Oh, i cant actually remember what it is, but it is a hypercar, so its super fast, its super duper duper fast and yeah. I shall be doing a review on it. This is its engine. You can either one more on that this is its capability. Oh, never seen that before wow really pagani, no thats. This is not a pagani yeah. I did say this in the last video yeah guys that the pagana yeah is coming up. The pagani review is coming up quite soon ouch, so yeah stay tuned for that, because this will be a double car review. So this is a review on this on this vehicle and the pagani so yeah it just through blue and yes guys so ill, be back with the pagani, see you in a sec, hello, ladies hello, im back again with the pagani quite a nice vehicle. Actually, this is its own Applause. The garlic is look. It has flaps for stinging trolls, oh nice, nice Applause, oh oh ouch, so thats the pagani, um Applause. I cant get out of this. Let me just get onto the road folks. Did i really just start my vehicle? Oh there we go back on the low peeps folks, oh watch, Music Applause breaks and so thats it folks. I will be ending. The video here dont forget to subscribe, hit the like button and dont forget to hit the bell buttons, so you never miss out on another video thats me thats.