I have told you about ford ecosports vs, volkswagen winter, so i hope you have remembered this car this car i have used in the previous video and but right now today i have another video volkswagen versus mercedes benz this time, but this was like this ford, ecosport Sources, and now its like this mercedes benz deal 500 was expressed: foxy, okay, so lets start. So this is volkswagen, so i hope you have remembered this car because you didnt see this car for a long time right. So ive shown you that it has total four one, two three four five six. It has six parts open same as the mercedes benz gel 500. It has the same oils as foxweight inventor, so number one is from door can be opened and heres the driving seat and steering can be moved up and down like in the real car, then hit the dashboard and heres another door. Number two now were on the rear gates, so you can see it has a little space to connect. It will not be any space to open the door. You didnt see in this car right, yeah number three, the engine it has a strong metal engine that works on electrical on the boot. This is a sudan car and it has a small boot space. So if you have this car, you can take it and review it, and if you have another car of your choice, you can do anything if you have volkswagen or 40 sports, anything whatever car you have, you can take it and also review it, and i dont Know what your name is, whoever youre watching my videos and whoever whoever you are liking.

My videos tell your name in the comment section below hit the like sub hit, the like button subscribe button and the notification bell got it for more social channels, good, so anyways now we are, must have this best of 500, just wait a minute so yeah. I am open. Monster is best jio 500. So for a long time i didnt review this car. Yet so it has the same line. Huh mozzarelli is back to the cute car and he has total seven car. I mean seven seats hold in the wall, see the seven seater suv of a toy car, mercedes benz deal 500 and it works on automatic. Have you ever seen a car walking without a gear? This car does not have any single gear, wait a minute. Yeah, try and lets have but mercedes benz gl500 is an awesome car. I stick some stars to look at even more but its a electrical car, and this is the same noise of volkswagen and i can show you it has. It is the same. So you can see these two wagon, so just wait a minute, yeah, okay, so lets see these two volkswagen and mercedes benz. These two are the same and see it, but their boots are different, gosh, no matter, so it is the same noise and the same parts open as volkswagen vento, which i have told you in the previous video with volkswagen winter versus 40 good sports. But this time i did a lot of practice to make it.

That is so. Let me show you the design of mercedes benz, so you can see its in white color and it has some chromes around its body. Let me see some clones. Okay. I can see some blooms here, theres a little scratch. Oh yeah, i can see some chromes, so these are the chromes lets see this. These are crooms and this is the logo of mercy mustangs and at the back it looks like utah. I dont know. So i didnt review this car for a long time, because i didnt take this. If you have mercedes, benz or fox right, whatever car, you have then review it. If you have the same noise of the volkswagen and the mercedes benz, so you can post in youtube. I have total three videos right now in youtube a month ago, so its engine is also electrical and do you want to hear the noise? Yes, this guy is out talking about number one. Its engine is electrical and do not put it in the water. Otherwise, it will never work number two. It has front doors open, really white and mozzarellas doors work on air, but the real ghosts do not work on electrical but the front. I feel so bad anyways until the rear. So you can see that the rear door opened really wide, not that so i can tell you some tips about this car, which i didnt, so i didnt didnt review about this car for a long time because i didnt take it in the previous friday.

I did. I did achieve it, you know what is the meaning of achievement. It means youre out at something it is real anyways. So i didnt review this car for a long time because i didnt achieve it is a glass and so phew, my god. Nothing is broken of this car, but a little bit scratch.