So let me give you a video of the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Stop guys to keep seeing more content from me bill. You got to make sure you like share and subscribe. So with this be the 2019 model uh the facelift, the facelift comes with a new grille at the front, the old style was horizontal and then the new style is vertical. The other key change towards the front is the new led, headlight design, and then the other subtle change in the front is the bottom grille design, guys so check this out. The beautiful v8 engine and its actually got the name of the person thats actually handcrafted. It is tobias navoosh, so, just like the porsche the front wheels are smaller than the rear, wheels the front and 19 inch, and then the back is 20 inch. The one thing i actually like about this vehicle is how its actually been color coded black, so weve got the trims around the windows, black, the side mirrors black and then the side skirt black youve got the alloys black, the um side v8 by turbo sign black. It actually coordinates with the white exterior color, beautifully moving towards the rear of the vehicle. Youve got this black spoiler at the back thats, not actually standard with the normal c63 uh model, but the key change in the facelift model is the rear, diffuser and the exhaust tips it actually makes it look really really aggressive guys.

So let me just show you the boot space for this uh c63 cube its actually enough space for your weekly shopping. The only thing thats wrong with this one is its actually floating along. I think the springs might be knackered on this one guys so weve reviewed the xtd of this beast and the more i look at it, the more i like it. The competitor for this is the bmw m4, which well be reviewing very very soon and thats when ill make. The decision is the c63 cube better or the bmw m4. So lets move on to the interior theres, actually not much change inside with the facelift model. The key changes are to the steering wheel: youve got the new uh control buttons that well take a closer look at and then youve got the 10.5 inch new entertainment screen and then weve got minor change to the uh leather guys. I actually love the steering wheel. This is actually my favorite bit about the interior of the vehicle, and these are the new command controls. Uh youve got so youve got the button to turn on the exhaust and then youve got the suspension button and then, on the right hand, side youve got the driving settings, so youve got normal mode, sports mode, sports plus mode and then the all new slippery mode. So the last two years mercedes have really upped their game with the new interior, the entertainment style. It is actually pure luxury compared to bmw, uh and the od, but the c60 fee is actually let down um.

So, just like the e classes and the all new models, even the a class really, this should have a large uh screen going all the way along um that would have actually set it off quite nicely. The other thing that lets this screen down is one its not actually touch. The other thing is its quite. It looks old. I remember the older c classes having this kind of setting, depending on your mood guys. You can actually change the design, so youve got the classic mode, which is in now you can put into sports mode, and then you can actually put in super sport, which is my favorite. So the one thing that i would recommend and the one thing that this car is actually missing is the panoramic sunroof. The vehicle actually looks a lot darker and enclosed without it so thats one recommendation well its actually one most on the c63. Another thing that this vehicle is actually missing is the upgraded sound system. The burmster is a deader lets, take a look at the rear seats, so its actually a quite nice feature by mercedes. The front seat automatically goes forward, so you can get into the back. So right, im in the back lets, put this seat back theres, actually quite a lot of room actually quite impressed with the bike. Actually, when the seats fully set, it doesnt get a little bit tight, but but guys you wouldnt buy a c63 coupe amg to have people in the back wood yeah.

Just to sum up the space in the back uh theres, actually enough space to get your lads in on a saturday night. Are you ready for the fun bit guys lets take the baby for a drive so not to 16. This mortar is three seconds uh its 469 brake horse. The s model is 30 brake horse ball. So lets start. This beast on lets, hear the grumble guy thats, so the vehicles coming on. Oh my god, where is the grumble its actually got? Nothing. Let me just put the exhaust button on for you a little bit better lets put it in sports mode, slightly better lets. Try sports plus now its got a little grumble that we wanted yep. So i think sports plus actually opens the valves yeah guys. I actually feel a little let down by the exhaust on the c63. I actually always thought youd have that big load rumble off of noise. Its all gone so guys lets uh. This is normal mode. Lets give it so we gon na take it for a drive in normal mode. Well, have a look at the brakes, the acceleration and the turning circle, guys three key things in normal mode response time, really good. The torque on the exhaust, not so good and the third thing guys – is the rear, wheel, uh control of the vehicles perfect, so guys im going to try it in sports mode for you and then sports plus and ill sum all 2 up for you guys sports Mode beautiful response amazing that little twitch on the little bend, but he went straight back in so guys.

Sports plus weve got the quick response. Weve got the grumble in the exhaust. Weve got the pops that we want, because all the valves stay open, guys the handlings. Actually exactly the same in sports mode and sports plus. So let me just sum up the drivability of this vehicle. Uh number one, the uh response on the throttle, lovely drivelink, then number two, the handling of the vehicle is actually amazing compared to the older c63s. I draw a handle nice. Even a little twitch is coming straight back in and then number three guys, the torque from the exhaust and engine the v8 engine by turbo its actually not doing it. For me, only in sports, plus you get the grumble and the pop that everyone loves. Finally, guys the breaks and the stopping distance is 10 out of 10. guys so lets give it a zanoid review im actually giving this a seven and a half out of ten. The reason why ive give it seven and a half out of ten is the first thing. The price tag for this vehicle is actually quite big.