Time were doing a proper one. This time promise im jordan. This is a beach yeah trying to get its probably not good. Sorry, i was trying to uh. So today we are reviewing free guy. We know that shang chi was released, then that will be coming out soon, but we just havent seen it yet, but we will so dont worry. We werent going to see it, but there were no seats. Yeah were a bit stupid, we didnt, so we saw enough that we want to see free guys. It was released, it did really good yeah. It was really the 13th of august. It came out with ryan reynolds, obviously produced it. It was a typical ryan reynolds. He did also produce it and you can tell he introduced him through sean levy as well. He was a maintenance, its actually a film, i dont think taking what he got. Um actual producer was just an actor which is nice another because hes, a busy man hes a very busy, very busy man very busy man. Yesterday, hes in it tony coma, uh little red harry as uh, guys, mate, hes, brilliant. Oh, i, like him, um tatum, channing tatum. I mean he. I love him if he wants a few more stranger things. Youll know what im not about its a free film, its a nice fun thing, its a fun film its. Basically, if this is what i said to you in the cinema, okay, its if to me um, the lego movie had a baby with ready player, one ready player, one yeah thats.

What it looks like see. I think that it was being like trumans show groundhog day, but in more modern times has it no. I didnt have too much had truman, show elements it was trumans, show groundhog day and definitely ready to play. One im definitely ready. There are obviously gaming uh references that i got that you didnt get me for everything you didnt know any of the vehicles from halo. Oh, i know none other vehicles scorpion the war dog. I know what hug is yes in this thing. Yes, shout out: why are those six pedals if theyre four directions? Oh my god, anyway about the film. If i know where im going, no its a great film, its absolutely fun its really good its fun, it doesnt take itself too seriously. It doesnt its ryan reynolds. It is ryan reynolds, its ryan reynolds in a field, basically no thats deadpool its fun, its silly well, its a its about um, because originally the two, the two crow crews, you go right. Yes, of course, you are um. The two co creators of the game are in a evil. Corporation called tsunami spelled wrong, not spelled properly tsunami um led by tequila taiti and hes whats, his name hes an arthur. He is an hes, a proper like hes named antwerp antoine antoine antwerp and swag thats. A place its an insult um but its like you go and you go into a game. You see an npc, you can actually sort of chat to them like we are now, which i think is quite an interesting concept, its impossible with ai.

I mean ultron skynets matrix, basically any film with ai, but this time its good ai from the film ai, where they are good, ai, yeah. So its like a constant repetition thats. Why? I said it was like groundhog day, because dont have a good day have a great day that sort of thing – oh yeah, thats, lovely earthquake, so he sort of repeats himself. He goes in the bank. He works in the back and uh hes very proud of working in the background very hes, a sweet, shes, a sweet person, hes sweet and hes; okay hes a hopeless romantic yeah, all the soups as im. Guessing now the soups have sunglasses. So players like us would wear sunglasses in their worlds and that allows us to see the power ups and the healing kits what youve got and all that yeah and all of that all the npcs have their sort of limited dialogue that normal ones would have. But guy has a different algorithm because hes when steve programmed him to sort of think about karmas name, you see he he doesnt his acting name is no longer relevant its steve, the hair character, thats it these dudes. I just call it the fit one with the hair, but okay or steve harrington in killing me shes got great hair. She does have great hair purple, but she is wonderful. You know she is shes fantastic in killing eve, but shes. Wonderful in this. She allows to be shes allowed to be english in this first, oh, i was close joe kiri drake yeah.

I was close hes, not joking steve, well, joe hes, also great theyre best well its difficult, because youve got tackle, weighty, just being tackled by titty right hes. Basically, cork, but i mean thats what i was saying if paige and i had to describe its like, if you describe a movie badly, this one will be caught hell, try to kill that yeah tries to kill deadpool thats, our hashtag absolutely and the tiny little cameo Yeah, when you see it, you need to put it down. Put it down, put it down its absolutely amazing, but yeah its oh, its a great film. It doesnt take too seriously its a bit of fun, its silly its its great it does have. It does have tender moments in it as well. There are moments i mean im sure right, so my feet, dont exactly touch the ground when it comes to the seat anyway, but jordan at one point actually tried to help me with my seat, because i was kicking around happily because i was just so looking forward. I was just like go go, my legs were going up and down and he tried to change my feet for me, but its so good its funny. It feel good, its silly, its channing tatum hes, bloody epic, if youve seen um magic mike. No, if youve seen caesar you will know that he has a really silly Music childish, wacky side to him, but once again he is dancing all over in this particular in this particular film, hes, hes, brilliant in it, and also, if youre, a big fan of streamers Streamers um, if youre sorry theres a um road, the road closure, but im going to go um if youre a fan of streamers like we are then youre gon na love.

This because ive got a shout out to ive, got a shout out to our boy. Lannon laser beam got a shout out to him because just like yeah, damn right, ed jackson, jack skeptic, guy jack, skeptical, thats, it yeah hes. It just made me happy to see them. Yes, its nice little real world, um, twitch, streamers yeah. It might be really happy to see them to the realization i mean jack. I have to say jack is like my best friend at the moment, because i am watching um, the last of us too uh through his stream. Oh you better not be for smarter. I dont mind spoilers im one of the one percent of people that doesnt. Like words well, dont tell me, though, because im not telling you anything, you didnt even know that i was watching it, but anyway, if it wasnt for him id just be live anyway, its its fun, its silly its stupid. We need to give a score, though you got it, you got it. Youve got to see it absolutely. Yes, its brilliant whats, your score scores on the doors, your score, my score! Seven! Really! I thought thats quite reasonable. I dont see i give it an 8.5. Oh fair enough, i really liked it. I really liked it. I think it was a funny as a fan stand film. I think its nice dont get me wrong its its not up there with the infinity walls right yeah, its not meant to be its not up there with them right, but i dont think its meant to be so for the film that it is the enjoyable funny Sunny brian reynolds, i might give it a 7.

5. Actually it might be a bit much. I i loved it. So it goes 8.5 for me and i love the entire cast when you remember their names. Well, there we have. We mostly you saw that um, a certain uh hairy mutant is in it, so its very mutants well leave it at that. Thanks for watching well, see well, see you next time, think of it hairy mutants who may be uh going down under oh gosh. I thought you were thinking, i thought you were saying about nicholas. Then god bless you sweetheart thats it for us im, afraid free guy. Our next film will be shanghai legend of the ten rings, hopefully absolutely um, but we were well. We did miss the hitmans bodyguard hitmans wife yeah, but we will.