So what ive done is saved you some time and i have fully upgraded this vehicle. So im leaving the auto shop were making our way over towards the ls car meet, so we can go ahead and get those low grip tires on. But here it is the brand new cypher that just came into the game located in the legendary motorsports section. How much money is it? Okay, its almost about 1.2 million dollars? It looks like you can get it in 10, different, eight different colors, and then you got a bumper here and then theres a a wheel right there steering wheel, pretty cool, pretty cool picture rock star. Really, like the bumper in the steering wheel, all right guys lets take this bad boy outside and see what she can do. I dont know if that made sense, because i just referenced the car as a male and a female. It could be one of those she male things i dont know, but anyways from there lets take this thing out on the road and see what it does now. You guys have been watching my vehicle reviews ever. You know that i like to go over a few things that are very important number one acceleration number two top speed number three would be the handling of the vehicle you know, braking and then also like recovery. So what am i talking about when recovery recovery would be? How fast can the vehicle basically get back to being normal after you smack something because theres tons of stuff in the game and youre always liable to hit something a car, a building a tree? You know a person that just happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

All right, so here we go. This vehicle is pretty smooth but im going to, let you guys know right now. I dont think that this vehicle, what wait a minute? Wait a minute im frozen im frozen. Why is the game freezing now every single time i go past the diamond casino, my game freezes and then every single time that i go past you know like the ls car meet or something my game freezes im pretty sure it happens to other people too, because Ive asked a lot of my friends like: oh, am i getting freezers too im like thats awesome, rockstar freezing the game? No wait never used to do that before until you started, adding all this all right, but anyways from there guys im gon na. Let you know some things about this car that i can already tell uh its not that drifty right now, im just telling you its like its not that drippy. This is supposed to be a drift vehicle, but right now without the the low grip tires on like its just not that grippy, but i can tell you one thing that it does have is some its got: some decent handling and then also the fishtails, so were Gon na be testing those fishtails out. I dont know if you guys like to do fishtails, but like literally its one of my funnest things to do uh in real life and then honestly, in the game too.

If you dont know what a fishtail is ill show. You its its a thing of drifting kind of you can do uh, but its just like you know, going back and forth like a fishtail, you know what im saying but youre drifting while youre doing it youre just going. You know, tripping those freaking wheels all right. So here we are at the ls car meet well, were almost there um, so the acceleration uh moderate im, probably going to tell you right now the top speed im not going to race this against the calico, because, like like what i was trying to say earlier, Is i dont think its going to be worth it? I dont think its going to be worth my time asking one of my friends like hey. Can you take time out of your busy schedule and freaking come help me out real quick with this video? So you can test the car and see see how it does against the calico. Now i know the calico is not the fastest car in the game, but come on now youre not telling me that the calico isnt better than the freaking s2 comet. Okay, that car may be faster, but i dont care what youre thinking about that, because im telling you the calico is still super duper unfair, like fast its insane all right, low grip, tires lets, go put some balloons here, some red balloons. On my my wheels there. We go there, we go low grip, low stance, turbo, we got it all transmission, fully upgraded.

All right, im gon na have to see if this thing has a speed. Glitch too, i always test to see if vehicles have a speed glitch. The last vehicle that came into the game like have a speed glitch, and i have a playlist that ive actually made thats just glitches uh dedicated to speed glitches. So it should have every single speed glitch vehicle in there up to date of what ive uh recorded and documented and cataloged in the game as ive gone after all, the vehicles that im and im probably pretty sure that ive missed some vehicles. So if you guys ever want to go through that playlist – and let me know somewhere in the comment section or hit me up on twitter twitters the best place for you guys to be getting a hold of me seriously all right. So here we go, got extra. Drifty, they got a lot more drifty, no freaking ruined my car, oh youre, lucky youre dead. I was gon na kill you hes, like i did, kill you look at the car killed you. You barely tap somebody in this game and they die. Okay. I dont think thatll happen in real life. You just tap somebody and theyre and theyre dead in their car heads on the horn. It leaves you to give them a better horn. You know dead body in the car. All right here we go were going off road. Gamers, this is something we dont normally do when were testing the car all right, im gon na.

Let you guys know too, if youre ever gon na, like you know, mainly focus on going off road, go for those off road tires theyre, pretty ugly, but they do help im telling you i remember back in the day like year, one everybody had their adder sitting On off road with off road tires because im telling you it really helped but anyways, so this thing is pretty extra drifty with the low grip tires. I dont think that this vehicle is anything special and let me just talk about this real, quick, okay, so notice. The windows theres like full windows: okay, heres, the bad thing, if youre getting shot from behind youre, probably gon na get shot in the back of the head or from the side or anywhere else. Usually, when i go for vehicles, and things like that, i also like to consider the bullet factor is what i like to call it, which i wouldnt even talk to you guys really like about before when i, when i do this judgments on these cars and talk About them im just saying this thing has a wide range open area for you to get shot. Even if you duck your head down, you still got a good chance, youre going to get shot in the face, or something like that, especially if youre getting chased by cops. Thats like a big one right. There is to have that back window armored or something like that, like the zenterno or the sc1, so on and so forth.

So anyways from here guys, im gon na need to hear what your guyss thoughts are. Have you already bought in this vehicle? You know what im saying: youre, probably people out there theyre like they got it modded, because theyre really big on modded cars me personally, i dont really care. I care more about the performance of the vehicle than how than like how it looks but thats. Just my personal preferences, you know im saying im not hating on anybody about modded vehicles. I love modded vehicles as a matter of fact, and i love looking at peoples modded vehicles going into their garages and checking out what they got and give cars to friends and all that stuff, its really great thing in the game. Uh, no other game really offers that but anyways from there once again. What are your guyss thoughts on this brand new car? Do you think its worth it because im gon na? Let you right now uh honestly, just for me personally. This thing is a waste of money because theres way better vehicles in the game that i would rather be driving than this thing, and especially if its gon na be a drift car theres way better drift cars than this car right here, but anyways from there. If you guys enjoyed the video smash like button down below dont, forget to subscribe to the channel with the post notice on and from there hope everyones having an awesome rest of the day.

Thank you all for watching.