My name is beth and im very happy. You guys are here today to join me today, im going to talk about quad lock to hold your phone, its a phone case for your motorcycle ive. Had this on my bike now for months – and i dont know why just never occurred to me to do a review on it until i started seeing a lot of people on the different facebook pages and different groups saying what kind of phone do you use? What kind of phone lock you know case? Do you have for your for your bike? So i thought i would take the time and give you my review on the quad lock. So im gon na give you the good the bad and the ugly the good is. Is extremely durable, ive had it like, i said, for months, ive used in all kinds of weather conditions, ive never had to readjust it on my bike. It stays put. It is extremely secure, extremely durable, thats, a huge plus to me and taking it on and off, is easy. You dont you just twist it and its locks, you dont, have to use the pegs or anything like on a ram mount. For example, i have im not knocking ram mounts ive, never used ram outs. I know tons of people that do and i was trying to decide between the ram mount and the quad lock when i bought this a few months back – and i went with this because of the ability to charge it while its on your bike.

That was a huge huge plus for me. So that being said, lets get into the i feel like the website with quad. Lock is just a little bit confusing and i feel, like you end up buying, maybe perhaps more than you really need so im just going to go through it really quick and show you what exactly i bought and what i think you need and dont need with It and yes, i bought stuff that i thought i needed, and then i returned it. So im gon na get into all that stuff and then im gon na show it to you on my bike, its literally a hundred degrees outside so im, trying to avoid doing a lot of videos outside because i its hot its florida in the summer. What can you do? Okay, so you do need – and this is the downside to quad lock its its kind of a plus and a negative, but you need to have a quad lock case in order to use the quad lock phone holder. They work in conjunction with each other, and also my phone is whats. Recording now so ill ill show you in a minute what my phone looks like, but on the back of the phone, its going to have a little indentation on the case to lock it onto your bike. So a lot of people want to use their own cases. They want to be, you know an individual and come up with their own unique cases and show their personality.

This is youve got a black case. Thats your only option, thats it good news – is they do have cases for every phone imaginable. So if you have an older phone or whatever phone you have, i happen to have the iphone 11 pro. So this is the case that i use um. So if you also, if you want to buy extra cases or for whatever reason, the case is 30 by itself, but dont do what i did in piecemeal your order, you buy it as a set, so you buy a an iphone or whatever phone you have um Android, whatever, whatever phone you have, you buy it as a set for the motorcycle. Now, when you get into clicking on what you want for the motorcycle theres different types of mounts, you can get, you can get it out of handlebar and you can also get it attached to the mirror, which is a very thin mounting. So for me i i just want it on the handlebar right up front, so i can see the directions do whatever it is that im using it for so i got the motorcycle handlebar mounts now. This all comes with. Well, not this part, but this all comes with the set um you get for 99.99 and 90 cents. So 100. You get the phone case and the handlebar mount together. So, yes, its expensive, its really no more expensive than from my research from their ram mounts and other really expensive phone cases keep in mind.

In my ear one of my very first videos um a while back. I used a regular motorcycle phone case phone holder for my bike and it worked amazing, so you can go check out that i think theres a link on there of where i purchased it from, and that was only i think, like 19 and it did his job. It was great again the reason why i upgraded and i spent the money, because it feels like a one time purchase, because i wanted this. This is the unique thing to qual lock. Is you literally can charge it while its on your phone, while its on there? The holder, so this made it very nice and neat my whys are wrapped up all nice and so how it works is this you get your phone case, then this goes on your bike. Im not going to do an install video, its just a very easy clamp onto your bike. It doesnt need an explanation of how to how to do it. If you have any questions, please comment below and ill be happy to walk you through it. If you need to um, but it does come with three different size, rubber gaskets, so you can um make sure it adjusts your size. And, yes, you do have to use one on the bike and it is um. So what comes in the case? Is you have um everything everything you need to put it on your bike, and then this is extra.

This is another an additional 75 dollars. You dont have to buy this its not necessary, but if you want to have it charged, the second you put it on there. While your bike is running. This is what you use. If you want to continue using your own usb port um for the bike and run it the wires that way, you can also use it with this and not get this, but i want to be nice and clean and tight. So i bought this as well, and i love it. The negative of this is it doesnt charge as fast. It could be the usb port. It could be this, i dont know whats causing it, but it isnt charged as fast as it does. When you use your own cables that come with your phone and you plug it in at home with a regular usb port, so the charging is a little slow. But i noticed when im riding and i have it on the bike im using it so im using it, for you know: gps or music or something so it doesnt. It keeps your phone from running out of battery while youre using it and to me thats essential. I know you guys have been there where youre trying get gps and trying to do this on your bike, and it runs out of battery and youre trying to charge it while youre in the restaurant. And so this keeps it from running out of battery while youre using it awesome um.

What else can i tell you about the product? It is lets see what comes in the box. You have. It comes with everything you need. It comes with an extension arm. So you can have access to it. It comes with an allen, key thats, really tiny to adjust everything, and it is a one time adjustment once its on its good. You find out what placement you like, and it is perfect so again, um this system together is 99.90. Then this on top of it is another 75 free delivery. They are very good. I bought extra stuff that i didnt need and they were very happily replaced, not replaced, so they very happily returned it and gave my money back um something you dont need with the riker, which i kind of thought you did. Is they sell um? I figured for how much its cost, but they sell a vibration dampening attachment to this. You do not need that to me. It made zero difference. I think, with an additional 30 for this dampening tool. Im not sure of the price ill put it down below, but i it did nothing for me. It didnt, you know it didnt make it so the handlebars didnt move at all or make the phone that didnt move at all. So i dont have tons of vibration, especially when the bike was moving. It wasnt worth the money. I sent it back there refunded my money, no problem now.

I also went out and i bought because i figured if im gon na, have this special case on my phone im gon na. I want to be able to use it everywhere, so i bought a car mount its a suction cup, mount either suction cups to your window or your dashboard and ill go out and ill show you how that works as well, and so i wanted to make sure I had this as well, so that way i can charge it in my car when im driving, looking at directions – and i even i just have everything so again, its a two part thing, so you buy this and its 50 just for the hold your phone out And then you know you could, you know, run your own wires through whatever, but i wanted also to put on a charging system. So again, when it goes on my window on my car, i know that its charging and all the there was a problem with wires, though that was my problem with this. Is that, in order to hide the wires to charge it, you basically need to take your part of your dashboard off to kind of snake the wires through i mess with my bike. I dont touch my car, so there is kind of this awkward wire hanging down with this system. If you, if you do this, if you just want a holder in your car, so youre not looking and driving and its kind of up there, then this is great for fifty dollars it.

It works with the quad lock case. So that is my review. I love it. It is easy on easy off um i like it that you dont have to pinch tabs, like you do in other um phone holders they just kind of twist and turn it kind of it looks cool because people like how is it staying on, but it locks Really tight ive never once had any issue with it becoming loose. Ive never once had an issue with it, um just ever just falling off or anything like that. You hear it click, so you know its working. Oh, while i have you guys, i want to give a very special shout out to one of my one of my great subs, john d, john dolores him and his wife. They bought me this and made this custom sign for me from my garage. I just think its so cool. I love the vintage look to it. So thank you for this awesome gift john. I really really appreciate it, youre, just an awesome, subscriber and friend. So. Thank you very much for that. I appreciate it lets go out to my bike and ill show you how it looks on it and um, and also how it looks in my car lets: go heres the mounts on the bike and im going to show you how easy it is to put it On putting it on youre lining up these tabs with these tabs and its going to twist and turn to take it off.

You push this in and it releases these tabs and you twist and turn so putting it on you find out where those tabs are and then you turn it, and you see that its not going anywhere its really on there, then to turn it. You just hit that bottom part twist and take off its that easy and then, if you can see in here, i dont know if you can get in there, but you can see its charging right now, its so cool. Let me walk you through for a second on how i wired it. So this is where its on on this angle, and then i wired it as you can see, i zip tied it through here and then i rewired it and i put it through there. I didnt rewire it i just put it through here i drilled a little hole in my glove box and wired all through. I have a complete video of that installation, so it makes it very clean to hide those wires when charging. So please feel free to check out that video as well. This is the quad lock holder for the car. First of all, look how hot it is in this car. This is how hot it is right now in south florida, ah, its disgusting okay anyway, im gon na make this quick because im dying of heat in here but heres, the quad lock holder for the car and it just suction cups on here it does come off.

Every once in a while, i just think its from being in the heat um. I dont really think its a flaw of quad lock, but i do its kind of a wiry mess. I do have this kind of wire going through and over to my usb port. If i really wanted to, i would kind of take the dashboard off a little bit and hide that wire, but i dont know its not that big of a deal to me. So what to put it on now this and the car is much easier to take on and off, because you dont have to worry about being on the motorcycle. The motorcycle one is a little more difficult to take on and off as it should be. This is just a one handed theres, nothing to push on here. This goes on and off very easily, very sturdy and it charges. While the car is on which i love there, you go and thats my quad lock review any questions comment down below. I respond to everybody and thank you again for watching. I am going to jump in the pool or take a cold shower or something ill see. You guys later have a great week.