The first nissan note was released in 2006.. This car is very economical, its perfect for small families, city commutes and for first time, car buyers that are on the budget. The nissan note is no bar on the road you will enjoy driving this car. The note is a conventional hatchback, but it is very spacious due to its minivan like design. It is also easy to board thanks to its boxy shape and raised seating. The exterior of the nissan note is very stylish, while toyota has been known for investing more in functionality than looks nissan invests in looks, and that is why the note looks so pleasing. It comes with a specially designed front, bumper and grille, which enhance its sense of luxury. It has a v motive reel with swept back headlights Music. This is a 5 door hatchback and a 5 seater car with 2 row seats. It has a catchy look thanks to its slick and carved design with third wheel arches on the sides. It offers a spacious cargo area, a folding, rear seat for more room enough head and leg room and a great interior design. It is equipped with boomerang rear lights, which are similar to that of the nissan juke. It has a back camera that provides more visibility behind the car when backing up, which is a huge hull in preventing a crash. The trunk space is 280 kilograms. However, this can be increased much more to 437 kilograms worth of cargo space when the sliding rear seats are pushed forward.

If you are carrying bigger items, you can recline the front passenger seat to a flat position in order to hold bigger cargo. The interior is family friendly and has some glimpses of versatility. It can accommodate a childs seat easily thanks to the wide opening doors and provides a lot of legroom empty bag. It comes with a circular design dashboard, which is well arranged clear and offers great ease of access with its raised driving position, deep windows and large door mirrors. It provides great visibility. It includes the following accessories and features: push start keyless entry power, steering our window ac, airbag esc, spare tire am fm radio, cd player and more underneath the boot. There is extra storage space and the rear seat, splits 60 40 and easily folds at the touch of a lever creating a flat floor. It is equipped with a maximum engine, torque of 10.8 kilograms meters per 400 rpm and the maximum engine power of 79 ps per 6000 rpm. The engine is hr12 and has an engine size of 1990cc. It has a cvt transmission, a petrol fuel and its fuel consumption is about 22.6 kilometers per liter on average. If you are interested in buying a nissan note or if you are interested in buying other nissan models at the low price, please visit You can also send in your inquiries to topforward.