Today is gon na be another one of my awesome reviews today with an awesome setup included. This is clovis ryder. Now there has been a whole line of heyday races. Now i have not gone haydee. Louise nash, who im not even sure if theyve released, yet they they have released already a heyday river scott, which i, which is getting its own blue desert release, which kind of makes me think that, like it probably got a china at least – and i already do Have a heyday junior moon fact: ive got two: one of them came with eli turnpike. Who is right here? These are the guys i reviewed yesterday. Yeah eli turned pike in one of these junior moons its actually this one, because the number on the bottom it has like, like its the same as eli turnpike, so thats, how i know whether they, whether it came in a 2 pack with leroy, heming or eli Turnpike, anyway, guys in the background here, we got calls from case h fact using tractor didnt be in case age, but i thought it would still be cool to show him. Weve got racing red, francesco, bernoulli and nick shift. You may be thinking boy didnt, you already unbox nick shift. If you saw my previously niche my previous nick shift, video i did but hes in my next hes on my next gen shelf, not actually in this review. I did have him in my eli turnpike one.

So today we are gon na get to unbox one of the new desert horizon heyday races, so first im gon na talk about this is actually my first time doing this. So actually, he only appears and he actually doesnt appeal in like smokeys flashbacks in the cotter pin. He actually appears when whining mcqueen is watching the television of darks crash. He appears right behind ducky fountain that actually ducky fountain roy was right in front of him and randy lawson was in front of ducky im, not sure if it was like this or this i dont know, but i knew he was like around ducky fountain roy and, Like and ducky fountain, and so i knew he was laying around these two, so the metal just means like its a actual metal die cast, and i do love the detailing i like the dirt on his wheels, dude and the dirt on his grill. I do love that detailing. I also do love his facial expression, kind of its actually cool that both ducky fountain and clove. I mean both wendy lawson and clovis ryder yep. They are the no they arent the same model. So this white is the slim hood model, but i do like that they have similar color schemes when clovis actually appears in the movie. Many people thought it was randy lawson, but its. Not. That was back when he wasnt released yet so were gon na unbox him. He just fell right out and he races for juanitas colby cube Music, get it instead of bulby q call a bq, and he also aces for larrys, auto parts kind of weird that a racer would waste for the two sponsors, but other races do ways for the Two sponsors like, for example, eli turnpike.

He races for fits white, brake pads and fasters garage tune up breaks, belts, lube and oil wow. This is just amazing. I do also love his happy expression now here it says clovis wider, on the top. Everyone has one on the top well, except for like caleb worley. He has his on. The bottom of the window. Same goes for eli turnpike, but all of them have their name somewhere, except for junior moon. You dont even know what he was for. He only has the 11 on his two sides kind of odd that they didnt give him a sponsor. Same goes for river scott and louise nash. There you can see the awesome text of the 41, and here the exhaust pot, like the the exhaust pipes and at the bottom of laylees autopilot.