The kia sportage is a midsize suv that competes against popular crossovers here in australia, like the toyota, rav4, the mazda cx 5 and its cousin, the hyundai tucson, and, to be honest, the previous gen or the outgoing sport tyres was actually a bit of an underrated suv, Particularly in diesel all drive form, but the new sportage well design wise, its certainly going for the jugular in terms of getting your attention. This is the new opposites, united design language, that kia are shifting their cars to, and i think youll agree with me that its pretty darn memorable, particularly in this jungle, wood green now, the sportage i have behind me – is the gt line which is again going to Sit at the top of the range here in australia were not going to be able to drive it just yet today, im going to give you a preview of what to expect when the sportage lands down under later in 2021. Well, take a close look at the interior of this gt line. The back seats base the boot and then ill walk you through the engine options and how kia have tuned the dynamics for australian roads before we get started, make sure to hit subscribe down below the video. As i mentioned, the sportage that ive brought along today is the gt line, so we can see all of the available features on this car. That said, the gt line will sit at the top of a four strong sportage lineup here in australia, and the big news is that, even though the lower specs of the sportage will probably still appeal as a fleet vehicle, because kia are clearly aiming for a five Star end cap rating, given theres a center air bag between these seats, theres, no more sort of true stripped out base model.

All sportages have a leather steering wheel. They all get led headlights as standard which really improves how it looks from the front end. But of course, here at the top of the range, this is a private buyers delight because, while the last sportage interior was high quality, the appearance was really. I guess, functional and pragmatic. The new one is absolutely immersive in terms of design its a huge step up in perceived quality in here. It feels truly special and it looks like a car twice the price. Now, not all of the materials can, i guess, cash. The checks that theyre riding that youll still be able to find some harder surfaces in here that remind you. This is a mainstream suv and not a luxury suv, but for the most part the new sportage comes off really well. I especially like this almost porsche tycan like curved display up here, which incorporates two 12.3 inch screens that looks really special and the fact it doesnt have a cowl doesnt seem to matter because the screens themselves are really bright. But, of course, well have to wait to drive it to see how that works in practice, the software on the screens is kia and hyundais latest infotainment system it works well, and the big size certainly helps its fairly responsive to the touch apple, carplay and android. Auto are included, but youll need a cable to use them, but in front of us we have digital gauges with blind spot cameras included, which is fantastic, the still the best blind spot monitoring system that you can get on really any new car beneath these screens.

We have this really nice sort of open, pore or textured looking wood trim and then a very, very cool shortcut panel, where initially weve got shortcuts for navigation and media, but just one tap away. It switches the whole panel and the dials to climate thats. A really interesting touch again, not something ive, seen for quite a while, if ever looking down here on this sort of bridge center console weve got a rotary shifter for the automatic gearbox and weve got controls for the heated and cooled seats and speaking of those seats Here in the gt line, theyre actually quite an attractive, not quilted, but certainly patterned black leather appearance, and it feels pretty comfortable again ill need to do a few hours in the saddle to really report on that. But weve got memory. Weve got electric adjustment. Weve got two way lumbar, so all of the bona fides certainly seem to be there big sunroof in this car as well dark headlining. So it all comes off. As you know, a little sporty a little luxurious as for storage weve got a very volkswagen tiguan esque cup holder arrangement. Here ahead of the shifter weve got wireless charging usbc usb a 12 volts weve got an armrest with more space. Weve got bottle holders in the doors, not too big, though, and they sit next to harman kardon speakers weve got an eight speaker, harman kardon system that promises to sound pretty good, just like the new hyundai tucson, which shares bits and bobs with this half generation newer Kia sportage kia have opted to stretch this suv to give a bit more rear, legroom and more boot space as well check out in just a second and thats, worked to dramatic effect, because, despite the fact, this is a midsize suv.

The legroom here in the second row is more like a large suv. Now the trade off is that, unlike the sorrento theres no available third row, so the five seats you see here is what you get, but for five people, the new sportage is actually very comfortable. Accommodation so for myself at six foot, headroom is no issue beneath this panoramic sunroof legroom is amazing. Tow room is excellent, and even this middle seat is usable, its a bit of a perch but theres, almost no step or hump in the floor down there. So you could certainly use it if you needed to air vents. I see them on this car. I dont know whether theyre range wide, but previously on the outgoing sportage. They were range wide. So hopefully that has stayed. Weve also got a variety of sort of interesting additions back here, weve got little bag hooks on the back of the seat. Weve got a map holder on both seats as well, and then we have this rather interesting. Looking coat hanger on the back of both of the front seats plus its interesting to note that the seat back usb ports here which have been borrowed from cars like the kia sorento, have actually shifted to usbc in the new sportage. Now you might not have cables for usbc yet, but youll want to get them because it charges much faster than the old usb standard. We also have a flip down armrest with two cupholders big windows.

We do regress to hard plastic on the doors back here, but we still have that nice sort of wood trim and there is padding on the armrest. So you know all in all. It feels comfortable and i could happily do a few hours back here. I reckon while the front end of the new sportage will definitely polarize. Some people will love it. Some people will think its way overdone. I think here around the back. The new sportage is actually a really handsome vehicle, its a little bit more coupe in its silhouette than the last version, which was quite traditionally wagon bodied. But you can see it wears. Kias new insignia really quite nicely here and the fact that its fairly free from badges is something we see fairly often on earlier builds of new hyundai and kia cars. I wouldnt be surprised if, when it enters production, we have a bit more clutter over here, but hopefully not now. It looks as if the tail lights are joined by a sort of heck, blender, reflector or light, but i dont think they are. I think this is just black plastic, because the reflectors are actually down here, uh in this sort of diffuser assembly, but either way it looks pretty cool power. Tailgate on this high spec variant gets out of your way. Eventually, enzo opens up to reveal a 637 liter boot, absolutely no step. So getting your suitcases in easily is no sweat, as you can see more than enough room for the three chasing cars suitcases and they sit underneath the cargo blind, which is better than we can say for some rivals here in the boot weve got a 12 volt Socket weve also got latches to remotely drop those seats there in the back and we have a full size spare across the range which is pretty impressive, mid size.

Suvs are the most popular type of car on sale here in australia, and so that means that the manufacturers like kia, tend to bring in a lot of choice, because when youve got a lot of different buyers, many buyers, you need to offer them lots of different Engines and trim combinations, and so while the sportage that ive brought along today is a pretty nice one, its a gt line with the turbo petrol engine. You can certainly get much lower in specifications. You can get a diesel, so i just thought id run you through some of the specs and some of those engines available. So the base sportage continues to be the s then theres, the sx, the sx plus, and the gt line. We dont have pricing on any of these cars yet, but we do expect it within a few weeks so well post a little comment when that happens. Once we have those prices now, whats important to remember is that if youre interested in the turbo petrol engine, you can only get that on the top two variants, the sx plus and the gt line on every other variant. You have a choice of a two liter. Naturally, aspirated port injected four cylinder petrol engine producing 115, kilowatts of power and 192 newton meters of torque, and you dont want that engine its a carryover engine, loads of hyundais and keys, have had it and its its fine, but its thirsty and its slow.

The diesel is optional across the range and i wont know until i drive them, but in the old sportage the diesel was the engine to get the turbo. Petrol is effectively the same as the one in the tucson and in that car. The diesel is also the one to get so i imagine the sportage diesel will probably still be my pick now. It makes 137 kilowatts of power and 416 newton meters of torque and it comes with all wheel, drive thats heaps of torque for a mid size, suv and its by far the most frugal engine. So thats certainly one to keep in mind. But the new addition is the 1.6 liter turbo petrol, 132 kilowatts of power, 265 newton meters of torque and, as i mentioned its exclusive to the top two variants. So that is another more premium option that you could choose over that base petrol engine now impressively in order to go for those high standards of safety and potentially a five star end cap rating we dont know but potentially theres a really good range of safety, tech, Thats standard on every sportage, including that center air bag i mentioned, but also aeb with junction assist lane, keep assist and a few other technologies that help out day to day. So those are my first impressions of the new kia sportage very much looking forward to a drive of this new generation, midsize suv, because in static form, i think you come away from it thinking.

This is pretty impressive. It looks interesting outside and i think it you know fortune sometimes favors the bold in this sort of segment. There wont be any forgetting the aesthetic of it and i actually think in this green gt line specification. Its pretty handsome. The interior has a huge amount of wow factor to it, and the broad spread of the lineup should mean that theres something for everyone, as for prices, well be finding those out soon. But id probably have in mind the range kicking off from somewhere in the low to mid 30 000 area heading up through to maybe 50 grand for this top spec car well soon find out keen to know your impressions.