Cinema set number 10232. This set was released in 2013., so before this set, the only other modular that included a car was fibrograde in 2009 and in my opinion i think more modulars need these. Sidecar builds when you look at police station that we got this year. Where is the 1950s styled police car its missing that extra little build so im very glad they included a car in this build, and i think its the perfect choice, its built for two minifigures, but you can fit three if you wanted to like you can fit Another one in the front console i do love the details in this car. The bumper bar and the grilles are great on the front, as is the bumper and the car lights on the back. The detail that theyve put into building the hood in the car is great, but i feel like it is missing a hood ornament. It has a stud where it should go, but there is nothing included in the set to put there. Theyve also brick built the fenders over the wheels instead of using the mud guard lego piece, the windows and mirrors are pretty standard. I do wish the interior was a little brighter, just to contrast with the harsh black like with either a white or a tan. Also would have loved to have had a removable roof, but overall this is a very cute limo build next car were going to look at is from downtown diner set number 10260 from 2018.

, its nine years until we get another vehicle in the modular set, and what A car this is this set is one of the first sets i got when i really got into lego and was the first one i actually bought from a lego store its a great car and side note. It makes me think of a cartoon. We used to watch when we were younger little elvis jones, which was about a baby abandoned in the outback by elvis it was a trip, but i love the pink color in this car and the contrast of the white accents. This is using the same window pieces as the limo impala cinema, but it has a different mirror piece, also using the proper fender piece instead of a brick built fender. The hubcap on the wheels also has a more traditional pattern than what we see in the pallet cinema build the front of the car is fabulous. I mean the bumper, the grilles, the headlights are all great, but the back of the car is the best part of this build like. How great does that look? I love that you can fit three minifigures in this convertible, which i feel like normally its max 2, and this build. I dont mind that it doesnt have a roof because its a convertible like it makes sense, and it looks great next car were going to look at comes from the hogwarts whomping willow set number 75953 from 2018.

. Technically this isnt a modular, but i wanted to have a look at this car anyway. Now this build also appears in a harry potter, set. We got last year for privet drive, but this particular build is from the hogwarts whomping willow. I love the blue and white, and this is the first set that were looking at that has a roof. While i appreciate that they did put a roof on it, the technique to get that effect im, not a fan of the zigzag pattern on the blue bricks. Doesnt, look like what the car looks like. I do like that. The roof attaches to the back window, so you can pull it off to access the inside and you can squeeze two minifigures in there. It is better for one, but you can put two in love, that its got license plates and thats something thats been missing from the last two. Cars also love that the boot opens thats, amazing playability, but considering this came from a cheaper harry potter set, it is more aimed at kids and it needs that playability factor front of the car looks great as well with the yellow headlights and the new technique for Building the mirrors its a pretty good car set to get in a cheap harry potter set, so i think lego did a good job designing this one. Next car were going to look at comes from the upside down. The stranger things set set number 75810 from 2019.

. I think this is my favorite car, build that i own and, to be honest, i have thought about selling this set, but ive held on to it because i love this car so much which im not a car person. So thats just bizarre for me, but the build is exceptional. The fact that you can fit hopper in this and have the roof on and it doesnt have the weird angles that the ford angelica from harry potter has and the boot functions, and you can open it and store criminals or pumpkins in there like its such a Good build and its so playable, but it still has the details that say downtown diner hat, like the hood and the front of the car is so good love the colours its got stickers for hawkins police and a license plate on the back its weird it doesnt Have a license plate on the front, but thats fine and love the police lights on the roof like this is just such a solid cargo that has so much detail, but so much playability. At the same time, like it doesnt lose out. Next car were going to look at is the vintage car set number 40448 from 2021.? Now this was a lego ideas contest winner and was a gift with purchase at the start of 2021., when most people were staying up for news eve, i was staying up to buy the police stations so that i could get this set because, honestly, it goes perfectly With the downtown diner and again, it is using that dark, turquoise, which looks amazing the accents of this car again in white.

As much as i love the look of the surfboards on the side, my gosh are they annoying. They are constantly falling off its infuriating. It looks good, but its so annoying the doors on this set also dont open, and it has a new way of doing the windscreen which, to be honest, im not sure if i like it, but i do love the different way of doing the mirrors. I think they were really well done. The front of the car is amazing and i love that they thought about adding a hood ornament and a license plate. The back of the car is also great. I mean how good does the boot look? The double reverse lights like this is a great, build and honestly very worth, staying up until midnight to get im very glad. I have this set, and the last car were going to be looking at in this review. Is the yellow taxi set number 40468 from 2021? As well now, this car does come with a roof, but at a cost it cant fit minifigures in and look thats an issue for a build at minifigure scale. The stickers on this are great. Weve got taxis a license plate, but the best detail is the two advertisement stickers on the roof of the cab. It does seem short, i think, its even a stud shorter than say the ford angelica from wamping willow, and they could have made it taller to fit in a minifigure so its weird that they didnt the hood and the front of the car look great.

As do the mirrors lack that different technique, theyve also brick, built the fenders instead of the mud cover piece that weve seen in previous builds. Also in 2021, we got a better taxi in set number 76178 daily bugle that actually opens up, and you can fit a minifigure in its really weird to me that they would release two in one year and maybe its so that you can get the cab cheaply Without paying for the whole bugle and in the bugle, you get a better version of the car, but it doesnt fit a minifigure, so its a little bit pointless to me this set like yes, i kind of like the look of it, but its got no function. If it cant fit minifigures in comparing all the cars, the mvp, for me, is definitely the police car from stranger things: its got a roof, the boot function. It looks amazing and its a great great build. I mean honorable mention does, of course go to the convertible from downtown diner. The fact that you can fit three minifigures in that set is great and im a huge fan of that, but overall stranger things takes it for me, its just a great build im, a huge fan of it anyway. Guys, thanks for watching, leave a comment below about which car was your favorite, obviously theres, so many more cars in modular that i havent reviewed. I just did the ones that i actually own.

So maybe we might do that in the future.