Robert jam jones on guitar pam, wheeled arrow on drums and rich on slide guitar. Now the slide guitar is not an instrument. Im very familiar with, but i will say i think, its very appropriate for a pity in a country band its very cool, its basically like, like a keyboard, but instead of keys its a guitar. I would really like to get a keyboard pity someday. I dont know if a pity playing the keyboard has ever appeared like anywhere in any cars production, but i would really like to get one that plays the keyboard someday id love to have a keyboard accessory for the pities, but the side guitar is still very cool. Anyway, guys welcome back to yet another review today were gon na, be taking a look at rich hurry from the 2021 cars diecast line. Like i said he is finally, the last of sweet ts band now interesting thing about rich. He uh was the only member of the pity band that we have pictures of from 2019 aside from sweet tea, who was released in 2019. Rich was supposed to be released at the end of 2019 when his case got cancelled and its assumed. These two were supposed to be released at that time too. I believe, but rich is the only one who had images and in those prototype pictures he had a 93 on top of his hat, suggesting that he used to be a pity for a racer.

Maybe even the pity for say the spearmint racer, who we know uh has been number 93 and all three cars movies are in one and three, when spearmint racers appear. Who knows how long spearmint has had the number 93 an older racer easily could have had it heck? Maybe there was a 93 in cars 3 in the flashbacks, and i just didnt know um, but i always really liked that detail. It added a bit of lore and backstory to the character, but for some reason, its not here on the final version of the diecast and im, not quite sure why ive got this artwork of rich here. I think its kind of funny hes pushed like all the way to the side to make room for the slide guitar and the amp, which id assume is the same uh im, not sure. No, i believe its actually different than the one that came with um robert jam jones. Well, take a closer look at that in a minute got the metal logo new for 2021 and on the back, you can see muddy, rustys racing center, mcqueen trainer crews, jimmy cables, murray clutchburn and ducky fontelroy, as well as your typical legal warning. Information, of course, for whenever a car comes with small accessories, now lets get rich out of the package. Uh interesting that we have more than one cars, 3 character named rich um, of course, rich mixon as well hold on Applause. There we go whoa got him out of the package there.

We go, get rid of the name tag now, thats one way to unbox the car, so heres, rich out of the package and whoa. I didnt realize this. This is really weird. I dont think ive seen any pictures of this guy out of the package. His forks, his fork assembly is fully shifted over to the side to make it look like hes like sliding on the slide guitar. That is really cool. I think it definitely looks better when hes up against his slide guitar uh than it does without now. He just looks kind of weird and it honestly just kind of looks like somebody pushed it when they werent supposed to, but when hes up against that side guitar, it looks really nice now, like i said he does come with an amp and its actually a different One than the one with robert pretty similar heck, all the buttons are, in the exact same place, honestly. What i think it is, they probably just use the mold for this, but smaller they look identical but theyre, just in different sizes, but the fact that they are in different sizes is such a nice touch the slide guitar itself. Looking at the packaging and richs artwork, you can see parts of it are supposed to be sticking up, but theyre, not here theyre, just printed on. I really do like how this turned out, though the bottom is definitely not very nice looking, but the rest of it definitely is um got a bit of wood texture there and, of course, just the guitar stem design there very interesting instrument.

Definitely again, i dont think ive ever seen, one of these uh in real life, cant say im familiar with them, but really like richs expression, really like how he looks when hes playing the instrument. Sides and back are all blank. Wheels are actually two different sizes, which is interesting. Oh wait, robert uh robert has that too. Pam, though, does not, as for this guys, mold im, not quite sure what mold this is. This might be a new mold for pitties um like completely blank pities its. Unlike the piston cup pities, he doesnt have like the tool belt sort of thing around his back im, not quite sure if this mold has ever been used before. If it has definitely let me know, i know, roberts a new mold, sweet tea, of course, is a new mold, but pam actually is the same as double clutch daily, just with a different fork assembly, but yeah id really like to know. Has this guys mold been used before, if so, for who he looks very similar to a lot of planes characters, but i know theyre, definitely not reusing molds for that anyway, guys. Thank you all so much for watching and im so glad to have the whole band together. Uh minus sweet teas microphone because i have no idea where that is, and i dont have any of the other uh cars that came with microphones like that, but youd finally set them all up. Sweet tea doesnt need a microphone anyway, shes holding it in the movie, but the die cast.

Uh puts it on a stand here. We go there. They all are looking absolutely great together anyway, guys. Thank you. So much for watching ill see you guys next time. Bye.