If youre, my subscriber already well sit back, relax and enjoy the show after you click that, like button, also special thanks to nissan pasik for providing the nissan terra to do this review. If you are within the area, and you have a need for any nissan head on down there to their showroom and check them out for any inquiries, you may contact the person in my pinned comment below the nissan terra. Is the suv brother of the navara and has been a runaway bestseller for nissan philippines, despite being introduced only in 2018, the terra went on to challenge the toyota fortuner and the mitsubishi montero sport when it comes to suv supremacy now with its major facelift, the nissan Terra looks to take its fight to the next level. However, at the time of the shoot we still dont have the official pricing yet of this updated nissan terra vl 4×2 automatic. However, given the upgrades that you get plus this major facelift expect the price to already breach the 2 million philippine peso mark now that pricing would keep it at pace with the recently unveiled toyota fortuner q and even the upcoming 2022 isuzu mux. Now, what got me excited with this updated terra is the fact that we get a major facelift right here. The front fascia now looks more like the patrol royale, rather than the previous generation navara. In fact, when you squint your eyes a little bit, it kinda resembles the updated toyota fortuner q.

It gets the same squinty led headlights here, but these are quad, projector type led headlights and we also have the led drls incorporated in the headlight housing now to complete the lighting duties. We also get a pair of led fog lights mounted here on the front bumper. Now nissan has always given us superb lighting units, and it seems that they follow the same formula when it comes to the updated terra. Now the v motion front grille here – has also been prettified and when you put that in combination with that squared off front bumper plus this massive front skid plate here, youve got a look in this updated terra. That makes it seem more imposing than ever before. The side profile of the updated terra still retains the same shape and design as the previous model, but we now get a front fender garnish here, a la ford everest. Now the updated tera still gets a power. Folding side mirrors here with led turn signals, but we also get an updated stepper design right here now for your wheels and tires, the size of the wheels are still at 18 inches, but the design has also been updated. Now these wheels are wrapped in 25560, r18 tires behind these wheels. The updated tera gets a massive mechanical upgrade because it now sports rear disc brakes versus the drums that are found in the previous model. So the updated terrain now has four wheel disc brakes for the suspension.

Its still the same, a double wishbone setup in the front and an independent multi link rear suspension at the back now. The ground clearance also stands at 225 millimeters, which is a carryover from the previous model. The rear end also receives more style and flash than the previous model. We get a redesigned led tail light assembly here, plus this stylized chrome strip. Thats found right there in the center of your tailgate. Now the combination of this unique, looking chrome strip, plus these led tail lights, makes this terra stand out even more in a sea of seven seater pickup based suvs on the road. Now even the rear bumpers has also received a facelift. Making this terras rear end look even more rugged than before. Now, when you pop open the manual liftgate youll, see that even with the third row in use a medium sized luggage can easily fit inside the back of the terra. Now, if you need more space than what this place will allow. Well, you could easily fold down the third row seats with a tug of a strap right here on the sides, and now that will give you enough space to accommodate around four medium sized luggage. Now that my friends is what i call a utility carrier, the updated nissan terrace engine is also a carryover from the previous model. What we have here is the same 2.5 liter four cylinder turbo diesel motor that can put out 187 horsepower and 450 newton meters of torque.

Now the power is sent to the rear wheels via a 7 speed automatic transmission. Now, since this is an older engine, naturally the power figures would be lower than its newer competitors, but not by much guys. Now. This is still a very capable and dependable engine if the updated terra vl 4×2 gets a price bump of 100 to 150 000. Philippine pesos, that is completely worth it the moment you step inside this cabin now. Nissan has finally brought the cabin of the terra up to speed with this interior, because, oh boy, guys, we are surrounded by premium materials and tech features here. It all starts off with a zero gravity seats that are wrapped in black leather, and we got a really interesting center design here now. This center design is not just i aesthetic, but its also practical, because these race bumps means that if you park your terra out on the open parking lot and on a hot sunny day, well, your bum in your back will not get too sweaty and toasty. When you get inside now, the drivers seats get power adjustments, but the passenger seat only has to do with manual adjustment, which is not really a deal breaker guys now. The steering wheel is also updated and we have a newly designed steering wheel here. This has a flat bottom and it also has a leather wrap on it, and we have buttons for cruise control and hands free buttons for connectivity.

However, we dont really get paddle shifters here and the wheel also only tilts, but it doesnt telescope, guys so thats a bit of a bummer for me, considering that this vehicle would likely breach the 2 million philippine peso mark, i would have expected the telescoping steering wheel, But we dont get that here. However, when you look at the instrument gauge cluster, we have a combination of analog gauges with the seven inch colored multi information display in the middle now. This is beautiful guys and it contains all of the vital information that you need for your updated nissan terra. Now, when you move over to the infotainment system, uh, the vl trim, both in the 4×2 and the 4×4 variants, will get a 9 inch. Touchscreen infotainment system versus the 8 inch touchscreen that the lower of ve and the el variants get. Now this, as i mentioned, is a 9 inch touchscreen infotainment system that comes with get this wireless apple, carplay and wired android auto. Now that is really cool, guys that this updated tera now gets wireless apple carplay. Now the image of the around view monitor or the 360 degree view camera system of nissan can also be found on this 9 inch screen. Now the image quality is a huge one, its decent, but its, not really the class leader guys. Now, when you move down from your infotainment system, we also have here your dual zone, fully automatic climate control system, and we also have a few charging ports here.

A usbc and a usb a charging port, plus we get a wireless charging pad. Yes, even in this, a second to the top of the line model, the vl 4×2 gets a wireless charging pad, which is a big plus because its competitors normally give the wireless charging pad to the top range at top spec variant. But we get that here already in this 4×2 model. Now, when you move down further, you lose the manual handbrake already, but instead we have an electronic parking brake and we have a couple of buttons here that could easily tumble your back seats forward for easy access into the third row now over. Here we have a couple of large cup holders, which we will subject to my clean canteen test and im really sure guys that this will pass my clean canteen test because its huge easily, you could put like a bigger flask here and its not going to be A problem so yeah that is good weve got cup holders that are for people who are big drinkers. Okay, so once youre done looking at all the tech features and amenities of this cabin youll see that the updated terra gets really plush uh cabin materials. We get a combination of black soft touch, materials plus burgundy leather here and some matte aluminum garnish on the lower dashboards and even here on your center stack now, this burgundy leather can be found on the middle dashboard. We also have some inserts here on the door cards and even on your center armrest right here.

So yes, this gives a really a premium vibe to the updated terra and makes any price increases well worth the cost. Now, normally, whenever i get in the back seat of a seven seater, pickup based suv id already manage my expectations when it comes to space because well we are riding on a truck chassis. So id expect to get a bit cramped here, but this updated nissan terra. Surprise me guys, you see, we get a good amount of space here, uh well more spacious than most other seven seater pickup base suvs, im, five foot six guys – and this is my driving position and i get around five inches of knee room here and a good Another five inches of head room now, thats only because if there are passengers in the third row, but the good thing is the second row can also adjust and if i adjust it backwards, id get a whopping 10 inches of knee room here now. That gives me a good amount of space here at the back seat of the updated nissan terra. Now, when it comes to toys, my goodness, even in this vl automatic 4×2 trim, we get a ton of amenities here at the back. We get this massive screen right here on top on the ceiling, and we also have two charging ports here: a usb a and a usbc and true to nissans nature of having like super cold air conditioning. We not only get two rear ac vents here at the bottom part, but we also get a couple of ceiling mounted ac vents here and your own separate blower control.

Now the third row, passengers also get their own set of um ac vents there. So everybody will be cool, calm and comfortable here in the in the back seat on the back seat and the third row of the terra. Now we also get a center armrest here and a couple of cupholders, so that pretty much completes the amenities you have here on the second row now im blown away guys because well id normally expect this to be really tight, but its not the case. Now. The good thing here is getting into the third row is quite easy, because the second row actually just tumbles forward like this as you can see, and you can easily go into the third row seats now. The third row seats of the updated nissan terra is quite tight, but its still serviceable for adults who are like five foot six or below. As i mentioned, im five foot six guys and i get a good three inches of headroom here and i still have an inch of knee room here. Of course, my sitting position means that my knees are way above my hips here guys. So this place would be good only for short trips or if youve got uh like kids. You can also put them here at the back and theyll be okay during a long drive. Now, when it comes to the overall comfort here in the back seat on the third row seats, rather, as i mentioned, we get a couple of ceiling mounted ac vents here and we even have a charging port here on the left side, plus an hdmi port to Connect whatever gadget so that you know the kids could play their video games on that large screen in front.

So we also have a couple of cup holders on both sides here. So, yes, even if youre relegated to the well to the third row seat of the updated nissan terra, you would be quite comfortable here as long as your height is not over five foot six, while the range topping nissantera, 4×4 vl automatic will surely grab all the Attention in the limelight, eagle, eyed buyers will spot that this updated nissanterra vl automatic 4×2 practically shares the same features as its 4×4 brother. In my humble opinion, i believe the updated nissantera vl automatic 4×2 presents the best value for money option in the entire terra lineup, especially for people who would likely drive their nissenteras mostly on the road.