Today we have the ubermax cipher. This card got released a few hours ago and uh on this weekly can update. If you can kind of name it as uh. As that and the safer is pretty much based on a bmw with some other uh details from from other bmws, for example the m4 and even the m5 on other m family cars, you can kind of customization wise its okay, as you can see its not that Great you know you dont, have you dont have as much extensive customization as other cars? Is this just you know, you can change a few things here and there, but you can just you know, play again with an extension so, but you could just make a nice car up there, like you and and yeah, you could make a nice car up there And there you go um performance, and your performance, wise is you know, is good its not great uh when it comes to you know good, is that hes not gon na be competitive against, like you know, for example, the lexus or the cat, or the seleka or Or the cayman, or or even the sultan arrest classic like it it that it at this point, like we have this all these cars mentioned are in another or like they are already competitive in their own, so they also bring a lot of balance because you can Take one of these cars for that one of those mentioned first race against the other, like some others that picked.

You know the other first section of cars that are really competitive and you can have a nice race, but this one is not in that category, like its just good, its like behaviorals and and the gesture are like roughy said hes just hes, just like there, like. He is good for you know, driving here and there like, for example, frame of driving its a really nice car to do. You know to pick there and just cruise around, but its not competitive with you know the new like the cars we got lately and and maybe you can win a race or or two races, but youre gon na have a hard time, especially you know, with the Lexus, that is really good on the street races or the calico. That is really good on on top speed. That makes it uh pretty much uh, something that you need to pick for pursuits so on this one is you know its good, but its not the best? Well handling and this car is kind of uh on oversteery like this car, if you could kind of put you in sometimes in a really fragile position that youre gon na end into a pole or out of the track, and you need to just you know back On track, and like is the the the oversteer is really up there, so you need to know, keep in mind on that and yeah thats pretty much it for anything. You can win this car on the on the ls car beat you need to win five street races.

I know so for people is quite of a challenge that so you could, you know, call a friend or and talk about something, and you know just take big turns of of you know you win this one and there and i won this one. You know you can do just you know: 10 races and five or if youre right running on bears. You can just you know, race, any 10, races and five wins and the other five. The other person got wins five races, but yeah thats. What it is you can again, you can pick this car for free, pretty recommendable. If you dont want to waste, you know a million bucks and yeah its a pretty decent car, nonetheless, but its not the best score like its, not the best car of the world, but it is what it is so yeah. Thank you very much guys see you on the next one. I dont know if im gon na stream today, because i think the whole day is pretty busy, like some of my friends – is gon na some of my friends gon na stream today. So i dont know if im gon na stream, but if you, if, if i, if i do well youre gon na see it on the subscription section in your subscription box that also if you arent subscribed, you can, you know, subscribe right right there i wan na. I also want to know your opinion about the ubermax cipher.

If you like it, if youre not what do you think about it, you know leave it up there in the comment section and i will read it right up there so yeah.