So, as we know, this car is almost more towards the incline towards the manual drivers, maybe because of the reasons of a unless nitro or maybe even manual. Players will not like that. Much nitro, okay, but still as we have got this car and this car is having an amazing top speed and all so first lets talk about the stats um. The cars acquisition is actually very great. 81 is a great for s. Class cars and the car reaches top speed very easily, like 450 550, and all it will easily cross its all about. You should be able to maintain the top speed uh talking about the drift part with the handling and all a lot of people have told me like this cars. Drifting is actually very sharp. Okay, so if youre taking 360s sorry floaties and all so, you have to be very careful with that 360s and also after that, the the drifting is actually very sharp in the sense. If, if you normally play at 85 or 80 sensitivity, so you might have to come down to 75 or even 70 or 80 okay, you cannot play at your regular sensitivity for this car, so this car is having a bit of very like very sharp tips, so That is the one small glitch which which few people have told me and the nitro is anyways less, but still the manual players are able to maintain the top speed and even they can refill their nitro with nitro breakthrough.

So, for them still, even that part is like can be ignored, but yeah, but the people are not a bit happy with the nitro, because the shockwave and all it finishes very fast, but still, as you can see in these runs, which you have been provided to Us by lord valdemort, he is see the very beautiful floaty, 400 plus speed, so yeah once again, one more 40, but it was damaged by few other people but yeah. He is also one of the aliens of our team. You would have seen lot of runs by him on our channel, especially the car hunt riots and even he started with gp runs also so yeah and according to him, even he felt the same thing with the floaties and also about the nitro part. Otherwise, the car is amazing. He told that it is an amazing car with amazing stats, and but he is very sad about the fact that he cannot unlock this car and, as as we all know, 95 97 98 people cant unlock their car, so the car being a great part, but still The sad part is we cant be able to use it like. Although the game of decrease 50 points for conditions still, people will not be able to unlock that car, so you can see easily it reaches 550, 500 and all, and once youre able to maintain your top speed being a manual player. Then there is no one going to whos going to catch you, so that is the best pound about this car and even in uh him tracks like in straight tracks.

If someone has this car okay, he is going to rule that car rule the track because he will not be even visible in the track, as you can see in all, his races is not like. The opponents are not even visible. Okay, although yeah, i think most of the opponents are touch drivers, okay and him being an alien, its tough to catch him, also, but still uh. This is all for this video uh. This car is being uh at a top notch level. The only point which is there, the sensitivity of the drift okay, remember your handling. You are supposed to decrease it and thats all then this car goes boom in the air with easily 600 plus 600 speed, not 600 plus 550 400 is like a cup of tea. For this car so ill see you in the next video guys. This is all for this. Video have fun.