One episode: seven, i believe it is today we are going to be doing the ktm7 now ive kind of wanted to do this for a while, but ive kind of been pulling it off because i dont know if i wanted to continue doing car review. But i know that i am so yeah okay, so we got a 1.4 liter 1.4 1.6 litre 4, 1.6, six, two liter, two liter supercharged, two liter ford im, not gon na try and pronounce that one yep ill probably go for the supercharged one. If im being completely honest, all right, it is gon na load um. I guess i just go on to here: whoa: okay, uh, oh okay, um, okay, so i have to use this if you want to pause and have a look: five speed, transmission, sport, suspension, black leather seats, four point: racing harness polished exhaust thats. What the r pack is, six speed, sequential gearbox, lsd, lightweight, flywheel 13 inch, apollo alloy wheels, carbon fiber, dashboard, yep polished exhaust choices for paint finish. I would probably go for this one. For me completely honest, i might do one car review where i like do: every single one of my dream: cars or, like my dream, three car garage or five car carriage or something okay. Actually, you know what thatll be next next weeks: video, okay! Now? What does that do? Is it just leave the bare aluminium im, assuming oh thats, quite nice, you cant see that again i do.

What do you guys think? Hmm, i probably leave the whole thing: black um, if im being completely honest, painted seven girl without with you know what, if it loads lets, see what it looks like in red, so were looking at this little bit here. This click for the catroom7. There you go. I quite like that, but i think polar white or crystalline white will be better lets, have a look either red or white. I think i like i like that a lot i like that, an awful lot yep im, keeping that uh painted nose. So thats kind of this bit of the car here, one more thing, maybe that i dont know uh rock roll cage, colors yeah thats, just all gon na stay black, okay um, your specs okay lets have a look at the chassis, okay, so standard chassis or the Large chassis, what does the large chassis do? Lets have a look. Okay, i think it just makes the car slightly wider lower floor. Of course, if itll load didnt do that much to the image okay transmission. Now i want six speed, sequential gearbox uh lets. Let me see if the differential, lower, flywheel okay suspension and wheels yep suspension race, suspension pack, real bar error, wish but wheels. I think im going to keep the black wheels lets look at the silver. It could look quite good with the front wheels. I guess lets have a look anyway and this itll load loading yeah ill go with the black ones.

Okay brakes can i paint the brake calipers. No, i cant by the looks of it. Okay, all right lets move on to the interior, uh, carbon fiber interior panels, carbon fiber, dashboard top tunnel, carbon fiber leather with map pocket. I guess thats, just a map in, like the yeah sure well have a map for 50 quid okay seats and seat belts. Theres a lot of stuff you can do here. Cant, you sees carbon leather seats, heated 100. Yes, i never really estimated how much! I think this would cost um im estimated to be about 60 to 70 000 im thinking, but i could i could be wrong. Steering wheel was a quick release, yeah most most definitely yeah yeah, all right heater yep well throw in a heater there, um for 300 quid sequential shift lights. Yep fire extinguisher will be getting one of them because of safety and all that whoa fire extinguisher 490. Now all right exterior rear wings, carbon fiber painted yep front wings, carbon fiber yup. If itll load come on there, you go now its going to take three and a half years to load uh exterior aero cap, black theres. So much i can do all right spare wheel. Okay, i guess it just doesnt work daytime, leds, interior carbon force, carbon fiber yep well be doing it. If i can adjust my camera right, god out this website, doesnt take a long time to load. Okay, yeah im! Still, im still thinking sort of 65 to 70 000 im thinking ill have to see im not looking at the process, though it is at the top of the screen track day.

Rear exit exhaust system, yep thats included master battery shut off key yep, thatll, probably good in case i forget to start off the battery roll bars, cage sports roll race um. I think i should get the race day roll cage. To be honest, so im thinking im going to barrel roll this, so that does change. Oh, i quite like that. I do quite like that. I have to admit what does the track day roll cage do im thinking its just going to be similar. Maybe without that front bit sort of there, maybe at the top – i dont know enough to see. Oh now i i what about the sports roll cage? I was just oh its pretty much the same all right well, im going to go with the race roll cage. Just because when i bow roll this, i dont particularly want to be killing myself. Thatll probably happen because its literally scaffolding on wheels right a half doors, carbon fiber vinyl. What the does that do? Im thinking, thats just gon na put like a door thing. Maybe there nothing um moving on carbon fiber cover vinyl if itll load, maybe thats, changing sort of that bit sort of there. Oh, i dont know what it did anyway: hot, no hood bag. No boot cover carbon vinyl, okay, so thats all the weather protection stuff done. I guess all right build options. Toolkit yeah, i better get a toolkit havent. I um ive inspection, complete delivery to dealership, oh its good trouble that deliveries included in it to a dealer.

Yeah view summary: okay, so im sort of expecting around 65 000 lets have a look, your category, okay, so 63 585 pounds all right. That is, can we see the sort of engine specifications or um okay, uh nope, it doesnt look like we can so. The base price for one of these is around 50 50 ‘0 pounds and with all the added extras, ive got about 13 000 added on there, which is quite a lot. I wonder if we just click be: oh, no, it just sends us down there. Okay, so oh we can zoom in oh thats, very nice. So what do i like about about this, especially just the whole, just the whole look of the thing i think it looks thick. I really do um. Would there be any other changes i would make to the car? Probably not. I do quite like it the way it is, although i might potentially get the car wrapped sort of in a british racing. Green uh, maybe, like i dont, know if you know the aston martin f1 color yeah, maybe like that id also probably put track day track tires on it, and this would be my primary track. Car, if i was gon na, do my three car garage, although i probably wouldnt pick one of these as kind of like you know that, but you know yeah. So, yes, very nice car im not too fond about those headlights. I wish they were sort of.

Maybe i think maybe there would look quite thick or sort of coming out pocket there like a miata all there and there maybe, but but otherwise can i turn it around? Can i flick through the photos if theyve got any photos? No, it doesnt look like it. Has but yeah very nice car guys this has been almost a 10 minute video car review.