So i have not agreeable car reviews in a little while, but this car is the 2017 falcon distinct or the 2017 ford focus, and i have this thing in the rs trim in the color nitrous blue, quad, co and with the gray five split spoke wheels. Now this was part of the update that uh came out a couple weeks ago. I did do one review on the jeep grand turkey l, but this was fords limited edition. Hatchback called the ford focus rs that was only available for one year until they discontinued it, and when you hop into this thing, the startup sounds really really good, unlike any other car in greenville, and when you rev it, of course it does shoot flames, but lets Take a look at your lighting, so you have brake lights, uh, brake lights. Turn signals turn signals in the front. You also have mirror turn signals. Your reverse lights, running lights in the back and your headlights in the front, along with your horn, and the reason i dont have a front plate on this thing is because i have a floor to play, and that is one of the states that doesnt require a Front license plate. I think it makes the front look so much cleaner without a front distance plate, but lets see what we can get here for a top speed on this thing. Alrighty so 166 miles per hour with a six speed manual, transmission or 268 kilometers per hour.

And let me take a look at the braking. It was okay from 160 miles an hour im, not expecting something too amazing. So im gon na come down the road here and then i can do a 0 60 test on this thing. So i got my stopwatch ready, gon na rev. It all the way up in normal drive. Three two one go traction control and esc is off and 60.. I was a little bit delayed there so about 65 to 65 miles per hour, its 5.61 seconds, but now lets see what we can get in three two one go six, definitely much faster about 3.32 seconds, which is extremely fast for a hot hatch like this, but Thats, a really really really good, 360 time for a car like this, you could definitely beat some other performance performance, uh cars in greenville in a race there, so thats, really really strong during six times were gon na head back to the dealer right about now. So we can take a look at some pricing on this thing. One thing i will warn you is that the pricing on this thing is the the cost of this thing is a little bit pricey. So if youre looking to buy this thing – and you dont have a lot of money in greenville and its going to cost, you a pretty penny to buy this thing. But you know its all right. So here we are back in the dealership and as usual, to find your cars in greenville.

You can of course, type in 2017 falcon, distinct or you can go to hatchbacks falcon and there it is so. You have a bunch of different trims um. All the way up to st and rs starting from se and going all the way up to rs, you have quite a few different colors. I think shadow black and, of course the nitrous blue and yellow, looks pretty good. They never offered yellow on the ford focus. Rs, but i think it looks pretty good so 40 999 is the pricing on this thing and you do need the luxury pass on this thing. So if you dont have the luxury pass and you dont have 41 000, then youre kind of out of luck there. But i would expect it to be on the sports pass, but i guess its not so not as expensive as i thought it would be, but still pretty expensive for a hot hatch like this with that said, though, hope you guys enjoyed this video, if you did Smash the like button, please consider subscribing, go join the discord, server round card fan, server link will be in the description and the comments, and also tell me in the comments. If you guys want to continue seeing greenville car reviews, i stopped doing it for a little bit, because i saw those videos werent getting as many views and they werent as popular as other videos.