Today i am going to review my ebay purchase that i bought from ebay this last friday. This is ronnie dale cooper, a world grand prix racing fan from the disney pixar movie cars 2.. He originally came in a target exclusive 4 pack way back in 2011 or 2012.. I bought this one individually from ebay for an affordable price. I couldnt remember exactly how much i paid for him. He did not come in a package, he was pre owned and there he is right in front of me. He came in the mail today. So lets take a look at ronnie dell. Here he is a 1 to 55 scale diecast made original by mattel. He is colored royal blue and hes got a plastic mouth plate which separates from the metal body. You can see the crack that separates the metal and the plastic, and his eyes are also plastic inserts, which means that they are plastic. They are not metal not too keen on plastic inserts and plastic mouth plates anymore, because they always tend to be easily breakable or easily get ruined or messed up. I just really dont like that, but its just the way he is, as you can see. If i can zoom in here, hes got some minor chips and scratches especially on the side mirrors, but i dont mind hes still in good condition. Take a look at his facial expression. He looks very happy hes happy to see his favorite world grand prix.

Racer seon is on his flag. He is a fan of lightning mcqueen. Hes got brown eye color his make and model is a mini cooper. This is actually my first mini cooper. Ever in my cars collection here is the back: take a look at his license plate his license plate its weird hes got some japanese characters and it reads 500 and then below that 07 29 and you can see hes got like an extra brake light on the Back bumper and some brake lights along this along the trunk there and hes got a union jack flag on the roof and on the side mirrors because hes british, he is a british car hes, a british car who is a fan of lightning, and i totally understand That and he originally came with like thunder sticks if you dont know that if he he came in this, some like four pack and he originally came with thunder sticks, but the thunder stix on this one broke off from the previous owner. Dont know how that happened, but i decided to buy this one instead of getting him with thundersticks and that four pack, because one i didnt, want to buy all the other cars that i already have just to get him and, second of all, this ones cheaper. I didnt want to spend that much money, so i decided to get this one instead, so heres the bottom base made in china disney pixar back when all the cars were made in china.

This is actually my second car to have a union jack flag design. The other one on the right is union jack ramon. Both of them fly the united kingdom flag, except that they have different shades of blue Music alrighty. Then thank you for watching.