Im going to show you the 2021 ranger vogue westminster edition Music for over 40 years, land rover and range rover have been setting the benchmark for the luxurious suv and, as the time goes on, theyve only got more and more luxurious, including this one. Here. This is the 2021 range over vogue westminster edition, and yes, this is a special edition that im going to show you around so first off. As with every other range rover, we have the usual characteristics. We have a very bold grill up front, flanked by led headlights which were introduced in the previous model year. We also got the hidden front camera down below, and then we have the signature clam shell bonnet, which well get to later over the years. The range rover has morphed into a luxury cruiser now im, not saying the off road capabilities are completely gone, but from the outside and aesthetically. It doesnt look too suited to be in the desert, but it can handle its own on an off road trail. Now, while were at the back here before, i show you inside one of the key features of the westminster edition is this: now it looks perfectly normal. As always, there are three ways to open said boot inside by the key, via the button here, im pretty sure. If i wave my foot underneath itll, probably open as well, however, im going to show you something interesting about this one because, like i said this is unique to this car.

This one has a split tailgate and by that one piece at the top, goes up. While the other piece comes down, simply push the button and down they go its very easy and you can actually use this as a seating position. If youre rolling onto im not going to do it, because obviously i dont want to break the car, but the finishing here is nice theres plenty of space so as youve seen already plenty of space, but hey you want more space dont! You and ive got an answer for you and so does range rover, because if i press these buttons here, i can put the seats down in front of me. Okay, granted they take a little bit of time but for heavier loads, say for skis or something you dont know where you go skiing, oh scooter bike, you can put them back slightly forward. It gives you a little bit of extra space with this range rover. We found an even cooler feature to make it even easier to load. Now i dont you cant, probably cant see it from all the way there, but there are two buttons here and i can assure you these two buttons do exactly what im about to tell you. If you press the button down the car goes down by itself, making it easier to load. You can also make the car go up as well takes a little bit of time, but it does it all by its lonesome, no key.

No one else inside the car. Just a simple button in the boot inside the 2021 range rover vogue westminster edition. We have plenty of features to check out comfortable seats covered in blue leather, which is exclusive to this model, only very comfortable. They have multi way and by multi i mean they can move in 20 different directions which is unique to this car, which is phenomenal itll. Take you a while to figure it out, but very cool, even before we get in the car theres a special feature exclusive to this car, which are the powered running boards here at the bottom, and it makes it easier to get in inside. We have plenty of features to check out here, including some plush and luxurious feeling materials. Look theres soft leather, everywhere lovely to touch here. Weve got metallic and weve got gloss black as well. It is a fingerprint magnet, but it makes the car feel and look more luxurious. So well start with the options we have a leatherman multi function serial again it has this navy blue with this sort of cream center. Here we have these new backlit controllers here which actually change depending what menu you have on the digital display up in front in the center of the console. Here we have the two screens one on top. The smaller screen here is for navigation and all multimedia purposes and down below. We have a very interesting screen here, because this is the multi uh terrain.

Basically, selector screen, you have two ways to do it. Well, actually you only have really one way to do it. Uh, even though it is a touch screen, you have this thing here that pops out see this thing, you pop it and now it comes, and you can select the drive mode that you want on the fly you got almost like eco, but, more importantly, you actually Have a sand mode here now we said before. Of course the ranger has always been synonymous with off roading. This is more of a luxury cruiser. However, it can still fare slightly well when theyre going off road granted, not june mashing, but a light off road cruise would suffice. As always, we have space for three here in the range rover and, of course, as with the front, we have comfortable leather seats covered in the same color palette as we did up front. If you only have two passengers back here, you can put down the center bit here for a comfortable armrest, which needs a little bit of force, but it does come down and shows two cupholders. We have usb ports down here, rear ac controls and while you sat back here, you can have a gorgeous view of whats outside by the panoramic roof. So with the rear door here of the range rover. We have a few interesting features here to have a look at but interesting i mean two. We have, of course, the power backrest here for the passengers on either side, not the driver and then underneath we have the locking and unlocking weve all seen those before in every car.

However, what we dont see in every car is this little gloss black thing here. Now its not a button as such its more of an indicator and it will warm those who are opening the door if theres a car coming a pedestrian or, if theres, a barricade or blockade. So it will save. Whoever owns the car headache when they open it. Because it wont cause any damage because of the indicator. All right, as we mentioned before, the bonnet of the car, is very unique. Its one of the only cars, in fact i think, range rover. The only manufacturer to have a clamshell, bonnet and underneath said bonnet is a turbocharged straight six engine with three liter displacement, rated at just over 400 horsepower ish. It sends power to all four wheels for an 8 speed automatic gearbox with panel shifters, and it will do zero to 100 in just 6.3 seconds in terms of pricing. What is the pinnacle of luxury suv is going to set you back well its going to set you back a fair few dirhams. Now the base model of this, which is the vogue, will set you back. 477, 540 dirhams the westminster the base model of that will set you back 507 150. But if you want this one with all the extras, this will cost you 542. 180 dirhams. Now it sounds like a lot. I know it sounds like a lot believe me, but in a sense it is worth it because you get nothing else like this in the market.

This is pure luxury. Wherever you go wherever you look whatever you feel inside of it, it is just pure luxury thanks. So much for watching its been another video with us. Thank you so much for joining us and if you want to know more about the car we just wan na have a chat.