We look at here, audis a3 sportback. That might well come to mind true to the brands. Vorsprung duck technique philosophy. This model once again aims to set fresh standards incorporating a completely digitalized interior and cutting edge, infotainment plus, more unique light signatures, powerful engines and a suite of innovative assistance systems enveloped in a completely redesigned yet immediately recognizable body. The result is a car that should show you just how far things have recently progressed in this segment. Everything about this car is designed to deliver on the concept of a volkswagen golf with just a touch more polish and the driving experience it offers is no exception. Now, if youre an a3 regular or youre, a graduate from a golf youll find that this audi now has even more of the mature drive dynamics that youll be looking for helped by a fully digital of the wheel, experience and the optional embellishment of hybrid power and Self driving tech differences with this mark iv design initially seem quite subtle, theyre, primarily centered around slightly sharper steering and handling, which is now a little more responsive. Thats thanks to a wider track and to the introduction of a modular dynamic handling control system which, based on steering movements, predictively, coordinates interplay between all the cars dynamic systems, rather like a conductor with an orchestra. So the car can always be one step ahead of the drive inputs that you want to make as before. Youll need to avoid the lowest powered, petrol and diesel variants.

If you want the brands suppler and more sophisticated multi link, rear suspension, setup is engines well, theyve evolved to the two volume petrol units – 110 ps, one liter three cylinder and the 150 ps 1.5 litre. Four cylinder power plant were trying here both get audis latest mild, hybrid mheb, electrified tech, uh provided youve, ordered them with the seven speed estronic auto transmission that most a3 folks seem to want that. Mhev setup sees an integrated 48 volt bas belt, alternator starter generator powering a 12 volt main electrical setup in which a 48 volt compact lithium ion battery in the boot stores, energy harvested by a kers kinetic energy recovery system, the resulting wltp rated efficiency improvements, arent massive, But they do enable fuel and co2 readings to remain very competitive. A typical 35 tfsi s, tronic variant, manages up to 50.4 mpg and up to 128 grams per kilometer of co2. If you dont care about friends of the earth, you can do better with the alternative. Conventional 30 tdi diesel model, of course, that now develops 116 ps and it uses a larger, more efficient, 2 liter unit with the brands latest twin dosing tech. There is also a 150 ps, 2 liter 35 tdi model option. The better eco minded alternative, though, is the 40 tfsi e plug in hybrid, which makes a 150 ps, 1.4 litre tsi petrol engine to a six speed, dsg auto gearbox. The combination works with an 85 kilowatt electric motor powered by a 13 kilowatt hour, lithium ion battery, which, when its fully charged, can offer a wltp rated all electric driving range of up to 41 miles.

If you prioritize performance, youre more likely to be drawn to the s3 quattro hot hatch, which, as before, uses a 310 ps, 2 liter, tfsi turbo petrol unit, thats now exclusively mated to s tronic paddle shift automatic transmission audi talks of the way that this fourth generation A3 styling has been revolutionized and thats, something that designer immo retica is very enthusiastic about now. These days the range is primarily based around this five door. Sportback body shape, the only other option is a saloon, and that has been given a rather more athletic stance and a slight size increase this time around the front end has a good deal more overtaking presence, thanks to sculpted angular, full led headlamps with lighting signatures that Reflect the trim level chosen here, two vertical led lines are meant to emphasize s line sportiness, so an evolves exterior but whats it like inside well, unlocking the car can now be activated by your smartphone. If you happen to have an android device and you pay extra for the optional audi connect key in the past, the cabin experience is what sold a3 up front theres a more immersive style of ergonomic design this time around in the way that these air vents combine With the instrument binacle and the manner in which the central screen and the redesigned climate controls just below have been canted towards the driver. Now a lot of effort has gone in to visually emphasize uh, both the width and the spaciousness of this cabin, most notably with precise, horizontal lines and surfaces.

Not all of it is smoke and mirrors uh. The seats have been set a little lower to improve headroom uh plus. There is also slightly more shoulder room too and youre gon na really like the quality and the classy design on show here things like the hexagonal contrast stitching on the dash top and this striking line of vents on the passenger side. Here, with this smart curved trim strip below now earlier, we mentioned the screens. Here they represent. What audi calls a new level of digital technology, this 10.25 inch virtual cockpit instrumental display is now standardized and it works in concept. With this 10.1 inch, mmi navigation plus center stack monitor. Now this central screen is now based on an mib 3 modular infotainment platform offering 10 times the computing power of the previous setup, and it has a vastly improved intuitive voice control system. Plus this mmi system is permanently connected to the internet, with high speed access via an embedded e sim, which means you can create in the car a wi fi hotspot and access things like online music, streaming online traffic information and hybrid radio time to take a seat. In the rear now, given that the 1.43 meter height and 2.64 meter, wheelbase dimensions of this smart4 model are unchanged over the previous generation design, we werent expecting too much here as with most cars in this segment, its not particularly spacious in the back youd love to Find the kind of sliding reclining bench that you can have in a comparable audi, q3 suv, but that sort of thing doesnt tend to feature on a conventional hatch and whats on offer.

Here is directly comparable to what you would get in either of this models. Two closest premium badge segment, rivals the bmw, one series and the mercedes a class. Finally lets have a look in the boot, its 380 liters in size as before. If you need room for longer items, you better have avoided base technic trim, because its only above that level that you get this 40 20 40 split, rear, backrest the center part of which can be pushed forward between a couple of rear, seated passengers. So you can easily carry long items like skis, push the rear bench fully flat and youll have up to 1200 liters of room to play with in the search for a compact car thats, also a premium purchase. There are probably more charismatic choices than the audi a3, but we think there are a few better ones light in bulk heavy in technology, its a logical evolution of a breed, thats long been one of britains favorite company cars. This improved version might look a little different at first glance, but itll feel so once you get to grips with the fresh digitalized, cockpit, with its two sophisticated screens. Otherwise, things are much as before, which means that theres a lot to like.