But today is gon na be much more exciting because were gon na review, my ether 450x, its been a little over six months since i got it but havent traveled much. I think the odometer is around 1100 or 1200 kilometers. We had the second wave of uh covered and because of that, never had a chance to take it out much for my daily purposes. I use the nexon ev because since i got this vehicle three months was summer so hoping to use it more going forward because the weather is going to get better and it felt like a perfect time to do an ownership review of data for fitex. Because if we have two new, exciting evs in the market, they are very exciting, but lets see from an owners perspective if either for tech still makes sense. Shall we, as a lot of you, know, im a big fan of electric vehicles and in case you havent, please check out my previous videos that are dedicated playlist section for electric vehicles, if you like them, dont forget to hit that subscribe button and share the content, Because were close to 100 000 subscribers and would love all your support and in case you have four out of those 10 people who are seeing, but not yet subscribed. Yet it would be a great motivation if you just hit that subscribe button. As i was telling im a big fan of ebs, that is not something new, but after getting the electric car, i wanted something a scooter to replace my apache and thats.

When i came across the ether at that point of time, bajaj turk or tvs icube was not easily available and it was very exciting because it had that unique, distinctive look and also they have gone quite a lot in the market. Theyre established, like 450, was available in bangalore and chennai for almost one and a half two years, so they have been in the space and it gave me more confidence, so i wanted to try it out and when they announced the 450x it was super exciting. I was one of the first to book. Originally, the price of 1.6 lakhs seemed pretty high. I wasnt in two minds whether to go for it or not, but when i did, the petrol competitor like an aprilia sr 125 or sr 150 would cost 1.3 1.35 on road. My apache rtr 200 costed me 1.38 lakhs. This was way back in 2018 and it has similar performance, maybe less luggage, storage too. So when you do the math that extra 20 000, if you travel at least 10 000 kilometers in a year, you would definitely make it up, because this would cost just one rupee per kilometer, whereas a petrol scooter would cost three or four rupees per kilometer anyway. Once i did the math, it felt like a straightforward purchase, so i went ahead with it and the purchasing experience was so easy, so good guys like within one hour, i finished the payment formalities. In a day, i finalized the color that i wanted to take.

This video will be primarily more about my experience since owning the scooter, so definitely go check out the previous videos you want. If you want to know how the purchase experience was like ill share the link here, this is a niche kind of bike. It doesnt appeal to everyone. The design is something that is interesting. It is not universal like the activa, it is much more leaner thinner. If you like the design and if you like the performance after test ride, this is one of the best electric scooters that you can buy in the market right now. I mean right now well talk later in this video about competitors and all, but for now lets get to see why i love the design so much so. The first thing you notice with an ether electric scooter, 450 or 450x, is just the design, its so simplistic, but there are still some sharp lines like how a rare footrest is integrated into the body and also those nice sharp lines at the front section id say: Unisex motorcycle, in other words, it will appeal to both the genders. I wanted something bigger in proportion. Even now, i would still prefer a bigger size, ether 450, but on a whole, i love the design. I love the sharp lines the most attractive bit for me is actually the front portion uh the front three quarters. When you look at it uh from a angle, it looks very sleek and sharp the rear can be a hit or miss im.

Not a big fan of the stop light at the rear, its it can be a better led and talking about lights. Their under seat storage light is one of the best implementations ive seen it is brilliant in darker conditions, when i have to find something from the boot where there is hardly any light, this works brilliantly talking about boot. One thing i would probably find a mess in the boot is if they had a usb port. That would be amazing. Unfortunately, it doesnt, but it works. The bootspace can take one helmet, including the charger, the portable charger that comes with the scooter. Another interesting bit about the design is the seat because thats, where most of us spend our time right initially when it has throwed the scooter in bangalore. I didnt like it because i was slipping forward and for my proportion, a six foot guy who weighs almost 85 kilos. It kind of feels like a narrow scooter and it keeps slipping forward. So the economics are not the most perfect for my proportion, but if youre like lets, say five, nine five ten and if your rinsing is not as long as mine, i think this can be better scooter, so definitely go for a test ride and see how the Bike feels the ergonomics feel how the handlebar moves, turn left and right and see if your elbow is hitting something or not all these matter, because the moment you go for a longer test ride and check out their performance, its the most exciting.

That can happen to you. I fell in love with acceleration. It can do zero to 40 kilometers per hour in three seconds. Wait. Why are we talking about acceleration and performance here? Lets get on the bike and see how it accelerates. Performance is probably the most exciting thing about this scooter, but at the same time it has good enough brakes like it. Doesnt come with abs, but it has something called combi braking system. So when you apply this, both front and rear are applied. If you press the right one, its only the front brake but performance is something this i fell in love with instantly man, i didnt expect i will fall in love with something which has around less than 10 horsepower, but this has around 26 nm of torque and All the torque can be felt instantly like almost instantly, because it all depends on the motor. How strong the motor is see that really good, i mean initially from the pre launch. They toned down the braking quite a bit because a lot of reviewers were complaining. Apparently the braking was too strong and jerky. I didnt find it too strong and jerky. In fact, i wanted uh the stronger brakes. This is so much fun that i always wish to stop ahead of the traffic when it is when im at the signal light, and there is red light, because those zero to 40 runs and the signal light are so much fun.

You can do a 0 to 40 in a little over than 3 seconds. I did it in 3.1 or 2 seconds. I guess, but it is so much fun here. This is the eco mode, so to change modes. You just use this one and thats the realistic range that you get 49 kilometers in warp mode. I have uh already consumed three percent of the battery, so yeah around 45 to 50 kilometers in what mode sports mode 58 in ride thats 68 and in eco 82. I typically ride in sports mode, because that gives me the flexibility to suddenly overtake something like i can. Accelerate quickly go up to 60, do an overtake and then come back to a regular speed, regular cruising speed, because, if youre traveling around 40 to 50 kilometers, this gives the best range anything beyond that youre consuming a lot more of the battery. So for most electric vehicles, the consumption is measured in water hours per kilometer, so i was averaging around 30 watts per kilometer and with that the range is almost 90 kilometers. Realistic range guys like if you stop for maybe half a day or just travel, 15 kilometers go home and then come back. The next day do another 1520. Then the range is around 75 to 80, because the standby capacity of this battery is not that great. It loses it discharges battery like almost two three percent overnight thats, quite a lot more than it should.

Actually, if you ride non, stop around 40 to 50 kilometers per hour expect anywhere between 85 to 90 kilometers on a full range eco. The top speed is limited to 450 kilometers per hour. I would rather ride 40 to 50 kilometers in sports mode, because the top speed is not limited and youre, not utilizing the full battery capacity thats just a non scientific observation. This is the ergonomics that i was talking about, like my knees are pretty bent, and this is the typical riding posture that you have. The mirrors are pretty good by the way the adjustment is a little finicky, but they have good youtube videos on ethers channel to show you how to adjust these. This is what i was talking about like i want to overtake this car. I want to have some power, so i can overtake them and get back to normal speed if im in eco mode. The speed limit is at 50 and im traveling at 45. I cant overtake like that so theres, a slightly open stretch where i can do zero to 40.. Well, do it in warp mode, okay, Music! That was quick guys if i have to. I dont have a v box tool to time it but im sure thats around three seconds like that was super quick, as you can see since i charged it fully. Six percent of battery ive traveled, five five and a half kilometers, so thats, a realistically good range that you get with this scooter and the top speed of the scooter that i tested is around 90 kilometers per hour.

It can vary with the persons weight, the road conditions, wind resistance, quite a lot of factors going to top speed. So we looked at acceleration. We looked at top speed. We looked at braking what else would be in terms of performance? If you have a pillion, then eco mode is not at all recommended. I mean you can travel, but adding that extra weight slows you down quite a lot, so the bare minimum is ride mode. Sport mode is the ideal mode. If you have a pillion, because you can do still quick, overtakes and all and the range would vary slightly because of the extra weight uh make sure you have the tire pressure check going to a fuel station to check temperature was kind of odd. I typically do it at home, but originally there was an interesting feature of tire pressure monitoring system which was supposed to come on the scooter. I dont know if its shelved or not it would be perfect to check the tire pressure, but it is going to take the price up. One more thing about performance is: you can have regen, you just need to twist the throttle see how the speed is coming down. If i keep the throttle, normally the speed comes down, but not as aggressively. So i wanted more region in the scooter region can help. You get better range, maybe they were concerned its going to increase the battery heat. This is very active in nature.

Like you have to manually, do it its not automatic, it does switch to eco mode when the battery is low. So there are some certain smart features and talking about smart features like this screen is pretty good here, like they have an app which is pretty smart in notifying you where the scooter is. Where are the nearest charging station like? I can navigate to my home ill? Do a? U turn here and show you that navigation is pretty good and they do software updates over their updates so frequently like its faster than your phone, and they have some interesting updates. Like recently, they added music and this hand is brilliantly mad because of the low center of gravity with the eevees in general. So lets say i want to go to chutneys cooked pulley, its a very fast system. So this is how navigation would look on the scooter. Its a lovely 7 inch, touchscreen navigation, you cant, obviously touch and do anything while youre riding not safe its a pretty accurate navigation system based on google maps, not the same one that you get in your phones, you so you wont get traffic and all this is Quite a lot for scooter here, so you can answer, calls listen to music use navigation check. Your range find nearest charging locations. Restaurants, you can check the status of your scooters battery see if it is how much it has charged if you have kept it for charging in case you are unable to find your scooter in a mall.

You can check google maps to find the exact location, so there is an inbuilt sim, a 4g sim thats doing all the job. So those are my impressions about the performance and features of the 450x lets talk about two other important things: charging and infrastructure about charging. We have two options: a slow charging and a fast charging option. Slow charging happens through a 16 amp socket in case you dont have a 16 amp plug at home. You can get a charger dot charger installed by ether, thats an easier setup and kind of waterproof. The portable charger works better for someone who travels a lot who thinks they might find spots where there are no fast charging options or they might get standard, but with a fast charger where there are at least, i think, 15 of fast others in the city. At various locations you can get up to 15 kilometers for 10 minutes of a charge, so full charge would take anywhere between one to one and an hour. But zero to eighty percent can happen in an hour, which is pretty good. Unlike tata, ether is not charging for their fast charging thing, which i think is a brilliant move, because it will help alleviate that discomfort that even one percent of discomfort people might have with adopting to an evil. In my honest opinion, buying an eb is a bigger challenge than adapting to using nav. In other words, if you have, if you purchased an ev, you can definitely with it like 80 of the time you are charged at home, but only 20 of the time is when you go out and in those 20 of occasions very rarely would you feel, like You want to charge, i myself have probably charged once or twice in the last two three months outside i didnt, i didnt require a fast charger, even in the car or in the scooter, scooter, probably a bit more than the car, because the range is less, but With the new scooters that are coming up in the market like ola and simple one, the range is much higher so that tension is remote quite a lot and thats a perfect segue to the next and final section is ether 456 still a good bet, considering what Ola and simple one are doing in the market.

I think ola and simple. One look amazing on paper cola with that branding and also the backing that they have the financial backing that they have can do a lot in this space and much more quickly. So i predict that theyre gon na dominate the space but im gon na reserve. My opinions till i test ride that vehicle. I still havent had an axis im trying to get access to an ola s1 or pro or s1, but its going to take time. But whenever its available in the market well, definitely you can definitely expect to see a review or first hand impressions and on paper, simple one looks to be the best because it has better price, better range, better performance. Those are three things very hard to get guys, because the moment you increase the battery capacity to one more range, the weight of the scooter increases and the performance decreases. Lets say you want more performance, you would use a bigger motor and the moment you use bigger motor. It uses the battery power quite a lot. I think its going to be pretty hard for ether to keep up, but the thing that goes with ether is they already have lot of showrooms across india. They have numerous fast charging points across multiple cities, so theyre well established, and they have at least one year ahead in comparison to ola and simple one. Both only and simple one are priced brilliantly well, so there is a lot of things that are happening in the ev space, its exciting for a consumers, point of view im thoroughly enjoying 450x for my daily needs, thats.

My short take on the aether 450x, its not a detailed ownership review and i havent ridden tens of thousands of kilometers, but i get a pretty good idea of how the scooter is sustaining till now. There are no rattles or anything on a whole im. A very happy customer i enjoy my scooter quite a lot. There are few niggles here and there, but part of any scooter. You will find that definitely on ola and also simple one for now: im pretty excited to see how the market evolves and hope you enjoyed this video. Thank you for watching so far.