Tell you a bit about the electric version thats on the way, but before all that make sure youre subscribed to our channel. If you want to see lots more new car reviews and reveals just like this and go to for a great deal on your next car, there have been big changes at vauxhall recently. The new astra is part of a very heavy update to their lineup, and this makeover is similar to the significant one the mocker received recently and before that we had an all new version of the very important corsa as well theres. Also another big update due for the grand land which well see in the uk later this year. But could these changes to the astra be the most important of all its always shifted in big numbers for vauxhall in a highly competitive class against other big sellers? Like the volkswagen golf and the ford focus with competition, particularly fierce, the new astro will need to be better than ever to carry on appearing towards the top of the sales charts in the uk. So whats new with the astra. Well, basically, everything its got a completely different look to before, and its basically unrecognizable from the previous generation astra. So the most noticeable is down here at the front where its got. What vauxhall calls a visor along the front of the car, because this bit kind of mimics what you get on a helmet, doesnt it and thats something we first saw in the mocker, and eventually every car in vauxhalls lineup is going to adopt similar styling to this.

The astra also gets this line down the bonnet on there, which is apparently a nod to voxels of the past. Like the viva. A black roof is standard on most trims, to give a two tone effect, which is similar to the mocha. But if youd rather have everything in one colour, then you can still have that as an option. A re jig at the back of the car has moved the badge and the model name to the center. So overall, this is a very new look for the astra. A design vauxhall is keen to stress that was created in britain. So is this now the best? Looking family hatchback tell us in the comments below things are very different, underneath the new astra as well, because it sits on an entirely new platform compared to the old astra. Now it actually shares quite a few of its parts with the peugeot 308, and if you want to find out more about that car, then watch our walk around video by clicking on the link at the top of the screen. The alloys available in a new astra are 16 to 18 inches in size, which is the same sizes that you could get in the old astra, but now they all have a completely different design. Theres big news in the astras engine lineup as well, because, yes, youll, be able to choose from petrol and diesel offerings, but theres also going to be two plug in hybrid versions that you can choose from as well and further down the line in 2023.

Youll also be able to include the fully electric astra e in the mix. The conventional engines and hybrid setups will be shared with the new 308 and are likely to be made up of 108 brake horsepower and 128 brake horsepower. 1.2 liter turbo petrols and a 128 brake horsepower 1.5 litre diesel. A six speed manual gearbox will be standard on most astras, although the plug in hybrids will get an 8 speed automatic, which will also be an option on some of the other engines. So the outside is very different from before, and the inside of the new astra is also completely different. So its got a much more modern look in here. You can see that youve got two 10 inch screens which are joined together, one for the infotainment system and one for the digital driver display. Now it remains to be seen what different screen sizes and looks youre going to get lower down the trim level. But this what youre looking at here is the top spec pure panel pro, and you also, regardless of your trim, get wireless apple, carplay and android auto as standard which is great theres. Also a new slim steering wheel for vauxhall and how could i forget? Youve got a new touchscreen infotainment system, but crucially, you have still got physical buttons for the climate control down here and its great that yes, youve got a new system, but youve still got that very easy and simple and safe way to quickly adjust the air conditioning.

While youre driving, you also have these new seats, which have been certified by a back health organization in germany, apparently, and i can confirm they do feel pretty comfy. Now we mentioned earlier that the astra is built on an entirely new platform and its actually a little bit bigger than it was before in some areas and one place where you can really sense. That is, in these rear seats, now im just under six foot. The drivers seat is in my driving position and you can see ive got a relatively decent amount of leg room there, theres some space to spare for sure and headroom isnt cramped ive still got a bit of clearance above my head. If i sit up straight so overall in the back, it feels relatively spacious, its all changed in the boot as well, which has grown from 370 liters to 422 liters thats a big increase and leaves only the skoda octavia as the one family hatchback. That offers significantly more luggage space and if you love the look of the astra, but need even more space theres an estate version on the way too called the sports tourer. There wont be any three door versions of this new hatchback, though, as for pricing thats. Yet to be confirmed, but its likely to start around twenty thousand pounds in the uk, rising to more than thirty thousand pounds for the plug in hybrids. So that was everything you need to know about the eighth generation astra, but now tell us what you think is this: the best astra ever make sure you leave a comment below and if youve enjoyed this video then make sure you subscribe to our channel to see Lots more new car reviews and reveals just like this, because weve got them coming out every week and if youre after a new car go to whatcarl.