responsive, yet its better than before also has a wider area here today at the opel plant in russell time, germany, so its not an infotainment system, where i would immediately say like. Oh this really convinces me. You know the thing today with tesla and also with the google based pollster system, for example, everything else just looks cheap thats, the way it is and all the manufacturers have to deal with it. The digital instruments are clear to read: there is no analog anymore whatsoever. This being the plugin hybrid here, 56 kilometers of range pure electric range in this case, then so yeah, some 30 miles or something and the big speed here.

You can also adjust it later at the moment, its still also in the prototype stage. Sorry for that this is the housing for the optional head up display at the moment. We cannot show it to you, but we will, of course soon when we drive the vehicle, and i also wonder if the steering wheel adjustment stays this way when you set it loose and then just hold down and do not fix it immediately. Music, so opal engineers ill check out very soon with the final vehicle. If this stays that way, the front seats are very thick and set on comfort, so yeah, and they all also have not really just slightly increased the wheelbase, so theres hardly space for your knees. In the rear, so this is rather a small compact vehicle lets. Take it that way and yeah the legroom in the rear is not really existent its rather like in some of the small segment vehicles actually so um. When you have the base seats, you will have a little bit more legroom, though, and hardback materials at the inside of the doors, but the seating position itself. Actually, when you would have shorter legs than i do. This is actually quite comfortable in ergonomics, so you have to be just short leg wise because headroom wise, this is actually no problem at all, and then we have here the armrest with some adaptive cup holders right there and in the middle part one my usb c Charger, and also when you have that option three level: seat heating for the rear seats 422 up to 1250 liters is the trunk capacity.

Lets take a look right here. The normal length is here: yeah, 29 inches 73 centimeters, the width yeah. This is like a good standard, 1 meter or 40 inches and the height below the cover right here, 15 inches or almost 40 centimeters, the total height right here about 24 inches 60 centimeters and below. Here we have the battery for the plug in hybrid. So it will be a little bit different than in the pure combustion engine version, but here you have an even loading sill, not too large. Actually, but still you know nice from dimension how they cut it out here. Have you seen that here by the way again, once again here the folding oppo logo? We know it from volkswagen but yeah. It looks quite fancy this then here um when you have the combustion engine the pure button, and then you have another cubby space underneath in the trunk, so you can use it for whatever or then you can take this one out, of course completely, and then you Have overall a little bit higher and we also have a different color for you today here the gs line in red. So when you take a look at the ultimate ngs line, not too many differences in the gs line, you always get the black opal logo here. For example, when you would would have had it in bright, it of course appears a little bit. You know more elegant this way.

The sporty look definitely in red. It works also very well this new vehicle here with a very clean design. Overall, i like that 18 inch wheels here, also the optional ones, and of course, you can start with smaller wheels, have a little bit more comfort, then, as for the chassis, by the way, 15 higher torsional rigidity now and talking about torsion in the rear axle, they Still use a torsion beam so there, for example, the competitors with an adaptive suspension and also option more elaborated rear axle might have an advantage. Well, however, see how that one plays out than when we can later drive that vehicle, and here, with this vehicle, the gs line on the interior, we can see the ala cantara seats. I can tell on the middle part and then the outs also leather red. So the product manager said that one is then animal free but looks also quite fancy. It looks even more elegant actually more premium than the animal skin scene. Let me let me take a seat actually to compare the comfort. Of course. This one brings you more climate comfort because it will stay cooler in summertime and warmer in winter, and indeed its a little bit cozier and also you dont slide on it. That much when you have that alcantara package, you also have it in the rear, same styling that looks cool and in this funny seat box. Here we can show you how a lower trim would look like which to me looks higher trim because these fabric seats here in the gray styling actually super cool.

I mean i would definitely all the time would go for these. I mean that looks, fancy and also feels very nice, and this is, you know, not available yet here the microfiber steering wheel, which looks super fancy and racy. They are working on something like this to offer full animal free interior, and this could be one solution. I really hope they would go for that to offer that if you also like it put it in the comments and this by the way, also how the manual gearbox then looks in the vehicle – not 100 final, maybe but yeah, that you get a glimpse of how A lower trim version could look like yeah to me definitely way to go. As for engines lets start the other way around. There will be in 2022 in all electric version. The astra e sumo deals to that here. Also on our channel, then youll already have a plug in hybrid 180 or 225 horsepower from a 1.6 liter turbo petrol engine plus, then the electric drive all powering the front wheels and then the pure combustion engines, 1.5 liter diesel, 130 horsepower or then here this three Cylinder turbo petrol engine 1.2 liter with 1, 10 or 130 horsepower. Here we have a great opportunity to show you the heritage of the compact opel model, starting with the cadet 1936, because that was actually the pre name before the astra came. This then, the next cadet generation a little bit more boxy style.

Definitely here towards the 60s or 70s. You can always see the um the year. In the background, this one also a very famous one, the cadet c. Actually, with this you know overlapping frontier, like the manta head, a very sporty design at that point, then you see it kind of changed to a more you know, practical design with the cadet d and design got a little bit more roundish like here this to me Here, the probably the ugliest model in the lineup – i really like the cadet c, for example, within with sporty and overlapping front, and so on. The astra app was extremely popular and i also know it from my generation. You know a lot of good friends had these spawns, for example, as first vehicle as a used one and they ran actually quite well. Then the astra g, with this kind of you know, mix of hatch and sedan style, is a very interesting design approach. And then one of the most liked models was here the astra h, which really had a sporty design here, of course, in the sporty trim. But this one was really loved specially by young drivers. Further on the astra j. They did not go for an astra eye by the way, because when you say like e in germany, its like, oh, like e in germany, therefore they left out this um. You know this letter and you know, therefore, its h j k, this one, the astra k the previous generation from the new one, which already went again.

You know in the more streamlined visual appearance so very interesting to see this actually and well glimpse of the future. Could be the manta gse electro mod, so they took an old chassis and made it this one electric pretty spectacular, but today, of course it was all about the all new astro generation.