Do that? Okay, um! So morgans here hi she doesnt have a cast anymore, no cast so yeah, but the worst thing are. We like i like chevys, so i have like all these chevy cars here so well, theyre, not all chevy. Some of them are dodges. I, like i like dodges, but so thats a dodge yeah. I dont know i know, but this is a dodge dodge viper um. This is a chevy. Come here a chevy. This is a chevy camaro and were gon na review all yeah. So this is a dodge. Viper pretty nice, i dont know how much did you pay for that? Oh, i didnt even buy it. My dad had it in the attic. Okay. Well, a dog, viper uh. How much you pay for the camera. I dont want to show them camaro afterwards. I dont know if anybody cares, but but the doors actually open the door. Oh, that one actually has the inside thing but ill show you the other one, the other side. So the other side, i dont, know what happened, but so you look inside the door, its missing, the that i dont know what its called but its missing that yeah, but i that wouldnt, i dont – i didnt buy it, but it would probably worth like a hundred Dollars: okay, im, not i sound like dramatic when saying that, but im not its literally, probably okay, so this is a chevy, a camaro yeah um and were just gon na bring it down here for a second yeah, i dont remember the price um.

I have anything, but i think it was like, probably like um 40 doors open. The hood opens no, it does not go in well its so good, but that didnt open either so the doors open its still nice, its, not a baby car, its a model car yeah, you just its really nice um. The ins inside is fully like theres seats and everything um yeah, its really really nice, its probably like 40 dollars yeah, i think thats its like thats, not expensive, but all right. It is to me yeah okay. So this is a chevy corvette, chevy corvette and can open the doors here yeah. This is probably not that good of a video, because i dont even know the exact prices but im just trying to guess here yeah i know yeah so probably around six dollars, maybe 40 to 60 bucks, yeah, probably um. I got it for this theyre, not the cheapest, guys, yeah theyre, not cheap um. This one is a chevy were ready for that again, its just an older version, um blue interior. I love that and the doors open really nicely yeah. So does the hood open yeah? So does the hood oh backwards? I didnt even know that i forgot about that so yeah thats nice, how it opens like that yeah so um and the blue interior man, guys it looks really nice yeah thats, a nice crowd, thats a really nice one. Okay, now im gon na, let hunter do the rest of the red alright.

So this is the same thing as when i took you over there. Im were gon na do whatever its the dodge viper and a bigger version, though this is a smaller that one. I also did not buy but its heavy and i think its pretty old, so i dont know what price it was, but its definitely worth the price um same. I, like the gold and the gold back window, so that was worth it whatever um heres another viper uh. I dont even know how to place it thats good there. I think this is another viper here. This is a newer one and it was not worth the price at all. I can just say that right away, this doesnt even stay up. I dont like this one that much it doesnt. Look that nice. It looked nicer on the picture, but its okay, its just its, not that nice, its not its over here, look at this uh calendar. He got a chevy camaro here or uh yeah a chevy uh whats. It called all right correct here. I love they feel. I already went through pages with corvettes in them. Yeah commit yeah, i dont know if theyre all cool, i dont, remember um, but this timeline is really nice, its august, but its after september, oh yeah, yeah september is today so i guess it. I cant tell with the old cars i think its a corvette, though um that looks like an older corvette, yeah um, yeah, thats gon na look right september september, 1st for us yeah all right lets get back to the orange car all right.

So this i didnt buy it my mom and dad brought it for me because anyone cares so it is ill. Take it down. I think it has like a stand for it. Yeah. Oh, the bottoms actually really nice. This was 100 worth the price that they paid. I dont know what it was, but it was worth it. It does not open it opens. It looks nice yeah. This opens like that. Um just tell me, look guys. You can even tell its worth the price because open that for a second under yes, you can even see the shifter see that shifter, oh, that it made that piece right, oh and and the tigers gon na move. I move im moving the steering wheel and the tires are moving so thats how you tell that they made it really good with the shifter and a lot of the front. Uh whats called the front. Uh tires yeah, they dont even move at all. Yeah, does the front open hunter uh? Yes, it does there. You go thats, actually a really nice onion. Yes, it is i like it. I dont really look at the inside that much the back. Look at the bottom man. I like this one going off, yellow or orange whatever im, not color, blind, okay, um, thats, yellow. I just need to make softballs thats, yellow yeah, so yeah its nice. I, like the bottom, its kind of dumb. I like the bottom.