I will be doing more talking in my point of view, videos from now on, um, which you may regret, because, as some of you may know, i can talk for england but ill. Try not to talk too much. So you can appreciate the car, appreciate the ride and, yes, just appreciate the journey. The car im in this time is the new mg5 ev, which, as you can guess from the name, is a fully electric vehicle. So lets go for a drive that is very annoying. Switch it to drive and away we go so. The mg5 is available in two trim levels: excite and exclusive ive got the latter, which has a starting price of 27 595 pounds. But if you go for the excited that has a starting price of 25 095 pounds now you will need to. Excuse me. This is quite a busy junction. A few minutes later ive got what i think is a brand new bmw, m3 behind me, hes, going to be a bit annoyed that hes stuck behind an electric car; yeah. Sorry, so, yes, mg5 ev! So, no matter which version you go for youll get an electric motor which offers 156 horsepower along with 260 newton meters of torque. If you prefer that to impound feet, i will of course drop a subtitle below in regard to performance. This will hit 60 miles per hour in 7.3 seconds, and the top speed is 115 miles per hour. Im sure im sure youre more concerned about the range bear with me national speed limit.

This is yeah. Quite a rapid car ive left that m3 for dead or m4. Yes, in regard to range, which im sure youre more concerned about, if you go for the standard version like i have well, i say like i have. This has been given to me by mg motor uk for a week. Thank you mg motor uk. If you go for the standard, car youll get to a range of up to 214 miles miles, but you do have the option of a long range version which will cost you 1400 pounds extra. That increases the range to miles in regards to charging times. This car will take 50 minutes to get from zero to 80 percent using a 50 kilowatt charger, whereas the long range version will do the same. In 61 minutes. This car uses a 52.5 kilowatt hour battery, whereas the long range version has a 61.1 kilowatt hour battery in regard to standard features. Ive got on this car ive got 16 inch alloys, keyless entry, uh, reversing camera, rear parking, sensors, seven inch, digital display, which you can see in front of me or in front of you as well, because of course, youre joining me for this journey. An 8 inch touchscreen with navigation, smartphone connectivity, um, bluetooth and navigation, not too sure. If ive said navigation, ive got heated front seats, leather style seats, my drivers seat is six weight electronically, adjustable ive got auto air conditioning and adaptive cruise control, so pretty well kitted out.

Im sure youll agree: ive also got an auto dimming rear view, mirror, which is kind of a given nowadays, but the excites model doesnt get that in regard to i keep saying in regard to apologies, lets speak about the way how this car drives, which is pretty Average, to be fair, the ride is quite unsettled, so you may see my head bobbing about a little bit, which i do apologize. This car isnt uncomfortable, but the chassis is quite unsettled. It feels like its got ants in its pants, its yeah, its its never relaxed. Im not going to focus too much on the handling, because well that does leave a lot to be desired. However, this car hasnt been designed to set the next fastest time around the nurburgring. So i will forgive it of its shortcomings, so there arent really complaints per se. There are more observations, more just feedback. The steering weight is pretty good, but, like the zs i tested a few weeks ago, it does feel quite elastic. It feels like as a little pixie inside just tugging back, because the steering wheel is a bit too a bit too keen to self center theres, also a pronounced amount of body roll in the corners as well and overall, this this isnt a fun or dynamic car. To drive, although i wouldnt really expect it to be because it is a sensible, practical, good value, family estate car, its got a big boot.

The space in the rear is good. Space in the front is pretty good. Although for my driving position, my left knee is very close to the stalk for the cruise control and it does hit it sometimes, which is a bit annoying, but thats, probably due to my height im six foot, two in case youre wondering i reckon that that beam Is gon na roll past me in a few moments? I really like that grain. Hopefully you can see it in my uh. Nearsider wing mirror look looking rather menacing and if he, if he doesnt um overtake me, i will be very small. Look hes using indicators of bmw using indicators. I got it in film. I was an m4 oh thats nice. I like the back, but the front yeah. The grille does look better in person, but im still not sold anyway as much as id love. To talk more about that car, you came here for the mg5 ev now that im on faster roads lets speak about refinement, as you can tell, the road noise has just picked up, but this road surface is a bit more coarse, its not quite as good. So it is pronounced well, i dont feel like i need to shout, although i do feel the temptation to to raise my voice. Just a few decibels which you may have picked up on. The wind noise is okay, but once you get up to motorway speeds, it does become a bit more noticeable.

Visibility, i must say, is very good. So theres a large amount of glassware and seeing out of the mg5ev is a doddle. But of course, if you need uh more assistance, you do have a reversing camera and rear parking. Sensors no front sensors, which is a little bit disappointing. But hey you cant! Have everything ah thats a bit better, a bit quieter nice new, tarmac, right, thats, quite a lot of talking from me, so i will just well just shut up for a bit, so you can really just appreciate the sounds of the car and just the drive as A whole i dont think ive mentioned it up until this point, but ive got three driving modes at my disposal. So ive got a little toggle switch down here. So ive got sport, normal or eco, all of which are pretty self explanatory, so lets pop it into sport. There we go a bit slow to react. I will just move over because ive got this transit quite desperate. To get past me. There we go and now hes moved over anyway good one ive always got a toggle down here, marked kurz, and some of you who watch formula one that term may be very familiar, although this is far from a formula one car for those of you that dont Know what curve stands for or a lovely r8 spider over there? It stands for kinetic energy recovery system and its basically a fancy way of saying this cars got regenerative braking.

This has three settings one two or three. No, you just didnt see me all right, fair enough. Setting one is the weakest setting, whereas setting three is the strongest setting. Ive got it in setting two now uh, even in setting three, it isnt quite enough to give you that kind of one pedal driving that you can get from cars, such as a nissan leaf. Speaking of the brakes. The feedback through the brake pedal is a bit numb first up of the brake pedal and you dont really get much sense of whats happening until you apply a bit more pressure. Speaking of numb uh the front end in the corners is quite detached. You dont really get a great sense of whats going on, although, as ive said, this car isnt built for handling, so i should really lay off the poor mg. Ive had this car for um almost a week now. This has been loaned to me by mg motor uk, so this isnt, my own personal car and its been a very easy car to live with. Well, let him go, then i will follow suit. The ergonomics inside the cabin are pretty good. Everythings laid out nicely. The adjustment for the ring mirrors is in a bit of a quirky place its down here by my right knee where you cant see it not here on the door card or up there or even down here, which i have seen on some cars no its down Here theyre the start stop button, which i would argue is a bit quirky.

Speaking of quirky. Look at that old ambulance, thats lovely, i dont think i would um. I thought it said ambulance on it. Its got sirens on it anyway. What i was going to say is, i dont think id uh trust that, to save me in an emergency itd, probably break down the interior is a nice enough place to be. Yes, one could argue that the interior materials are cheap, but hey. This is a cheap car. I think it has to be hard pressed to find a car of this ilk at this price, thats really plush and premium inside, but to mgs credit. They have tried. They put the leather style seats in there. Nice gloss black detailing some silver detailing and it isnt a bad place to be ive, got no complaints, ill drop it down there. We go new speed limit Music, try to work out if its meant to be an ambulance or perhaps like a little fire engine. It is red, after all, doesnt sound, very healthy thats, pretty cool though the touchscreen is nice and vibrant. It is easy to use, but watch this. This footage has not been slowed down now before some of you know, my eyes are still on the road. Ive just turned my head to the left, so you can see that see the touchscreen to be fair. That was actually pretty quick by the touchscreen standards. But yes, it isnt the the fastest system to use.

So, if youre, in a hurry, if youre late for work or well, if you well, you shouldnt need a sat nav for work. But if youre late for a meeting, you may find that to be quite annoying and press the middle middle button to go home. Weve got android, auto apple carplay, which is good because some of the um early mgs, i i drove they had from memory apple carplay, but no android, auto and ive got a galaxy s10, which ive really ought to upgrade by now im a bit behind the times. Music, there will, of course, be a full review of this car coming if it hasnt done so already. So you get a more, not more insight, but you get a more overall look at the car, as opposed to me just literally just point of view that sun is lovely it. It should theoretically be raining about now. I dont know why im checking my watch because ive got a clock there yeah. It should be raining so im not going to complain, lovely down here on the south south coast of england very pleasant guys if youve got any questions or queries. Please drop them in the comments section below and i will answer you as quickly as i can and to the best of my ability and hopefully youve found this video video, useful or helpful. If youre thinking about buying an mg5 ev, i do hope ive been being able to answer some of the questions that you may have had.

But, like i say, if you do have any questions, please please do get in touch im, also on social media. So im on twitter, instagram and facebook at car obsession uk or one word, nice and straightforward id say instagram – is the best way to get me. I dont check twitter or facebook as much so bear that in mind. Im not really too sure how long ive been talking for, but i feel that im at a point where i could probably bring this video to a close. So let me just turn off here, just randomly, so i can sign off and i think here will do nicely pop into part by pressing the big p button and there we go so guys. I do hope you have enjoyed this video or found it useful. If you are looking to buy this car, i do hope so some of my insights have been useful for you uh. If you have enjoyed this video, be sure to like comment and subscribe. If you are subscribed, dont forget to click the bell icon, so you get notified every time.