So this is case k. I accidentally said l. This is case k of 2021 with dewey come on and rich hurry. I did not actually find her. My dad did when he was at work and he found richard Music, but he thought i had her. So i think you got to do it, but she is in the case with um dewey cone rod lets see who else theres a notable re release. Oh whos, the release, in my case oh sterling, and were trying so yep um. So this is the only one he got of me. He got me a harumi because he didnt think i had her, but i actually did so im just gon na keep our package. So yeah lets take a look at the packaging. You can see. We have the racing red emblem right there and dining hall cruiser mirrors three: three plus mattel logo um new for 2021., its way different from the actual one, obviously its red silver decals, the other one had yellow and blue decals, so um yeah. She has a more um ex whats. The word determined look on her disney pixar cars and metal on the back disney pixar cars, racing red and all of the other racing racks. We have sally jackson, storm brand, new waiter, and i mean nine cookers and racing francesca. Bernoulli and then coming and likely case m of 2021, which was just revealed on my instagram. If you want to um, look at that, its cardio 2006 underscore um its like um racing red, lightning mcqueen, but we have no confirmation that it is in case m.

Well, he wasnt revealed so im using rsn and then um empowering the next generation. Okay, so lets get this guy out of the box. This girl out of the box so wow. This is racing red cruise ramirez out of the box. She is looking amazing, like her shine has like oh, my gosh. Its super duper good Music, and if i knew what she was going to look like out in person, then i would have voted for her in 2021 diecast awards. If you havent watched that video go watch it after this video, so this is racing my cruise out of the package, we got a car similar to this last year, but it was um silver. Then it got great ramirez, so lets get into the Music silver text. This guy – oh my gosh. I love this car best car 2021 right here, no im like yeah best card, no, you cant, dinoco, 51 and um the dinosaur and the other ruthless responses. Pissing cup uh synergy, combustor and carbon cyber jim robert is really simple, and hopefully it will be the thing with me. If i ever get to find him Music, i think Music on the side. Well, thats cool. You can see right there. Thats super duper cool. You can see inside thats, cool and uh on the top. You have 51 and her flaps Music yeah. This is it for racing red cross mirrors.