Some of the custom features and the latest cutting edge technologies well see some of the coolest and fastest police cars in the world and well also debunk some common myths along the way so buckle up and lets get going. You know how, in the movies, a cop will leave his police car unattended and then a criminal jumps in and drives off. That might have been true in the old days, but actually these days thats pure hollywood, it cant happen in real life due to a cop car feature called run lock. It allows police officers to remove the keys, but still leave the car running to keep powering the radio lights and surveillance system without draining the battery. So if you ever get tempted to steal a police car, just dont, the system automatically turns off the engine. If it even detects that the driver is trying to shift out of park without a key youll fail dismally – and my guess is, you might even be charged with tempted theft or larceny ever wonder how bulletproof cop cars are most american police cars that are newer than 2015 are generally bulletproof but theres a small amount of older cars which arent in march 2016.. It was announced that police vehicles would have doors and windows that can prevent penetration of armor piercing bullets. The ford police, interceptor utility suv doors can withstand ammunition, thats more powerful than what u.s soldiers carry. It can block a 30 caliber bullet from an ak, 47 or other powerful rack.

The ballistic panels nearly cover the entire door and is made of two layers. The inner layer is made of aramid fiber, which is similar to kevlar a fabric that is five times stronger than steel, and the outer layer is made of ballistic grade ceramic tile. The combined strength of these layers means that the same area can be shot at twice and still withstand penetration. In 2017, all nypd patrol cars got outfitted with bullet resistant window inserts at the front and sides of course bulletproofing. The cop car isnt cheap. Even the lightest protective armor can run anywhere from 20 to 25 000. Something else to consider is the extra weight bulletproof materials are heavy and thick. The armor alone can add an extra 400 to 1200 pounds. So now you have to reinforce the suspension frame tires and some other components also a heavier weight means the car will require more fuel and it will slow down the cop car in a hot pursuit. So, for the reason for a more powerful engine when it comes to the average civilian car, we gauge the cars age and usage in miles and the odometer is usually the first place to check. But did you know that police cars are measured in hours instead like boats? Each police car is equipped with an hour meter to keep track of the hours that the car has been on, whether its driving or even idling, and that makes sense, if you consider how often police, keep the cars idling in a park or neutral.

Ever wonder why officers leave their cars on even when they arent sitting inside well, police cruisers are fitted with a lot of electronics and equipment were talking about laptop computers and radio systems, and all these require a cool environment to operate correctly. So all cops often keep their cars running to maintain climate control and protect the equipment from extreme temperatures. Another reason is that computers must be constantly connected to keep officers informed of whats happening in the area, but its not just about the computers and devices police officers are also first responders trained for certain types of medical emergencies. Theyre, not paramedics, but they do carry certain medications that must remain cool to be affected, for example narcan, which is for opiate overdose. If the car is turned off and the medicine gets exposed to extreme temperature, then the officers risk losing large doses of necessary medication. Also, some police units also have service dogs. Canine cruisers must be equipped with special equipment, including a modified cooling system to provide proper ventilation and climate for the furry cops. One thing is for cert: if youre looking to buy a retired cop car dont, just go by mileage alone, mileage itself wont tell you how long the cars been idling since police cars do a lot of idling. The true age of retired cop cars will actually be a multiple of the recorded mile, its a common question. Should you buy a retired police car? If you havent seen my video on ford police cars check, it out lets talk about the siren more recently.

Police cars have been using a new technology, its called the rumbler and its proving to be effective in dense areas with heavy traffic. The sound is a mix of siren and a low frequency tone, as you can literally feel from inside your car. The system uses a pair of high output subwoofers to amplify the low frequency tone, enabling you to literally feel it from 300 feet away. Imagine how your heart would beat after that police cars use different sounds for different situations, talking about the whale yelp and how, for example, when a police car is driving at high speed and approaching the intersection into use the classic whale. The purpose of the penetrating frequency is to grab your attention, then theres the yelp, basically its an accelerated whale. You can hear it usually in heavy traffic situations and if you still hesitate, get the way out. Youll most likely hear the air horn. The howler is a cross between low frequency and siren sound effects that sound is used to alert vehicles up ahead to move out of the way believe it or not. The very first police car in america used a gong as its siren that was 1899 in akron. Ohio at the time, the police squad was using an electrically powered buggy that went up to 16 miles an hour with its four horsepower motors the car. If you can call it that weighed two and a half pounds about the same weight as they ever just suv did it, but just a year later, during the riot of 1900 riders pushed the car into a canal, i guess it didnt help that the buggy wasnt Fast enough to outpace the people so which country in the world has the coolest cop cars well, my vote goes to the united arab emirates.

If youre a police officer in dubai, you have the chance to get behind the wheel of a high performance supercar over in dubai. Many citizens are wealthy and have hyper cars so its not for flash, but a necessity that the dubai police supercars are driven for hot pursuits well and the flash inherently followed guess who holds the worlds record for the fastest police car, its a bugatti veyron owned by The dubai police they bought it in 2016 for 1.6 million dollars, believe it or not its, not the only supercar in their fleet. Their lineup includes lamborghini aventador, bentley, gt, aston, martin 177, several porsche panoramas and several bmw, i8s and dont forget the ferrari ff with a 6.2 liter v12 engine that outputs 651 horsepower theyre the fastest and most fashionable fleet in the world. Capital of the united arab emirates is at par abu dhabis. Newest recruit is the lincoln hypersport its only one of seven of its kind to exist in the world. Top speed is 242 miles an hour with this twin turbo flat six engine italians arent too far behind the italys highway patrol have at their disposal. The lamborghini hurricane were talking about a 5.2 liter v10 engine and puts out 602 horsepower. This lambo hits 60 miles an hour in 3.2 seconds and has a top beat of 202 miles an hour. It actually replaced the lamborghini gallardo they previously had. Am i the only one wishing someone could organize a global cop car race, but now lets talk about american police cars in america.

The fastest police car is actually a truck. The 2021 ford, f 150 police responder, is custom tailored with a cop motor cop tires cop suspension, cop shock absorbers and other cop enhancements. Responder comes equipped. The 3.5 liter ecoburst v6 engine thats, coupled with a 10 speed automatic transmission and a torque on demand, transfer case for the 4×4 system, but what makes it the fastest police car in the united states is that it can accelerate from zero to 60 in 5.9 seconds. If you havent seen my latest video wide ford makes the best police cars check it out by the way, have you heard about how ford has been helping police officers and first responders remain safe during the pandemic? Last year, ford developed new software for the latest models of the ford police interceptor utility. It raises the vehicles internal temperature above 133 degrees fahrenheit, which is hotter than death belly on a hot day, and it does this for 15 minutes, which is long enough to reduce the viral concentration inside the car by more than 99. You probably dont want to be caught napping in that car, though, when it kicks in, of course, nowadays we can identify a police car just by the flashing, red and blue lights, but have you wondered why police lights are red and blue? Most people assume its because the general public associates the color red was stopping. Some studies have shown that red lights are more visible during the day and blue lights are more visible at night.

Also color red has the longest wavelength in the color spectrum, so its best in foggy conditions, so red and blue are the best combination to alert drivers regardless of the time or day. In addition, drivers who are colorblind to red can often see blue without any problems. Lets talk about other modifications in police cars. Common custom upgrade is the alternator to support the extra power needed for radios, lights and surveillance, equipment and computers. To put this in context, a civilian vehicles alternator delivers 100 amps of power, whereas the alternators in a police car can crank up to 225 amps or even more. And, of course, all this extra equipment will make the car heavier, but it still must remain agile enough to pursue speeding vehicles. In order to compensate for this, there are custom modifications of the suspension and braking systems. In addition to this, police cars are remarkably customized. In other ways as well take, for example, the ford police, interceptor utility view. It has a column shifter instead of a console shifter to free up space in a console for other equipment. It also makes it easier for the officer to exit other customizations, including rear doors, that open at different angles so its easier to load people in the back. Even the seats in a police car modified to account for the officers utility belt and everything thats on it. Heres another interesting technology, many police cars are now equipped with data driven approach to crime and traffic, say sounds very techy, but basically its automated surveillance to illustrate, while the police cars patrolling the surveillance system regularly takes high resolution images that get cross referenced police database of Wanted vehicles to help police find criminals after all, how many license plates numbers can a guy remember every day, but now you tell me what cars do? Law enforcement officers in your city drive.

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