If youre new here my name is jeff, and this is jeff reviews for you. I review a whole lot of products. I specialize in reviewing as seen on tv items every once in a while. I do a little bit of a diy just because i like to if that interests you. I would love it if you would subscribe to my channel and click the bell below that way. Youre notified every time i release the video just like this one. One more thing dont forget to check down the description for my social media, instagram and twitter. I would love it if you would follow me. There too now lets take a closer look at the mjjc foam cannon pro to see if its any good. Here we have our mjjc foam cannon pro lets. Do a quick unboxing inside we have our container for the foam cannon. We have our sprayer nozzle. All right lets take a look at that. This is pretty heavy duty. I can feel that already looks like a typical spray foam cannon nozzle up here. We have our different spray up to our 360 spray, open, wider and more narrow, and then we can also turn it if we wanted to this top. One is supposed to control the foam level and i must have something else in here to connect to the pressure washer, and here it is very cool. So let me look through the rest of these things. Read the directions and lets go spray foam our car.

I read through the directions and youre supposed to fill this up with 900 milliliters of water and 100 milliliters of your car soap. They do have an indicator on the side except you, couldnt see it on camera. At least i couldnt catch it. So i colored it with a sharpie, so you can see right here. This would be our 900 milliliter line, thats, where my water will go, and this last little bit is where my soap will go so im going to fill that up right now. I know its hard to tell, but we have our water level up here to the 900 mark now, im gon na add in our car solution to bring it up to the thousand and there we have it now lets assemble this part of the foaming cannon and Well hook it all up together, were going to hook on the quick release to the pressure washer make sure that gets a nice tight fit next thing we do. Is we push our tube onto that connector, and this will actually go inside the soap and water reservoir? Now that we have everything assembled, we can put this together youre supposed to once you get all this done, do a couple twists or turns just to get the mixture completely mixed up, and now we can go hook this to our pressure, washer and foam cannon. Our car we are in the shade you can hear that pressure washer running in the background.

Ive got my foam cannon connected to the pressure washing wand. I do have this turned up to the highest amount of foam and i also have the sprayer open up to. As wide as it can go were going to test the different settings just to see which one gives us the best foam, but lets do this just like the directions tell us, we start at the bottom and make our way up. Ive noticed, as i spin this dial, i get a more narrow spray or a wider spray. The tighter the two metal pieces are together the wider the spray the car is now sat with the soap on it. For three minutes now were just gon na rinse. It off now that weve foamed one time rinsed one time were gon na foam it again now that weve foamed it for the second time were going to immediately start scrubbing. It so tell me, have you used any of these foam cannons before or do you have a solution thats just better than anything? Let me know what it is down in the comment section below. I would love to hear from you foamed and scrubbed and now rinse again, Music. The last step before you enjoy your nicely cleaned and polished car is to dry it Music. The end result protected and super slick. My favorite part about using these ceramic car washes and the foaming sprayers are how they protects the entire car. Look how that water just hits there and beads right off, not to mention theres, my brella shade still protecting the inside of my car, keeping it cool.

I just finished my third wash with the foam cannon pro by mjjc and what i love about this is it used every last drop that tube that they have in here with the ball on the end, really make sure you use all of your product. I think that is awesome in this video. We took a look at the mjjc foam canon pro. So what do i think of it? Well, every time i review a product, i always look back. Did the product do what its supposed to do and, as you saw in this video, it does an amazing job of providing that foam for your car. You can change your spray pattern to make it wider or more narrow. You can also add more or less foam, depending on what you want to do and thats awesome, because it really helps in cleaning the car the material this was made out of was really heavy duty, and i was appreciative of that plus they have those customizable tips For your pressure, washer, you know what else i already said this, but i love that it used all of the liquid inside ive used some other. These cannons before and theres still a little bit of liquid left in the bottom. But this one used every last drop and i thought that was pretty cool anyway. If this is something that interests you, i will leave a link down in the description. This is jeff with jeff reviews for you, as always thanks for stopping by, and i hope you have a great day.

I wanted you to get a close up view of this when you turn this dial thats, when you get the wider spray or the more narrow spray, the one on the top right here is how you get more or less foam. The cool thing is: if you turn the red part, you can actually turn your spray from up to down. I guess to left to right and thats pretty cool. I just wanted to see how that worked up close. I really do appreciate that you stayed around for my entire review of the foam cannon pro by mjjc. You know what, during this video, i referenced two other videos. One was when i reviewed the car wash canon its a sort of like an as seen on tv foam, sprayer im gon na link that review right up here. I also referenced the review, where i did my ceramic armor all ceramic soap review and that one im going to link right up here and i would love it if you click on one of those links and by the magic of the internet. When you click here or here, im going to join you at that review, so go ahead. Click one theyre safe.