I just had to get out of there, but i found a spot with a little bit of shade, so were gon na get our first impression of this thing and basically guys. So i did a lot a lot of research on these fridges and um. I wanted to get a good one, because i wanted it to draw less power from my battery as well as i wanted it to last a long time. You know i didnt want to get a cheaper model and then it sucked my power and then have to get another one and then get rid of that. One like i just want something good thats gon na last thats gon na, be like what i need, and it seems like everyone that ive looked into thats real serious about their fridges and about being on the road and stuff they use this brand, even though its The most expensive um one, but im, really excited when looking into this. I didnt really see many youtube videos of like these in little cars and i kind of wish i did because i wanted like to gauge. You know what it would look like and be like in my car, but i did that with measurements, but it would have been nice to like see so maybe this will provide that for someone whos interested in the same thing all right. So here it is dometic cf 325 powered cooler, new fresh in the box, all right so check it out this is it and my first impression is, i think it might work.

I dont know it looks kind of big because i have im. Have this tiny little car but at the same time i think it might be all right lets look inside! Oh, my goodness wow! This is so exciting. Yes, cold, stuff and heres the cords they dont. Look that big! Oh, my goodness, wow! So far, im feeling really excited but well see when it needs to go where its supposed to go. So i ordered this one from amazon. It was the best price that i could find for this particular unit and they sent me an obviously used one. So once i saw that i put everything back in the box right away, i set up a return and i was about to go. Do it right away and then i was like you know what lets just check it out and just see whats up with it. Like if its at a good size and stuff like that, so all right so ill just show you obviously used theres scratches on this thing. Thats obviously used. There is like all this scratches and stuff. It fits pretty much perfect and i was concerned about it, but im also not surprised that it fits so good because i did take measurements and i was like this is the one to get, because its gon na fit all right well, im about to turn it On for the first time, temp set up lets do 41 degrees battery protection, well put it on low hello, all right, bluetooth, wi fi display whats that, oh, how bright it is well just keep it there, fahrenheit thats good, so something as well, usually when i order On amazon and do a return, they send a label right that you go to a specific place, its like paid for this company.

No, however, they worked it out with amazon. I guess because its a bigger item and its a more expensive item that their bit like shady, make it difficult so that ill have to pay to return it um and like how much is that gon na be? This is like 30 pounds what 27 pounds i dont know. I was sitting in the front seat and im listening, like my god, its so loud thats insane, and then i realized its these air conditioner units back here. Making like this buzzing, this little face. Roller itll be so nice if this gets nice and cold lets, see our rollie thing. Ah, thats, wonderful, oh my goodness! Yes, i love that. I can do this. Oh my gosh! Oh yes, all right! Its a few days later, ive had this cooler running for a couple days. So now i can comment a little bit more about it. I have a pretty small car, its a volkswagen beetle. It doesnt get too much smaller than this, and it seems to fit pretty good and actually it holds. I have it stocked full of food um, but it holds quite a bit of food in here which i was pleasantly surprised because it is the smallest cooler. Definitely wonderful for one person, probably two people i like to have a lot of food with me, so i stock it full um. So i am really enjoying that so im really enjoying the size, i think its doing pretty good with the power situation which, in a later video ill, probably do another review like after ive had it for a while.

This is basically just my first impression, and i dont know much about these things. You know im just learning as i go and i feel like im pretty happy with it. The one thing is, i do feel like its pretty noisy. I sleep with it. Basically, right next to my head, so that could have something to do with it, but when it comes on its not always on, but when it comes on, i feel like it is pretty noisy um, so thats. Definitely something to keep in mind if youre gon na have it in your car right next to your head, when youre sleeping youre, probably gon na, want some earplugs to make your life a little bit more better. I was considering returning this unit. I thought i was at first i opened the box i was like this is freaking used what the hell i paid for a new one, but it was the cheapest price i could find online. I actually contacted the company. They assured me its a a new unit and that all the stuff uh was because of the shipping, but i honestly dont buy it because it looked used inside as well as outside, like many different markings and different things, but they did give me five percent. Back of the entire order, so that was nice and with me being on the road and everything it was just such a hassle plus. I really wanted it like. I wanted to use it so im keeping it, and this is just my first impression im gon na.

Do like a more review, probably later after ive, been using it for a while longer, but first impression im into it. I think its a good size for a car um, the smallest one, for like a car my size. I think it works like im happy with it. I feel like it. Doesnt take up too much space. I feel like its worth it to have, especially if youre on the road a lot and you like to eat your own food and you dont want to eat out all the time and stuff like that. Like im, super super happy with it. The one thing i do feel like its pretty noisy so thats something to keep in mind and that alone you know what i mean if it was a little bit more quiet id, probably give it a 10 at this point first impression, but maybe i give it An eight all right, so i hope that review my first impression of this helped you or something um stick around.