Tell you just a little bit about his car, so hes, a carpenter from washington state usa were competing in amateur drift. Events at his home track, evergreen speedway, now convenience and formula drift pro one in the royal purple. Bmw e46 is what were going to be running. Right now, makes 998 horsepower 810 foot pounds of torque and uh its only 11 11 or almost 1200 kilos, but i think this things really cool and he is a really cool person hes the first one to go. 200 miles an hour on a motorcycle on the bonneville salt flats, so hes a really cool guy um. I i got to see him drift in new jersey and it was really really really really fun. So his car is going to be put to the test today and im im kind of excited for it, because ive never ive, never drifted a bmw besides e92 in this game, so were gon na look at him in the next uh reviewing of yeah next pro Car review so dylan hughes, e46, bmw, 993 horsepower off the rip immediately fast. Okay, that angle, that angle, man, man, okay, dude, okay, im, im, im, actually very surprised. This car handles so incredibly well like, and i dont say that a lot of about a lot of uh pro cars, but this thing this things ridiculous im like like the control of this car. I i will say, though it is a bit hard to uh drive like this car when the its a bit gripped up and its in a lower gear.

You cant really like throw it against the walls like youd want it to, but it works. I mean it works its not the my biggest complaint about pro cars is that they just slip and slide and they dont grip and like they act like they dont know what direction theyre going. But this thing i can legitimately just turn turn the wheels and its turn the wheels and it moves turn the wheels and it moves im actually very happy with this car right now, im genuinely happy with this car um yeah its just its a good little car. I just got to remember to keep it up in the banks, because its got a good, its got good steering angle, so i can actually like i can legitimately keep it like this, and i just got ta get maximum amount of points right here, because its its All about the points guys its all about the points. What car you should pick to get the better points, but i have a feeling unless we screw this up, which, why did i have to say anything? Okay, basically, what i was gon na say was like basically, unless we screw this up were gon na get first place, but um yeah, i think, were still gon na get first place because i think were good. Actually, we might not get first place. Hopefully we do come on. We got this, we got this, we got this, we got this, we got this, we got this boom boom boom boom boom boom.

Oh that first place is ours its ours, but because i didnt really feel like it was a good. It was a good run, um, im gon na do it again, but overall im actually very happy with this car, its not a bad car and thats whats, really good about it is its its a pro car and its not terrible and uh thats thats. All we can ask for you know if youre gon, na its like, like i ive, only gotten like trial, runs of these cars. But if i paid money for some of like the pro cars that ive driven in uh, the uh sponsor tree and stuff like that id be well upset because theyre kind of terrible but um, i think oh, were gon na. Do so good weve weve hit like what like four gold clips and were yeah were were were winning this? Even if i do screw this one up, i dont want to. I just want to lay down a good flat run and uh get it all get it all in there. But this is its just like especially being a bmw e46, its really good, because its got a shorter wheelbase and especially with a thousand horsepower and some grippy tires. You can definitely feel the difference and the amount of control you can have in a pro car. But thats thats a wrap, thats a wrap on a beautiful first place finish i mean i mean what else? What else do i have to do its a good car, its a were doing a pro car review.

This is such a good pro car. I wouldnt say its my favorite, but its like top five top five pro cars out there in this game, but um. If you guys enjoyed this video, please dont forget to give it a like, also subscribe down below. It would really mean a lot to me.