Family hatchbase crossover ought to be from the stuttgart brand. Thorough engineering borrowed from the mercedes. A class means that theres plenty to like beyond the badge primary selling points focusing upon quality and efficiency. The wide range includes everything from shopping versions to a plug in hybrid, an off road, capable diesel derivative and track tamed mercedes amg variants, something for almost everyone, then, from a car that very much suits its fashion. Conscious segment, Music, the first generation gla could easily be dismissed as an a class hatch with lifestyle ideas of its station. But this mark ii model is very different and you feel that right from the get go, if youre a graduate from the older design, then youll immediately note the more commanding driving position and then, as you drive, itll, become obvious that the mark one models famously lumpy Low speed ride has at last been properly addressed. Both these things got fixed as part of a fundamental redesign based on the completely new mfa platform, which undergirds all current compact mercedes models. But this mark ii gla uses an updated version of it with increased rigidity and stiffness and in a further difference over the current, a class. All conventionally engine models get a properly sophisticated, multi link, rear suspension setup, hence the better damping. Much else is new to all the mainstream engines for a start, which include a renault derived 1.3 litre four cylinder petrol unit, mated to a seven speed automatic gearbox and offered with 136 horsepower in the base, dla 180 or with 163 hp in the gla 200 model.

That most customers prefer the latter model manages decent wltp efficiency figures up to 42.8 mpg on the combined cycle and 151 grams per kilometer of co2. All the other gla variants use an 8 speed automatic transmission uh. Arguably, the most interesting of those is the gla 250e phev plug in model were trying here, and this makes the faster version of that 1.3 litre petrol unit to a 75 kilowatt electric motor and thats powered by a 15.6 kilowatt hour. Lithium ion battery and thats good. For up to 37 miles of all electric driving, if you dont take advantage, that is of the healthy 218 hp system output, all the other gla variants use two liter power plants of various sorts, uh theres, a choice of two diesels, a front driven: gla 200d with 150 horsepower and an all wheel, drive gla 220d with 190 horsepower, a much improved formatting system and an off road engineering package too, and that adds a bit of extra soft road capability. Three more performance orientated petrol models also feature the 224 horsepower gla 250. The 306 horsepower mercedes amg, 35 4matic and the top wild 421 horsepower mercedes amg 45s 4matic plus, if you want to know the difference between a crossover, basically a high riding hatchback and a proper purpose designed suv then compare the first generation gla design. Very definitely a crossover with this mark ii model. This segment has now become so significant that half hearted design just doesnt cut it anymore.

So, like its premium rivals, this mercedes is now every inch, a proper compact suv as part of that transition. There have been some interesting dimensional changes. This car is actually now 40 millimeters shorter than before, but theres 30 mils more wheelbase length between the front and rear axles, so that really doesnt matter and its a considerable 104 millimeters taller. What will matter just as much to likely owners, though, is the fact that its a considerably more complete and modern piece of design uh the powerful shoulders of the bodywork blend with the coupe like lines of the tapering side, windows and a contoured panel profile, roof rails And all round protective cladding over the wheel, arches and the lower sills emphasize the suv, vibe and, of course, to suit the current trend. You can have large wheels rim sizes range from 18 to 21 inches weve got the 19 inch. Amg 5 twin spoke alloys here at the front where stylized power domes and the bonnet emphasize. The self assured demeanor its evident that this gla is quite a bit wider than its predecessor, 30 millimeters wider. In fact, uh something emphasized by this prominent grille, which features uh single strips flowing into the central star and theyll, have a background of twinkling silver pins. Providing you avoid the base sport spec models, move to the rear and youll find led light clusters presented in two parts, with the reflectors positioned separately in the bumper okay time to check out the part of this car which mercedes promises will really sell it to the Interior sure enough, it really does feel very premium in here with man made leather stitch seats, glossy piano black coated center console that flows up into the dash and curious tubular silver door grab handles plus, of course, as usual, with the modern compact mercedes theres.

The usual pair of glitzy screens, depending on the spec you choose, these will be either 7 or 10.25 inches in size or, as here, a combination of both, and these can be activated by prodding on the monitors by various neat touch pads or by the provided. Mbux. Hey mercedes voice activated functionality, you sit much more commandingly than was the case with the previous generation model. Your windscreen perspective is now 140 millimeters higher than it would be in an a class and, of course, as ever, in a mercedes, youre surrounded by premium touches like these intricately fashioned double stitched door cards and the circular silver jet engine style. Vents which decorate the dash and are an integral part of the classy ambient lighting system, which brings the interior alive at night luxury downsizers, will love it all time to take a seat in the rear. In one single design leap, this h247 series design has taken the gla from near bottom to near top of its class in terms of space on offer. Thats, thanks to 116 millimeters of extra leg room, someone well over six foot tall, could sit behind a similarly sized front passenger and still have leg space plus theres plenty of room to slide your feet below the base of the chair in front. Finally, lets take a look in the boot and thats accessed by a standard, easy pack powered tailgate that on this plusher variant can be activated with the wave of your foot beneath the bumper.

If you happen to be approaching your gla laden down with child seats and paraphernalia uh, once the hatch powers up, youll find 435 litres of space, thats, actually 46 liters less than was offered by the previous generation model and 70 liters less than the equivalent bmw x1 Weve got the gla 250e phev variant here, which, due to underfloor battery placement, has even less room 385 liters. Even here, though, something like a folded, baby buggy should easily fit, and, in summary, well, every compact suv in this class claims to take the concept of sense and sensibility and add to it something of an adventurous streak.