Now this car is based off of the bmw m2 and if you want to go ahead and buy this car, you want to head over to legendary motorsport, where youre going to go ahead and have to pay about 1.5 million. If you do not have the trade price unlocked and about 1.1 mil, if you do now in this video im going to be going ahead and customizing the car showing you through the customization options. While i go ahead and make my own build and then im going to do a bit of a road test to go ahead and show you how it handles, so, if you do enjoy this style of content, please do leave a like and subscribe. That would be greatly appreciated and id highly recommend you check out the playlist in the top right, if youre interested in more customization and other car builds, but with all of that being said, lets get into it. I love that start of sound its banging, but now lets go ahead and take this into the mud shop. Lets see what we got so of course. First, things first were just going to go ahead and do all the general stuff you know brakes engine get that nice and out of the way i saw all of that and then well go into the more cosmetic stuff, so transmission yeah lets slam. This thing lets put the turbo on uh. Oh, i like this engine side here ill.

Let you hear it. I like that. A lot all right lets go through the customization options. Then lets see what we got. I got a lot over here, a lot better than last weeks. Subaru, so lets go ahead and see what we got. So we got the splitter fans, some more of them got primary splitter secondary splitter carbon primary okay im, not gon na lie. It does not look bad, as is stock im telling you like it it. The rest of these are good. If i was going for a track build. Maybe i dont know what i want to do street or track build im thinking, maybe street, but these are good. I might have to come back to that by looking at the back. I got a lot of rear options. Might go with these. To be fair, well, have to see im tempted to see what else we uh oh hold on. We got some nice arches. This angle is really weird, though i cant like adjust it very well, hmm, actually, doesnt look bad im going to go with that for the minute rear, diffuser. All right, i reckon im going to be going with the street build. Probably so i need to think im thinking, maybe im gon na tone it down, maybe not go insane with like the parts and whatever you know, but lets see what we got. Oh my that almost looks like an rb26 swap bmw. I mean it still sounds the same its gta, but that is such a mad difference.

That engine, though, does look really good as his stock. I might, i might just leave it man its a unique engine design i feel like. I should keep it as is keep the beamer engine lets go ahead and use the gt, strut, brace lets. Look at this exhaust option like in the affinity exhaust. I reckon im gon na go with that lets. Take check out this grill, okay, okay, the shock one is not bad. I think im gon na go with that. That is nice got. Those headlight covers once again im, probably just gon na leave it stuck or maybe iridescent. If i go with like a white, i have to see actually before i go to the hoods right before i may like make a definitive decision on the build like im gon na go for i wan na look at deliveries and see if theyre any good. We got 12., so we got classic white stripes black stripes, the cipher logo, the black cipher logo. We got racing stripes down the side, red, pin, stripe. Okay. This could be all right for a track. Build got the white ones. Oh my days, all right im, not even gon na try and pronounce that we got the team zero. Okay. This definitely looks like the the m racing thing: oh thats tempting and then of course we have the uh need for speed most wanted inspired. Livery um, i mean its not the e46, so im not going to go ahead and do that its really tempting to go ahead and use the team zero one.

That is tempting that that that is going to look really nice with, like the m racing stuff, so check build a street build lets, get it. I reckon well see how it goes and then, if i dont like it, i can just always go back in it. So i really like how the m racing thing is. Looking i mean its my my build is probably not going to be the most accurate. This is just going to be my own thing, so dont expect like pinpoint accuracy of where im going to go with this, but you know im loving how this looks i feel like. I should make the main color like black or maybe a white to go with, like contrast with that man im really terrible, i need to like educate myself more with like how these cars are supposed to look. I mean white. Looks you know im just gon na go with the black for the contrast right now ill change it if theres an issue with it. I guarantee you im gon na get like if its really inaccurate or something im just going to get. You know, hammered in the comments, but its all good right. So now weve gone with that im going to go back to im, going to check out the roof options. Im going to go back to the hood in that yeah the hood fin im going to leave. I love hood options: nice the insert roof.

I like that. The bevel roof right hood lets see what we got. I actually really like the carbon texture with this. The way it goes with that livery. That is tempting and i really use carbon its probably not going to be the best for the the kind of build im going for so maybe just leave it well. Can we go with that for now the ridged one and then lets put some hood catches on it, nice in the red scroll down a little bit more, go to the sides, guys lets see what we got right. You know what i reckon Music like this car looks really good. I think it could be well. I think, depending on how good the spoiler options are ill, either keep it with like a track style or ill just go ahead and keep everything kind of like low key and more like a street build sort of thing, because it could look really good for a Track build, i think, but personally i dont think i im like. I know enough about how its supposed to properly look to be completely accurate, so i might just leave it as a street build at the minute and then you know go ahead and alt alter it later, if need be, theres quite a lot of customization on this Car, i will say its quite nice, yeah im, probably gon na. Do that maybe see how hmm its tempting you know, lets go with gon na go with the gt bumper arches.

All right lets see what the diffuser can go with yeah ill go with these low key ones. Ah right i reckon then, if im gon na be going for more of a wait whats on the hood. Oh im, probably gon na, go back and make it like an m racing thing at some point, but you know im too uh whats the word probably too incapable. I dont know it could still look nice as a street build. You know, dont get me wrong. Its a very nice looking car just need to sort out the uh, the styling i want it did not look bad in red im going. To be honest, i might just go with that. Oh candy red is looking nice lets go with that. Ive got those brembo. Looking breaks there very nice see, trim color, yes, keep it nice and dark, and recite black were gon na put the crew emblem on lets, see so maybe red and black color combo. I think im going to keep the main color as red. All right lets see. We got the little duck tail. We got all these to mess with like these would be pretty good for a track oriented car, but you know i reckon a simplistic street. Build can also do the do. The job lets go with carbon vents right mate. These would be like um. This is difficult, you know, might go with that carbon kind of thing, or maybe we can go with like something a little more like this like.

Actually, i think these are well fitting for a bmw to be fair. How are they looking gold like bbs is almost or something these look like yeah. I could see that on a bmw right, uh um, i dont know if the gold really goes with this very well Music. I think alloy or white might look better. That alloy looks better with this right. I can see that maybe some of the blacked out options could look good like a black and red sort of thing. Hmm, i could just go like this because they look sick lets, tint the windows a bit all right. So im going with here is lets: go with a carbon split. I get like a little black kind of bridge going around the edge make it carbon carbon uh, keep those nice wheel arches there make that diffuser carbon too, so its not putting off. Although right, you know what to be fair, i reckon keep it like a low key kind of track build and then, if its wrong, i can. I can always sort it later, because i dont have my phone near me to check, and frankly i dont really care. I like it, as is, i feel like without delivery, its nice, but it just doesnt. Oh no. It needs like a little something more in my opinion and its already looking pretty good, as is so. I reckon the about how silver look now lets go with black or anthracite black there we go go with that.

Keep the secondary red for those brembo looking breaks, pearlescent black steel uh, and then i think the spoiler. I might have to go a little bit more on the larger side. Oh the level wing. Does it match up with that? I cannot tell we could just go with blacked out yeah that one looks better in my opinion. Lets look at these uh right slam down. All of that, i think im just gon na go ahead and change up some of the side skirts. Maybe i think we should be good, of course, im way too picky for my own good. So, apologies that, but you know you dont seem to be enjoying it. Uh fin skirts stock extended right lets, just go with the carbon extended, so we got like a carbon kind of thing going around the edge went for kind of like the empower kind of race build. I reckon i love these rims by the way these gigamesh ones. Look super good on this car im gon na keep them in the alloy column. You see how they look at me. Black, maybe take a look at those high end ones see if they look any better uh im. Gon na be honest. This is hard the cheetah carbon rims are very good, and maybe i could make those red or white, but these wont now these ones i reckon they make it. That is sick right then well. I think that is pretty much the build.

Let me just go ahead and see if im going to add anything, a thai letter in Music uh. It is a track build, but yeah well leave it as is for now right. So that is the customization done. That is the build. So let me know your thoughts on that down below what do you think of my build? What do you think of the car, though, as a whole uh? Do you reckon it is decent? You know what do you think of the customization options and all of that im interested to hear your thoughts, but now lets go ahead and take it out onto the road and see how it does, because you know obviously its good. You know its all well and good having a car that looks good, but will it perform well thats? The question so lets take this out ill show you what it looks like both uh normal height and slammed got it slammed at the minute. Just super nice. Looking oh yeah a bit higher up, it looks a ton better slam, but you know were going to keep the suspension on default, so it doesnt affect the handling uh dont have low grips on, but lets see how it handles. What class is this? In sports? Okay, im liking, the handling model so far seems very like controllable. You know, i mean okay, this could be pretty quick. I reckon for the uh for racing. I really like the handling its like glued to the road.

Pretty much. Unless you know you give it a bit too much power, but you know its acceleration its there theyre, definitely better cars out there, but its not the worst. You know id say average, but its speed im liking this okay, the speed is a plus. This is definitely very good. Oh yeah mate, this car im, loving it more and more by the second. It sounds great. Its got great speed as well handling is on point yo. I might have a new uh one of my new favorites for the tuners dlc. I reckon i wonder how this thing will be at drifting actually as well, because if the handling is pretty controlled, but i wonder once you lower it actually lets see how really quick, if i slam this thing, does all of that go out the window. All of that handling and that so its definitely gon na be quicker in a slam but thats just my inability to drive not the handling, all right im going to take this corner here, oh yeah, the back end definitely kicked out a little bit more there. So, oh, this is interesting again ignored my absolutely atrocious driving, okay, its a lot more understeery. I reckon when its slammed Music, hmm its like theres, definitely less grip, but its weird because, like it feels like you have to break a lot earlier to take the corner. Um so with default stance, though, im loving it speed is really nice ton of great customization options, um, Music and honestly, this is probably well.

I cant wait to see how fast its gon na perform like around a track. Um. It definitely could be a contender. I dont know if it can be, you know like the kaliko, the vector all of that, but id say you know definitely a strong looking. I somehow hit that right. I should probably pull over and end this stuff before i i cause an accident, but well, despite my inability to drive, we kind of tested it. This car so far is looking really nice um. But let me know your thoughts on it down below and thank you all very much for watching todays video. That is going to be the end of it. If you did enjoy go ahead and leave a like and subscribe for more and also if youre interested in seeing more customization or car build go, do go check out the playlist in the top right. Finally, if youre interested in car meets at all just join my discord server in the description i reckon youll enjoy your time there, but thank you all very much for watching and i hope you all have a wonderful day.