No one expected me to get until you passed up on a beautiful z4 and i went ive, never owned a bmw, so i got the z4, not the boxster and now were in the porsche boxster, which is still available for less than eight thousand dollars. Why am i letting you drive the porsche first uh whats going on here, because everyone watching expects you to be in this seat? First thats, exactly why youre watching everyday driver, we make a tv, show podcast and youtube channels helping you find a car youll love. This is our second cheap car challenge and, with the help of auto tempest were doing a year of adventures in 7, 500 sports cars subscribe, so you dont miss a thing Music, its so good, its so good yeah. I am trying my hardest to not be biased and youre. Failing youre, failing arent, you, yes, youre, not even driving yet yes yeah, failing yeah. How good is this its its actually very good? This is an o3, so its mid cycle refresh on the original boxster. This is the 986.2 bump the power its the 2.7 liter up to 225 horsepower five speed. How good is this well thats? How good is this thats, the key thing youre buying the base boxster of the unloved design, totally unloaded the reason that they are cheap? Well it, but this has the the fried egg headlights, which were not loved, yeah questionable early 2000s interior late 90s early 2000s series, which is also not loved.

These are the things that kind of keep it off most peoples radar which, for sure for sure the price is lower. This is the perfect car. If this is the perfect car for eight grand and under well. This is this is a huge contender. I mean youre watching this and going theres no way im going to buy a cheap boxster. Now, maintenance will vary, you can find those cheap ones, and some people have not taken care of them and, yes, they could turn into money pits and when these cars need something its 20 to 25 percent more than if you were maintaining your local miata. Yes, however, true this one has been very well maintained, eighty eight thousand miles and it feels new its just new its superb. I i cant even believe how good this one feels we have seen them for eight thousand dollars and they werent death traps. They were like solid ready to be driven right. They need a couple things here. Most of them just need tires and a service. Let me have a little talk with all of you. Oh no about your fear about buying a porsche, especially an almost 20 year old. Well, call this a 20 year old, its 20 year old yep, because you think ball cup, bushings, wear out and bushings everywhere else and seals and all that stuff yeah they do, but they do on every car yep, but were going after specifically, what is the most Fun car did we do well? Did we not do well? Is there a car we should have picked? This is a small flat six, by the way, the hell is still good.

Its superb this car is why sound for porsche will never go away. Im predicting now interesting because it now is part of the driving experience yeah when you wind it up through a corner, you leave it in gear. You just go yep. How good is this very? This is a lot nicer version than the one that we had the last time we had a early boxster. That was a little more run down than this. So, yes, ims issues can be a thing but theyre not nearly as bad as you think. This is a fantastically inexpensive way to get yourself into a fantastic porsche driving experience. Yes, if youve never had a porsche, youve thought id always wanted a porsche, but i cant afford it. Eight thousand dollars or less gets you into a first gen boxster and it is genuinely worth the money and, yes, porsche is good about maintaining parts for their old cars. I agree thanks to these, you have to update them youre. Just writing the brochure for me right through youre right. I am this car feels far more robust or just as robust as any of the cars that weve got here its 2800 pounds. I now know why porsche makes the base model of everything. Everybody seems to wonder if the s is better, why would you buy the base model its because of age? This car is lighter than the s, and this car is cheaper than the s true and now it makes the case for these cars to be bought, kept or traded later on.

Here we go, this is the base of space, as you can get, and its still so much fun its fun to ride here. It is. This is comfortable thats. The thing this is one of the few that we have here that has walked that line of being dual purpose of feeling, like a small little roadster on a back road, but also feeling like a decent place to just drive cross country. I spring to the miata. First, okay seem like a great place to drive, but not a great place to sit for a long time to do a road. This is brilliant. This is a great place to drive, but you could do the entire us on just back roads and be happy now. Thats something that i do think is a little more evident in the two cars we got and some of the rest of these great slk and my z4 weve done big road trips in them they are a little more road trip friendly than this, but dynamically. This is at the levels of the miata, while its at the gt levels of the other cars it actually is doing both incredibly well. I cant wait to drive yeah cant wait to drive ill. Let you talk about styling after you change sweet. Yes, this interior was old and awful the day they released it. It was in the 99 yeah 996 911 as well. It wasnt a good interior choice. It hasnt aged well at this price, though i dont care anymore.

I dont care. You have to stop caring, but the best part about it is in gray and black. It looks the best if youre gon na get it. It does look the best but im home. This is where i need to be. This is oh now that ive yes, oh, listen to that see that sound! Well, look when the concept came out. I thought it was absolutely brilliant. It was smaller originally than what the production car turned out to be yeah, but i think this stylistically is one of the prettiest cars still and to think that you can buy a pretty porsche for eight grand or less. I dont think this is all that attractive. I think its aged okay, i think it actually has aged okay and i think its gotten a little more attractive over time. I think weve gotten used to the fried egg headlights. Let me separate that then: okay, please cause im separating shape from graphics im, not looking at the graphic of the light sure the tail light or the headlight base the base of the monster shape. Okay, just the form itself with the overhangs, where people sit the packaging thats. What im? Looking at thats? What i mean when i say pretty: okay ill, give you the fried egg headlights, those didnt age well, but as far as the form, the fenders, those surfaces theyre. Just classic and clean well the generation after this nailed it on styling yeah.

It did its just this first gen had a little like first year troubles if you will just kind of have that we got to find ourselves something they did for the second gen. With the 987, if you buy this car for less than eight thousand dollars, no one that sees you pull up in. It will think you spent less than eight thousand dollars thats, both a positive and a negative yeah, because people are going to think youre rolling heavy and you spent less than they did probably on their card. You bought yourself a porsche and then its good dynamically, its so good. All of these corners im just grinning back here when you throw this into the corner, you have that german car solidity that x factor that ive been looking for, but now it feels light now. It feels delicate and interesting theres feedback and the cart rotates right around you, its like wearing a backpack im so happy to be here. It just feels so natural to me and you as a porsche owner, are coming back to this mid engine portion and going. Ah, yes, thats, why you feel like youre home completely? I am so thrilled with this car and whats. So pleasing is to know that they have gotten cheap and theyve stayed cheap yeah, which is so porsha, even though i know that porsches are crazy, expensive, but the whole entire idea and brand of porsche is to bring real sports car dynamics to everybody, democratized.

Theoretically and finally, at the base model – 20 years old, thats exactly what it does and 2800 pounds, this is a lot of car for the money thats. The thing i cant get past im gon na continue to do my best to justify your ownership of this car. To buy it and put money into it, should we put money into old cars that arent worth very much? The porsche is the shining example, in my opinion, to put money into to keep them running because of how the dynamics are and because of your point, how long porsche supports their cars. They do theres a lot of good parts. Many companies are doing this. You can often take a lesser model and upgrade it with parts from bigger models very easily, and they have a lineup of sports cars that allows you a lot of flexibility. To do that. Words are failing me to justify the expenditure of your money to buy parts, to keep your porsche your old classic porsche now running. It is so worth it its like a responsibility that you have to the enthusiast community not only to keep it running but to drive it and show it off. Get it out here, drive it hard. Yes, so people remember and say: oh yeah. Of course, i remember that porsche. I 100 agree with your point that you should buy these and drive them. What i think is hysterical is the fact that you are actually creating in the mind of the audience.

They should feel responsible. They should have a responsibility to go, buy a cheap portion. No, you should feel obligated thats what im saying youre obligating the audience to buy a porsche. That is a level we have not gone to before. Ladies and gentlemen, there we go it drives so well and im fully justified on the base models. Theyre lighter theyre, less expensive and theoretically, a little bit less expensive to maintain yeah. So the base boxster is the one you want. I have a. I have a base cayenne and its been phenomenally good to us as far as reliability and the cost, especially interesting, because here we are with a smaller flat six yeah, and we know that porsche in the 718 has gone to a flat four and turbos and they Lost that sound here you still have that sound. Now you can buy the sound cheaper were at altitude and we were down on power. I feel like both of us drive this and just go yeah that feels about right. It feels about right, but you can connect corners and its still got enough. I tried, i really did paul likes the porsche if you followed, along to the podcast of the videos for five minutes to know that he likes porsches and he owns a porsche. This should not be a surprise, however. In this case i will back you up. This is great, especially for the money, its phenomenal. I appreciate that that means a lot Applause.

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