Weve never previously seen this model in our market and its a car that might get forgotten in a sector dominated by contenders. Like the bmw 5 series, the mercedes e class or the audi a6 – yet it doesnt deserve to be it – offers non plug in petrol, electric hybrid power, the less than you pay for a smoky diesel version of a teutonic competitor and much more equipment too. If you want to spoil yourself in this segment and luxury and low running costs, take precedence over drive dynamics, the es could be an appealing package, so whats. The es experience like well very quiet is the answer at the wheel of the es300h petrol electric hybrid version, which is the only one on offer in our market silence when first, you begin and push the starter button silence when you ease through slow moving rush out Traffic, the engine cutting in only above 25 miles an hour unless you have a particularly heavy right foot like most hybrids. The car can trickle along powered by the battery pack only as it does from start off or more usually, with a combination of both battery and engine and thats. Something that you can monitor for a graphic display in the center of the dash provided. Ev button allows you a mandatory all electric setting, but it wont last too long, because this is a self charging system, not a plug in setup, hence its more affordable pricing. Of course, with a petrol electric hybrid, you dont get the kind of pulling power.

That would be on offer from a rival foursome and the diesel model. Um, this es hybrids, new generation 2.5 litre power plant has considerably less torque than one of those. Although its a 215 bhp combined system output initially looks quite promising as usual, with a lexus synergy. Drive powertrain, you have to have it mated to a belt driven cvt, auto gearbox, which, when you need raspberry power, tends to encourage engine flare, but not a great deal of noticeable extra forward motion. Talking of that 62 miles an hour from rest, if youre really pushing on, can be dealt with in 8.9 seconds on route to 112 miles an hour and theres a drive mode select system with eco and sport settings depending on how you want to drive the front Driven layout doesnt have the bite of rear driven german competitors that speed through the turns, even if you opt for the more dynamic f sport trim model which features adaptive variable suspension. Few likely lexus buyers, though uh care very much about a dynamic drive more relevant. Our running costs the wltp rated combined cycle, fuel consumption isnt quite up to diesel standards, but the co2 figure any dc rated at as little as 100 grams per kilometer is much better, making possible benefiting kind taxation rating which can be as low as 24 percent. The looks of this card will be a major determining factor in making people want to try it. Quite a bit has been borrowed from the lexus brands, top boardroom level, luxury saloon, the ls and thats a good thing in our book.

It gives this es a car park, presence that german rivals struggle to emulate and nearly five meters in length its actually one of the lengthiest contenders in the full size part of the executive class 36 mills longer than an audi a6. For example. This, along with the rearward sloping fast roof line and the lower bonnet line, enabled by the new gak platform combined to deliver a sense of gravitas and street size status that this model. I never previously had with a silhouette style around what chief designer yasuo cagino calls a theme of provocative, elegance Music behind the wheel. You find yourself in a cabin apparently inspired by ometa nashi, uh, the japanese art of hospitality and youll probably find it to be refreshingly. Different, if your middle management, motoring life so far has had a teutonic theme, the sweeping stylized lines, the unique choice of trimming and texture and the sumptuously supportive seats, all impress less welcome, is lexuss insistence on forcing you to operate the 8 or 12.3 inch central infotainment Screen with this central lower touch pad, which is difficult to use on a bumpy road, the instrument display you view through this lovely three spoke wheel, isnt fully digital, but the central dial is uh. The binacles top stitched cowl is lovely the horn style controls sticking out to be the side of it. Arent uh classy distinctly lexus touches include the infrared climate concierge system, which orchestrates the ideal climate for each person in the car and the optional 17 speaker concert hall style.

Mark levinson surround sound audio system time to try the rear. Now earlier we mentioned that this es is one of the longest cars in the segment, but somehow lexus has managed to translate that into a design with the shortest wheelbase in the class that, along with the fact that this car also has the lowest roof height in The sector doesnt bode well for back seat space once inside, though legroom isnt too bad lexus says that theres actually only a millimeter less than youll get in the boardroom level, ls saloon that competes in the next class. Above, although that car is poor in that regard, uh that slightly restricted ceiling height necessitated by the sloping roof might be an issue for taller passengers, but cabin width is average by class standards. Theres, actually more of it here than you get in a mercedes e class and a combination of a third person if needed, is helped by this reasonably low center transmission tunnel. Finally, lets take a look at luggage, space, an area that, in the past, with hybrid lexus saloons, has tended to be compromised in size. You get a 454 liter capacity which, although it is probably quite sufficient for most likely owners, is quite a bit down on what you get from obvious segment. Diesel rivals still. This space is notably wide and decently long, so its pretty usable for longer items, a ski hatch is provided, but it is annoying that the folding seat backs you get on other saloons in this class cant be offered here so trips from ikea with flat pack.

Furniture are out. You might be relieved to hear that, though the car magazines will tell you that most buyers in the full sized executive sector expect a highly tuned degree of handling finesse from their saloons, which of course, is rubbish. The average business buyer of a car of this kind wants comfort luxury and the lowest benefiting kind taxation position possible as part of an exemplary low running cost proposition, all of which the es delivers better than any other contender in this segment. One things for sure.