My name is Dan and in this whole video were going to be looking at the Lectron electric vehicle charger or charge cable or just evse for short ive been using this charger for a while now, and i found it to be a very lightweight and portable charge. Cable that allows me to connect my electric car to a 240 volt ac outlet, and it comes with a 21 foot cable which really makes it convenient so lets check out this evs eu and i come on first off lets. Look at some of the key features, for example its underwriters laboratory or ul listed. It is sae j1772 compliant. So any ev out there that allows you to plug into the j1772 even with an adapter is compatible. It has auto restart in the event of a ground fault or even a power outage. It also has overheat protection. It comes with a backlit display that measures one and an eighth inch by one half inch in the upper left hand corner. We find the amp limit mode, which you can change to limit the amount of amps being drawn by the circuit in the top center. We find the time spent charging in the upper right hand corner. We find the charging status indicator in the center. We see the amount of kilowatt hours that have been drawn from the home circuit in the lower left hand corner. We see the connected voltage in the lower center. We see the amount of amps being drawn by the circuit in the lower right hand corner.

We see the units temperature here we see its at 31 degrees celsius, which is about 88 degrees fahrenheit. The plug connects to a nema 1450 outlet which can be found in the garages of most newer homes. If your home doesnt have a nema 1450 outlet, it can be installed by an electrician in about an hour or less plugging. In is a snap. The plug is made of a very sturdy construction and it feels very firm in the outlet once connected to power. The unit automatically turns on the cabling is very thick and feels very well made. It can actually be used indoor or outdoor. The j1772 plug is made of a sturdy plastic. Next lets plug this into my mitsubishi imav to charge the car. This unit comes with a 21 foot, long cable, which makes it very convenient if you want to charge outside the unit charges at consistent level. 2 rate next lets charge my tesla model 3. in order to charge a tesla with a j1772 plug. You need to use the adapter that comes with your tesla, as you can see its charging to full 32 amps at 240. Volts next lets check this inside the tesla, as you can see its charging at 8, kilowatts 32 amps at 236, volts and itll. Take about three hours to give me the charge that ive selected. So what sets this charge? Cable, apart from the one that comes with the car well for one comes with a 21 foot length, cable, making it very convenient.

If you want to charge the car on the outside, but have the plug on the inside of a garage or a different location, it comes with a very sturdy and handy portable case. It charges at consistent level. Two rate has overheat protection and is ul listed and thats. Why im recommending this charge? Cable? If you like these types of videos, please give it a thumbs up comment down below, because i love to read your comments and if you havent done so already, please subscribe to my channel.