5, liter, turbo, practical, ok, its a typical design of mazda malalu design, language, mazda, kodo design, nampa pati, seko, haiwan, minerka, mang, senya ketagika. Its more on mirror is on the door, not on the window until aerodynamic. Okay, this is secreting and its plastic exclusive. Hmm, i slightly smaller in its class um. You just stick on the wall. Yes cut the lamp at the full size, spare tire theres. No more! I think most of the cars that i didnt create a taya donut and the baggage uh, the signature, mazda m Music terms of uh mazda interior simonia, mostly hanyu satu khan, very minimal, much all black uh. In a way, the mumbari russell minimalist, danjugal russell feels like home. I would say: okay steering wheel but simple, uh, bhutan volume, bhutan, radio, bhutan, cruise control, cruise control, diablo khan, adaptive cruise control until digital, this plastic part and then um system infotainment system, either android, auto apple carplay tap, is wired its not wireless, mazda, 65, dual zone Climate control upon the dual zone, climate control at the aircon utilized – or maybe you can put your keys, the lumi, okay, im storage, um white navigation button, just everythings, reading rich. This is the kanji and then smoke clothing. Your infotainment system, its a touch screen infotainment system, okay, highlight tiger bender deeply, either dual Music powerful suv lets check it out. Music, foreign Music, Music, stratala, pablo by cm passenger, must see laggy, maybe around 5 cm of headroom slicer in terms of space, Music Applause, Music.

Condominium no problem its essentially the best and, if not, if im, not mistaken, um when it comes to handling my country im, creating handling the best and magnificent, then my first independent Music, Music, Music, Music, okay, guys, okay, the first thing is when you want to lock The door not not create any, you can just walk away or the door. You can just walk away within a distance. I think about one meter, distance, theyll automatically lock itself and then the second thing will be the technology that comes with it. Mazda g vectoring technology and the third one would be the premium quality build of this car simula is good. Okay. This is just my preferences, which is the color. Everything is black and chromes very dark, very dark, so a little bit boring for me for me about color. I feel happy driving this car. The power. The power output is very good. I feel best like driving this car on the highway and also in town as a small person thats, who would drive a big car or a big suv machine.