I got and i got some deroxes i can sell. I got fifty nine thousand right now sounds good, go, sell one director and ill be set for Applause, quite a funny outfit. So whenever i get the money and get to a shop or a store ill see you then so i needed the money now so im right up my mind, im going to make a funny outfit and a funny. Looking now im. Sorry, if my contents bad but im trying to get some type of friend group, so i can Music make funnier content. So if you want to play with me, i dont care all right. So i finished my outfit and uh. How do you like it? No, no! It aint funny, but i like this shirt and the shorts and the helmet and the boots and the chain matches it. So you two i got the card too los santos costumes, im going to customize it and then ill talk to you all. Oh well, ill. Just keep the uh this going but, like i said like we wont like me doing, this were just doing the streams and stuff that i dont know and if i knew then i would stick to that. What now thats a custom job. So we are at the airport, sorry supporting that out. Im getting okay, so now lets see the top scene – Music, oh my god, okay, Music, 60, very much max out at 60 miles per hour.

So if you plan on buying this car, it doesnt have that many upgrades on it and the top speed is 60 to 80 miles per hour and it it has like a cost range of, like 500 to 7, no 500, 000 to 700 000.. I recommend this to like level 20, no, not 20, but 40. level, 40 people and up. I recommend it quick and easy video. I got ta edit this and you all dont understand the work that i put into these videos. It takes a lot. The most part about it is like editing, so ill ill be happy if i at least get like two likes on this on this video, so ill probably see you tomorrow in a stream or ill do another video.